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Found 14 results

  1. So I work as a phlebotomist for a staffing agency for a big healthcare company and had a placement in a health center where there are about 8 or so doctors, a PA, and an NP. During my lunch breaks I would see one of the doctors in the break room and we began exchanging pleasantries and I made him laugh once at a joke and we introduced ourselves. His office was right next to the break room and I always saw him with the door open. This was my 2nd week at this new job and I approached him and mentioned how I am interested in becoming a PA and heard there was a PA in the health center and inquired
  2. I would be willing to exchange statements for editing/critiquing or would like to send mine to someone open to helping me!
  3. Hey guys, I would really appreciate any thoughts and/or critiques about the flow and overall theme of my statement. Is there anything missing or not well expalined? The door flew open and slammed against the adjacent wall. I entered a darkened room where I could only make out the outlines of other patients and hear the noise of chatter and children crying. As my eyes adjusted to the sharp contrast from the glaring sun outside, I slowly made my way to the counter. “Sign in,” said a voice and I looked down to see a chewed-up pin and a pile of torn paper. I wrote my name and date of birth and
  4. You guessed it! I am a first time applicant and you guys are the only ones that can help me with critiquing my personal statement. Im actually pretty surprised I stayed under the character limit for my rough draft. Please look it over and tell me how bad it stinks! The door flew open and slammed against the adjacent wall. The room was dark and all I could make out were figures and the noise of chatter and children crying. As my eyes adjusted to the sharp contrast in darkness from the blaring sun outside, I made my way to the counter. “Sign in,” said a voice and I looked down to see a
  5. Hello, I'm a first time applicant - any tips/edits would be appreciated! While sitting outside on my lunch break at the community pharmacy where I was employed, I heard a young girl yelling, “Help! My sister needs help!” Shocked that no one was responding, I ran over to the vehicle and noticed that there was a young woman having a seizure in the front seat. I put on her seat belt to limit her movement, called 911, and kept both girls calm until the ambulance arrived. Upon reflecting on this incident, I realized that I had not one moment of hesitation to help. I kept calm, rapidly
  6. I am struggling to figure out how I should incorporate the fact that I am a re-applicant. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! "To say I was an accident prone child is an understatement. I frequented doctors’ offices and emergency rooms for a variety of injuries and ailments. I remember staying home sick from elementary school, curling up on the sofa to watch marathons of “Medical Mysteries” and “Trauma: Life in the ER”. My squeamish parents were somewhat disgusted by my gruesome choice of entertainment and were puzzled by my infatuation with medicine. Even so, my intere
  7. I slowly approached the room with shaking feet and trembling hands. For a moment, everything stopped and my whole attention was on this one room. I turned the knob and pushed the door open. The medical ECG monitor showed no activity. My heart dropped. There lay my uncle, covered from head to toe with a white sheet over him. I never wanted to hear his voice more than this one time. I came closer, and touched his feet and hands. They were ice cold. The blood circulation in his body had stopped, his heart had stopped beating, and his brain would no longer think of anything anymore. The grief and
  8. Hello! I'm looking for advice on how to strengthen my personal narrative. I've always considered myself somewhat of a weak writer and I'm honestly not sure what to write about. A little about myself: I'm 30, married, I have a 6 year old son, finishing up my BA in Natural Sciences/Mathematics, working as a CNA in oncology at a local hospital.... Any suggestions on how to spiffy this up? Thanks! I wasn’t the most studious high school student. I had terrible grades. It isn’t that I wasn’t capable, but I had lost interest. I did very well up until high school but for some reason
  9. To anyone who wants to give their opinion, I'd love to hear thoughts about my narrative. And also if anyone thinks this narrative is a little TOO personal. I know it touches on several different things, maybe too many. Thanks in advance for any advice! :) Personal Narrative: The Path That Led Me to Physician Assistant Studies The first time I drove a car I was fourteen years old. I’d driven around the pastures and gravel roads around my isolated home a few times, but this was the real deal: making the 60-mile trip from home in rural Mississippi to the big city of Baton Rouge, Louisi
  10. Any critique welcome and appreciated, thank you for your time! Word count: 4,409 Ga-ga is an Israeli variant of dodgeball in which you are enclosed in an octagonal pit with the goal of hitting your opponent below the knee with a ball while trying to remain untouched yourself. The first time I played this game I was not in Israel, but at a Christian camp in Michigan and landed myself in the emergency room with a broken nose and slight concussion. I found it ironic at that point, that after being a competitive athlete for ten years in a sport that crumbles if one member of the team cannot
  11. My decision to take an emergency medical technician (EMT) course has been one of the most rewarding and life altering decisions of my life. It gave me patient contact experience that I needed in order to confirm my belief that I am capable of pursuing a career in the medical field. There are many notable characteristics of being an EMT, but my most favorite aspect of the profession is that no two emergency calls aboard an ambulance are the same. One call I may be performing chest compressions and providing artificial respirations to a cardiac arrest patient. Then the next call I may be givin
  12. Hey everyone. I'm just looking for some feedback about my personal narrative. Application deadlines are quickly approaching! I'll take any and all criticism and I appreciate any and all help. Thanks! Like many children, I was brought up believing that I had the choice of becoming anything I wanted to be, that the sky was the limit, and, like many, the more I grew, the more I had confidence in the truth of that statement. Unfortunately, the question finally arose as to what I should become. Medicine always interested in me and was my passion but becoming a physician just did not
  13. Hello! I was waitlisted for the fall and was wondering if anyone else out there was in my same boat. It is my understanding that Emory does not rank the waitlisted applicants but rather reconsiders each person individually if/when someone accepted declines admission. Does anyone have any more info about being waitlisted? How frequently does someone from the waitlist get accepted (ie what are my chances?)? When is the latest that Emory can admit a waitlisted applicant? I REALLY would LOVE to attend Emory, so any tips are appreciated! :) Thanks, Cindy
  14. Hello everyone! Well this is my first time on a forum... my bf is always using them so when I was having trouble with my personal statement, he suggested I look for a PA forum and so here I am. lol Below I have pasted a rough draft of my personal narrative as it is so far. If u could please take time to read it and let me know what you think of it (in regards to proofreading, my direction, etc), I would VERY MUCH appreciate it. :D Please keep in mind that it is unfinished, especially the last paragraph which I know is incomplete. I would really love some help on how I should sum it all up i
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