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Found 4 results

  1. Is it possible to transfer from one PA school to another? I completed the didactic portion (1 year) but my grades are really suffering from their disorganization and putting my academic status in jeopardy. Will any credits transfer or would I have to start from scratch? Please provide suggestions for well-organized, well-structured PA programs, especially ones that will accept transfers Reasons for leaving: -In my program there are too many changes and restructuring going on within the program. The program director and 7 instructors resigned within weeks of each other. (I heard the
  2. Hey guys so I have been doing my research and found that there are various schools that don’t list neither organic chem nor bio chem as a mandatory pre-reqs, although most do now a days. My question is would not having the class hurt my chances of getting in, even to the programs that don’t have it listed?
  3. A different rankings system (based on student reviews)... 1 Hofstra University 2 Emory University 3 Georgia Regents University 4 The University of Iowa 5 Pace University-New York 6…… http://www.graduateprograms.com/top-physician-assistant-programs/
  4. Hello everyone, Four years ago I was accepted to an Accelerated Physician Assistant Program. The program consisted of 3 years of undergraduate school followed by the 2 year Master's portion of the program. Students in the program had to take specific courses each semester and maintain a certain cumulative and science GPA (2.8 first year, 3.0 second year, 3.2 third year). Students were also required to obtain 500 hours of clinical experience (volunteer or paid, 300 hours had to be direct patient care experience such as EMT, CNA, pharmacy tech, scribe, Direct support professional, or any pos
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