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Found 18 results

  1. Hey! I am applying to PA school this cycle, but I have not had much luck with finding PAs to shadow in Montgomery county/the Philadelphia region. If anyone can help me out, please let me know! I've tried contacting multiple practices, but have not heard back.
  2. Good Afternoon Everyone, I am looking forward to a great application cycle. My CASPA is verified and I am awaiting supp. app. Let's keep each other posted! Good Luck!
  3. Is anyone applying to Temple this cycle? Just thought I would start a thread in case anyone on the forum is interested.
  4. DREXEL UNIVERSITY vs. A.T. STILL UNIVERSITY I received my offers only a few days apart, ATSU before Drexel. Before any of my interviews, Drexel was my number one choice. Looking back, I had little basis for this, other than its reputation and I’ve got a friend who is a first student there who rants and raves about it. My first interview was at Drexel, so I was naturally very nervous. I had no clue what to expect, it was an all day experience and I felt brain fried and overwhelmed by the end. I thought I performed horribly during the individual interview (guess not, since I’ve been accepted), but also felt I was cut off with a lot of my answers. Also, certain tour faculty made some bad jokes, which I know were meant to be taken lightheartedly, but with my nerves, left with a tiny bad taste in my mouth. In all honestly, I felt as though Drexel was out of the question and that I would be denied or at best, waitlisted. The acceptance came as a complete shock, but a happy and grateful one. So that’s why I am in the predicament I am now. As far as my interview at ATSU, it was my favorite interview by FAR out of the 6 I’ve been on. It was my 5th interview. Extremely professional and thorough day. They made me really want to go here and I envisioned myself as a student there. It was the “gut feeling” I had hoped I would eventually find. I was sold on ATSU, it was my #1 choice, since I’d already mentally crossed Drexel off my list, but getting the Drexel phone call only a couple of days later, I now couldn’t be more confused. The gut feeling has drifted and I’m 50/50 divided. Truly. If it helps, cGPA: 3.50, sGPA: 3.43, GRE: 155 Q, 154 V, 4.0 Writing, 3 years HCE part-time (~1850 hours), 250 shadowing hours, 100 volunteer hours. LOCATION: For background, I’ve got no real geographical ties to either place. Love the heat and opportunity for outdoor/nature activities in AZ, but also love the city life of Drexel. I know that’s a little contradictory, but I could see myself in either place. I’m from the Midwest and as each year passes, I find myself becoming less tolerant of the unbearable cold weather. Philly wouldn’t be much of a change in that aspect. But, I fully understand that I’ll be locked inside a library 24/7 and won’t have much time for exploring in either place. But at least I’ll want to look out the window and be happy. With that…ROTATIONS: Drexel: First year in Philly, second year maybe in Philly and surrounding area, but I know a current student who is just starting their 2nd year and has rotations in PA, MI, NY, and SD…and is expected to pick up everything and move every 6 weeks. I know this is not unusual for a lot of programs) ATSU: First year in AZ, second year either in the surrounding Phoenix area (no relocation at all), OR relocate for the FULL year to a Community Health Center either in CA, WI, or GA. Less moving around. They are expanding their rotations, but this is a concern seeing as they were on probation for issues with this in the past. EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY: Drexel: Attention to the underserved, rather general and consistent with most other programs across the nation. Liked it, great. ATSU: Entire emphasis on serving the underserved, and practicing with a holistic approach and incorporation of patient mind, body, and spirit. I love this aspect and am sincerely drawn to underserved populations, but am weary in that I’ve never practiced as a PA in an underserved setting before. Of course, I’m not writing a contract selling my life to the underserved by going here, but you get the point. RANKING: According to US News 2014… Drexel: 13 ATSU: 40 LEARNING STYLE: Drexel: Didn’t find a whole lot of difference between Drexel and ATSU in this department, but please correct me if I’m wrong. Drexel encourages self-directed learning, but does give a lot of exams to keep the student current and in check. They will really prepare me to be a graduate level, professional thinker. My friend in the program said that the class is broken up for smaller group learning, and enjoys that. ATSU: A lot of emphasis on out-of-seat and self-directed learning too, which I like. They mix it up with group work, different modules, etc. This would keep me focused and eager to learn instead of sitting in a chair, looking at a board for 8 hours a day. What really caught my attention is that on interview day, current students told us they rarely had sit down, formal exams, but instead were tested in other ways. I trust that I will be prepared for the PANCE at either school, based on percentages. COMPETITION: This is what I’ve gathered from my interview, talking with current students at both, and from what I’ve read. Obviously, in any program, there are going to be very competitive students and those who are not. I can associate and study with whomever I choose. Probably biased though. Drexel: More cut throat and competition between students. ATSU: More encouraging environment. AFFILIATIONS: Drexel: HUGE HUGE HUGE. Hahnemann Hospital. This will be potentially life changing, with all of the doors this opportunity may open for me, the connections I will make, etc. ATSU: No hospital affiliation. But is affiliated with other programs within Arizona School of Health Sciences. Doubt that affects much though. HISTORY: Drexel: One of the nation’s oldest programs. That means something with regards to the type of PAs they produce. ATSU: ASHS began in 1995, but moved to Mesa, AZ in 2001. So, it’s relatively new. BUT, home of the world’s first osteopathic medical school. CADAVER LAB: Of minimal importance to me. I took a full dissection cadaver lab in undergrad along site medical students. I know it’s not the same training as PA school, but at least I’ve had exposure. Drexel: No dissections. Limited access to cadavers. Lab work mostly done virtually. ATSU: Use human cadavers during the first year as a lab component to go along with anatomy. There is dissection. FIRST YEAR CLINICAL EXPOSURE: Drexel: Not a whole lot. You can go over to the hospital and there is a lot of helpful staff willing to teach you things, but this is really reserved for second year. ATSU: Not a whole lot, again. But, 3x each term, there are great opportunities to clinical experiences in clinics, medical examiner offices, fire department, surgery, community health centers, etc. Factors that are also less significant in my decision making process: Cost: ATSU is more expensive tuition-wise, but living in Philly will hike up the costs. Both are relatively similar. Class Size: Drexel ~80, ATSU ~70. Similar. Grading: Drexel 71.5%, ATSU 70%. Trust me, I am not trying to just slip by and get the minimum grade possible during PA school. I take a lot of pride in my work, but do not gauge my eyes out when I don’t get 100%. I also understand that the PANCE is based on all of this info I’m learning during that didactic year, so I need to thoroughly know and retain the information. Regardless, there isn’t much difference between the two. PANCE: I hate that everyone emphasizes this so much. I’m going to pass the PANCE wherever I go. They’re both right around the national average. I’ll be okay. Length: Drexel 27, ATSU 26 Simulations: Both have great, new, state-of-the-art simulation labs. Electives: I’m not basing this choice on this. SPECIFIC CONCERNS: Drexel: I’ve heard and read that their attrition rates are super high. That the class will start out with 80 students and lose 15 due to failing anatomy. Or those students have the choice of waiting a year to retake anatomy and end up on a 3-year track. I know I cannot make my decision based on the anticipation of failing anatomy, but it caught my attention. ATSU: Probation. I know it’s no longer on probation, but I don’t want a future employer to say, “Oh you’re from ATSU, isn’t that the program that was put on probation?” I’ve read two things. One, the program was on probation because students were missing out on required rotations. Two, the program was on probation because the PANCE scores dropped to 81% in 2011. I know it’s fixed now and that at the end of the day, I’m going to pass the PANCE, since scores since then have been 94%+ (last year 96%). I would say from the gut feeling I got at the interview, my choice is ATSU. But I feel like I really really cannot pass up the opportunity at Drexel. Don’t get me wrong, I really like their program as well. Everything I’ve read says, “it doesn’t matter where you go, go where you feel best suits you, it won’t matter.” But when we really get down to it, I do believe that it does matter. It will influence who I meet in my future and future opportunities. If anyone has additional questions for me, please let me know. Also, please correct me if any of what I’ve written is incorrect! Sorry for the long post, but this is a huge decision for me here! I greatly appreciate your time and effort in reading and responding to this. Thank you!
  5. Hey guys is pharm tech a direct patient contact job? I'm debating whether I want to get a certification for it or not
  6. Guest

    The Issue

    This forum is outstandingly helpful in many ways; so many involved health discussions, contact with experienced providers, and the abundant pre-pa resources make it invaluable. The shadowing of PAs is one of the most essential steps leading a person such as myself to PA. However, for those of us trying to get first-hand experience, this particular thread is akin to the craigslist "looking for" section. People will rarely if ever answer that there is a shadowing opportunity they know of in a hospital or other setting, and it is certainly difficult to find one in a specific location. I propose that we make this thread a real resource rather than a free-for-all of "please help me find an opportunity" posts that go unanswered. I am in Philadelphia, PA working as an EMT-B and taking a pre-health Post-Bacc. I have a volunteer position pending at Albert Einstein Medical Center in North Philly and have a lead on PA shadowing in the ER there. Anyone interested should contact Ellen Goldberg at Einstein Volunteer Services: http://www.einstein.edu/volunteer/how-to-apply/ Feel free to leave feedback, ask questions, make this thread what it has the potential to be.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm new as a registrant but have been reading this forum for a long time. I have read a bunch of success stories about low gpa, etc. I have read about some people with low gpa's and almost no hce that were applying but many do not come back to share. Here's my situation: I have all my pre-reqs done at Richard Stockton College of NJ. I had to retake Chem 1, but got an A (previous grade D). I have two C's---Organic Chem II and Inorganic Chem II (along with Physics II--but It's not a prereq). I have shadowed a NP back in 2008 but only for 1 month for very little time (52 hours). I work fulltime as a water treatment operator for the drinking water utility company as a local government employee. Unfortunately that was the best I could find in my area that needed a Bachelor in Biology. I graduated back in 2010 with a 3.2 gpa overall. I also volunteer for a non-profit called AHEART since 2011 and work as the executive assistant, it's more like social work than patient care although I interact with people. I have about 6000 hours with AHEART. I want to apply soon through CASPA to Howard, University of Sciences, and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I feel like my application is weak. Do anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do fairly quickly to have a shot at making it? Thanks for helping.
  8. I have seen a handful of people write Physician Assistant (PA) in their Narratives. It probably helps save character count by writing "PA" instead of the full two words, but wondering if this is maybe frowed upon? Of course, everyone on the ad-com would know what the abbrevation means, I am curious if this looks bad?
  9. Hi There, I am a pre-PA student and am interesting in finding someone to shadow in the Philadelphia area. Currently I am working as a pharmacy technician at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I graduated from Temple University a few years ago and want to return to school to become a Physician's Assistant. I am interested in any specialty. If anyone has the time and is willing to let me follow them around for a bit I would greatly appreciate it. If that is the case please email me back at my personal email pctran410@gmail.com. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and hope to hear back about the post any advice is also greatly welcomed. Have a nice day.
  10. My name is Tom and I would like to shadow a PA to gain a better understanding of the profession as well as meet the shadowing experience/hours to apply for a program. Ideally I would prefer to shadow a PA who works in emergency medicine, GI, infectious disease, or internal medicine, but I would appreciate any opportunity that is available. I've completed most prerequisite classes, with a 4.0, and only have to complete Chemistry II and Organic Chemistry. I'm currently working as a CNA in New Jersey and have previously volunteered for a year in the emergency department at Georgetown University Hospital. My BA is in communications/public relations and I was previously working in the public affairs department of the Australian Embassy in Washington, DC. That is until, at age 30, I realized I wanted to have more of an impact on people's lives and help educate them on how to better care for themselves. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could help with shadowing experience or point me in the right direction. I tried the http://pashadowonline.com/ website, however there aren't any PAs registered in my area. Thank you, Tom
  11. I'm a recent graduate with a B.S. in Athletic Training and I am currently a Post Bacc Pre Med student in the Philadelphia area. After some research it seems that I have a low to okay (3.3-3.4) GPA and i feel that it is not the strongest part of my application. I feel that if interviewed I would be able to present myself much better than my GPA would reflect. I was informed from a professor that some schools tend to determine their application based mostly on you paper application and will write you off after looking at the numbers. Where others will base their decisons on interviews and other aspects of the application rather than just the numbers. Any suggestions on schools in Pennsylvania or the Philadelphia area that base their application on more than just the numbers would be great. Thanks MWS89
  12. I'm a 1st year PA student and looking to set up a few rotations in the greater Philadelphia area. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that would know a good way to go about doing this or if they have any locations that were already set up that would be a good place to try. Thanks for the input!
  13. Hi all. Thanks in advance. I am moving to Philadelphia in a month and am looking toward applying to PA schools in the future. I have a bachelors degree in psychology but will need to make up a number of the science pre-requisites. Does anyone have experience or information on acquiring such credits in the Philadelphia area, or how to go about acquiring such info? Thanks so much
  14. Hello~ Congratulations to those who have been accepted! I just wanted to start to help some of us meet eachother, figure out where to live, and anything else. I will be starting at the main campus in May (conditionally - I have to complete a class). I am coming from the Philadelphia area. I'm very excited to start this next "chapter" in my life. Does anyone know if there is a facebook page that has been started? I would like to start one if not. Good luck to those of you who are still waiting to hear or on the waitlist! Sarah
  15. I am deliberating on weather or not to go to Drexel. What are some Pros & Cons about the program? Thanks for sharing and your honesty :;-D:
  16. So here's my story: I'm 23 finishing up my MBA with a Healthcare focus. I have a BS in Health Sciences but did not have the best science grades. I also work full time as a consultant in the pharma industry. Dilemma: I want to go to PA school and will apply next year as that will give me time to re-take some of my chem classes. I took the GRE, GMAT and LSAT when deciding what to do after my BS- I've done well on all three. I also do not have volunteer experience in a hospital except from back in the day (high school and freshmen year of college) I can't, for the life of me, find a PA to shadow with (in Philly, which is ridiculous). So, in a nutshell: I will have a MBA in 2012, a BS in Health Science and I need to still re-take some classes, get shadowing hours/volunteer experience in. My questions are: 1. What has your experience been like? 2. If you did your hours in Philly- where and how many? 3. If not- where did you do your hours/what type of work and how many hours? 4. Which PA programs did you apply to? What was your GRE score/GPA and were you accepted? 5. Do you advise doing a post-bac or just re-taking some of the courses? 6. What's your advice to me if you had to do it all over again? Thank you so much for any input :) I'm just trying to understand how to plan this process so I can get all of my hours/classes done and not have to stop working.
  17. I am looking to shadow a PA in the Philadelphia/Bucks County area and am willing to travel. I will take this opportunity very seriously and am willing to shadow in any shift. Please reply to the thread or privately. Thank you in advance for you willingness to help:=D:
  18. Hello! I'm a second year PA student in the Philadelphia area and I'm currently on my 4th rotation. Unfortunately, the practice I'm working at only allows me to work 15 hours a week, plus I have an entire week off next week. I really want to gain more hospital experience since only 2 rotations I have are hospital based and that's where I eventually want to work. I know this is an unusual request, but I would love to shadow anyone in the Philadelphia area even if only one day a week to just simply gain more hospital based experience. Thank you very much.
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