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Found 2 results

  1. DON'T MISS THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN ABOUT APPLYING TO PA SCHOOL! Greetings Future PA! You are invited to the 3rd Annual Pre-PA Conference at Loma Linda University! Spend the afternoon with Faculty, PAs, and the Classes of 2020 & 2021 for workshops, ultrasound & intubation skills labs, and information sessions designed to guide your path to becoming a Physician Assistant. Come learn more about this profession and let us show you how to create a competitive application for PA school! LLU PA Program Admissions Representatives will be in attendance! Past attendees have been accepted to LLU's PA program. Lunch is complimentary and we will also be giving away prizes Visit our eventbrite page for additional information and tickets! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/llus-3rd-annual-pre-pa-conference-registration-85925681025
  2. What are my chances? A frequently asked question on the PA Forum (physicianassistantforum.com) is, “What are my chances…” The applicant will usually post their GPA, GRE scores, medical experience, volunteer work, etc, and throw it out to the Forum for feedback. I think the real question being asked should be, “Am I a competitive applicant based on my statistics?” I say this because nobody can possibly tell you what your chances of getting accepted to PA school are without reading your essay and assessing your interview skills. However, for those of you who would like to know where your academic scores and health care experience compare to 2015 first-year accepted students, I am including some statistics taken from the 2015 Annual report on Physician Assistant Educational Programs in the United States. The report can be found on the Physician Assistant Education Association’s (PAEA) website at paeaonline.org. FIRST-YEAR CLASS: GRADE POINT AVERAGES GPA CATEGORY M SD Mdn n(P) Overall Undergraduate 3.52 0.14 3.52 176 Undergraduate Science 3.47 0.16 3.49 163 CASPA Biology, Chemistry, Physics (BCP) 3.42 0.17 3.45 84 Undergraduate non-science 3.54 0.20 3.59 88 FIRST-YEAR CLASS: GRE SCORES GRE SCORES M SD Mdn n(P) Verbal Reasoning 152.2 5.32 153 59 Quantitative Reasoning 152 3.68 152 55 Analytical Writing 3.9 0.28 4.0 50 NOTE: Mean (M) is the average of data values, standard deviation (SD) is the amount of deviation from a set of data values, median (Mdn) is the midpoint of data values (half above and half below), and n(P) is the number of PA programs participating. AVERAGE HEALTH-CARE EXPERIENCE HOURS OF MATRICULATING STUDENTS Health-Care Experience M SD Mdn n(P) Patient contact experience 3,100 3,006 2,325 89 Other health-care experience 1,014 943 713 30 Other work experience 2,001 1.771 1,500 21 Community service 425 480 270 32 Shadowing 144 204 88 45 MEDICAL EXPERIENCE STATISTICS FOR PA APPLICANTS Worked in health-care before applying to PA school 79% Worked less than one year or not at all in a health-care field 27% Worked more than nine years in a health-care field 10% Worked less than one year or not at all in a health-care field with direct patient contact 35% Previously worked as a medical assistant 17% Previously worked as an EMT/Paramedic 9% Worked as a phlebotomist 9% Worked as an emergency room technician 8% Worked in medical re caption/records 7% Worked as a nurse 8% Worked as an athletic trainer 6% Reported “other” as previous health care experience 45% NOTE: Respondents were permitted to indicate multiple previous health-care fields, thus the sum of all fields exceeds 100 percent. AGE RELATED STATISTICS First Year Class: Age M SD Mdn n(P) Age of first-year PA student 26.1 2.51 26 170 Age of youngest first-year PA student 21.4 1.23 21.0 168 Age of oldest first-year PA student 44.1 7.57 44.0 168 Since these numbers are from actual, first-year students, you now have an idea of what (stats) make up a competitive applicant. For some of you who may be discouraged by these numbers, remember that half of the students are above the median (Mdn) and half are below the median numbers. I think a great essay can make for a compelling case as to why you should receive an interview, even if your stats are less than optimal. Additionally, if you make it to the interview, it will be up to you do your homework and present yourself as a likeable, credible, and trustworthy person in order to score high and get an acceptance letter. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at andyrodican@gmail.com, and/or visit my website at andrewrodican.com. Regards, Andrew J. Rodican, PA-C
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