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Found 18 results

  1. If you’re willing to look over my PS and give me some feedback, I would appreciate it so much!!!
  2. Hi! I know there's a million requests for this, but I would really appreciate it if someone could review my personal statement. I'm willing to return the favor! I've had it edited by My PA Life already and completed a revision with their edits/suggestions in mind. Please let me know if you're willing to help!
  3. Hi applicants! I am a first year PA student who also runs a freelance editing/writing company called HES Editing. I do comprehensive editing of personal statements for PA applicants, as well as any college or graduate school applicants. I have already helped over 70 applicants with their personal statements, and I edit for grammar, sentence structure, content flow, organization, and overall theme. This also includes personalized comments and suggestions for areas to add in and make adjustments. I have you send me your resume as well so I can make sure you are not missing any experiences or ski
  4. Hi guys! I recently graduated and I am working on my CASPA application. I am super nervous about my personal statement. I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some tips/ pointers on how to format it, what to include, and what to omit. I frequently second guess myself, so any opinions would be helpful. I really appreciate any help. Send me a pm if possible! Thank you, Ahuva
  5. If anyone is willing to check out my second draft, I would appreciate it so much! Just PM me and I will send it your way. Also, for those who need feedback, I am completely willing to swap. Feel free to send me any drafts you have!
  6. I have written my personal statement and mentioned that I am bilingual in English and Spanish. My native language is English, but I have taken 10 years of Spanish courses and would consider myself pretty fluent (I use my Spanish daily with patients in an inpatient setting). Has anyone who has had past interviews, and is bilingual, been given an interview question in their second language? This could just be pre-application anxiety, but I see myself potentially walking into an interview already a nervous disaster and then just totally blowing it if they asked me a question in Spanish that I did
  7. This week, I am continuing my series on the most common personal statement mistakes. If you didn’t catch part one, check it out here. Below, you can find five more mistakes that applicants make when writing their personal statements. Writing About Something That Makes You a “Good Applicant” - Referencing being a “strong applicant” in a personal statement is not something I am a huge fan of. Your goal throughout your academic and clinical experiences should be to build a foundation that will make a better PA student and a stronger PA. It should not be about checking off boxes just because
  8. Hey y’all! I just posted a new article geared towards pre-PA students. It’s part one in a two part series about the biggest mistakes I see when critiquing and editing personal statements!
  9. Hey y’all! For those of you that don’t know, I have started a personal statement editing service. I have read more than 100 statements over the last year working with PA school applicants and have really honed in on what makes a good essay. I was fortunate enough to have significant support from this community as well as r/prephysicianassistant with my own essay, and I want to pay it forward. For those of you working on your personal statements right now, feel free to DM me and I would be happy to give you some feedback on your draft for FREE. No strings attached. If you like th
  10. Writing a personal statement is one of the most difficult parts of the application process. For some, it may be the single most daunting and intimidating aspect of applying to PA school. The personal statement is something I have discussed here before, with previous articles addressing what the personal statement is and the best way to go about writing it. If you already have a solid understanding of the purpose of the personal statement and have an idea of how you will approach the writing process, you may be thinking about what pitfalls you should try to avoid. After reading and critiqu
  11. The Finer Details of the Personal Statement By Hannah Turner Writing is a special form of masochism. You construct something you’re deeply proud of, fretting over the mechanics of each sentence and the placement of every word, only to ask peers and editors to tear it apart completely. You take in their criticisms, ditch the bad ideas and get right back to work on the next draft. Along the way you have to let go of concepts that you were deeply attached to, and it hurts. In the end, the writing process is satisfying in its own right - in search of perfection you can create something r
  12. The Five Steps to Writing a Strong Personal Statement By Hannah Turner The process of writing a personal statement is so overwhelming… Where do you start? How do you say so much with so few characters? In the beginning, it all feels so unattainable. Many applicants struggle with writing their personal statement, and I certainly struggled to write my own. In the end I utilized a five step process that allowed me to produce a strong personal statement. Below I have detailed each step. Step 1: Start Early + Free Write First and foremost, start early. Not “give yours
  13. Hey all! This is going to be my 2nd time applying, and I'm in the middle of re-writing my PS. Long story short, the reason for not getting accepted the 1st time around was largely (if not entirely) due to my low GPA. I just finished my masters in science (3.91 GPA for my master's degree), so hopefully I'll have a little more luck this time. My question is mainly if I should directly discuss my GPA from college or not. I know they will obviously still see the GPA, but I feel like doing well through my master's degree with mainly all science classes should also help to show that I am serious
  14. Hi all! This is just a rough draft, so I am just curious if I am heading in the right direction! I realize the flow is kind of shaky, so any and all critiques are most welcome! Thank you! The past summer I spent working at the Inn at Belden Village Assisted Living showed me an entirely new aspect of my desire to care for others. During the time I spent working there I flourished in the opportunity to demonstrate care with integrity and purpose. I also solidified my desire to give care to others in a higher level in the medical field as a Physician Assistant (PA). In particula
  15. Any comments would be greatly appreciated, applying this coming cycle! Picture this: a first post-operative visit, open reduction and internal fixation of a tibia/fibula fracture with the dressing being taken down, and then a four year old vomits on my shoes, and he wasn’t even the patient; the patient, shortly thereafter, became lightheaded and proceeded to pass out. Despite this less than appealing day in healthcare I still want to be a physician assistant (PA). I’ve witnessed medical tragedy, triumph, and mundane days in healthcare, and at the end of all of them I am ye
  16. What are some classic do's and don'ts for your CASPA personal statement, or even your supplemental? I'm looking for a check off list. Do's: explain how the PA profession fits you one personal thing career satisfaction something current and your understanding for the need for PAs and changes in healthcare. Don'ts: start off with "every since I was five years old...." They've heard it before. Don't be melodramatic or write a hollywood movie script --but where is the balance betweeen being personal and melodramatic?
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