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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I am thinking of applying to PA school next week (ATSU central coast program) and want someone to review my personal statement. Please message me privately if you can help out! Thank you
  2. If you’re willing to look over my PS and give me some feedback, I would appreciate it so much!!!
  3. Hi applicants! I am a first year PA student who also runs a freelance editing/writing company called HES Editing. I do comprehensive editing of personal statements for PA applicants, as well as any college or graduate school applicants. I have already helped over 70 applicants with their personal statements, and I edit for grammar, sentence structure, content flow, organization, and overall theme. This also includes personalized comments and suggestions for areas to add in and make adjustments. I have you send me your resume as well so I can make sure you are not missing any experiences or ski
  4. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some feedback on my personal statement. This is the google doc link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WzHXUUlMxPUMcp_eOcx4ZKpaPwo5IRe1dOQSg6Xfixg/edit Thank you very much!
  5. To help you write your own personal statements, I have decided to post my own essay as an example. It is not my best writing, but it got the job done. I was offered interviews at four competitive schools and was accepted at three (I turned down the other interview). My CASPA personal statement is reproduced in its entirety on my blog, linked below. Enjoy! http://pajourney.com/2015/03/13/my-caspa-personal-statement-as-an-example/
  6. Hello! I am extremely nervous about my personal essay and was looking into paying a revision service. The two companies I am looking at are myparesource.com and the PA life. Has anyone used these and have they helped? Thank you!
  7. Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to review my essay.
  8. Hello all. This is my very first draft of my personal statement for PA school. I touched on a few things that are important to me, such as my mission trip, but I feel like it may have gotten jumbled. I really wanted to focus on my desire to help people before they develop chronic conditions. Please critique and let me know which parts I should stress more and which I could do without. Also, I'm still working on a stronger conclusion. Right now it's 4341 characters with spaces. Thank you. “Can I listen to your heart?” Kayla, the physician assistant (PA), asked the toddler crawling under t
  9. As a child I had moments when I would stare off into space as if my brain was not connected to the rest of my body. My parents were worried so they took me to a pediatric neurologist. The diagnosis was Juvenile Absence Epilepsy and it began a journey of blood tests, EEGs, MRIs and checkups for the next six years of my life. For a child, it was a bit unnerving, but when I began to see the same person at every visit I became more comfortable. I called the woman “Dr. Theresa” and she became the calming presence, someone who monitored my medication and assured me everything was fine. When I learne
  10. I have written a post on my blog about a strategy that you can use when writing the personal statement. It is probably my best piece of advice on how to craft an interview-winning essay. Check out the link below! http://pajourney.com/2015/03/13/writing-the-personal-statement/
  11. I am Incognito but not first-time poster......logging in under another name. I need advice. My contract comes up for renewal in 2 months and I will be having a meeting with the (fairly new) clinic administrator (CA) soon. Since this administrator was hired a lot has changed and the culture of the clinic has become quite dysfunctional (more-so than before). The Issues: We only communicate by email now and that is what the CA expects. No more discussion between the clinic staff and no more meetings with staff to discuss clinic issues. Initially we had an email from the CA of w
  12. Hello! I'm looking for advice on how to strengthen my personal narrative. I've always considered myself somewhat of a weak writer and I'm honestly not sure what to write about. A little about myself: I'm 30, married, I have a 6 year old son, finishing up my BA in Natural Sciences/Mathematics, working as a CNA in oncology at a local hospital.... Any suggestions on how to spiffy this up? Thanks! I wasn’t the most studious high school student. I had terrible grades. It isn’t that I wasn’t capable, but I had lost interest. I did very well up until high school but for some reason
  13. I have always known that I wanted to have a job in the medical field. From very early on I was interested in the sciences and medicine. Throughout high school Anatomy and Physiology was the class I couldn’t wait to go to and when it was over I didn’t want to leave. Midway through college I had an experience that really solidified my decision. I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend and some of his friends one day when he suddenly began to seize violently. I immediately knew what was happening and tried to get him on his side. One of his friends dialed 911 while we moved the furniture away
  14. Any critique welcome and appreciated, thank you for your time! Word count: 4,409 Ga-ga is an Israeli variant of dodgeball in which you are enclosed in an octagonal pit with the goal of hitting your opponent below the knee with a ball while trying to remain untouched yourself. The first time I played this game I was not in Israel, but at a Christian camp in Michigan and landed myself in the emergency room with a broken nose and slight concussion. I found it ironic at that point, that after being a competitive athlete for ten years in a sport that crumbles if one member of the team cannot
  15. I could really use some critique on my personal statement. I am a first time applicant who would love your feedback! A defining characteristic of human beings is the ability to express themselves through speech and writing. We can access the things we want in life easily when ideas are logical and coherent. However, observation is best for understanding other forms of expression and often it is essential for delivering quality care. While working for Homelife Inc., interplay of my keen observational-skills and understanding of the resident’s medical history allowed me to provide t
  16. This is 2nd draft. Thanks for reviewing my essay and offering your opinions! I appreciate it!!! Everyone has a story and mine is a huge factor in my pursuit to become a physician assistant. Growing up, trips to the hospital were a regular part of my daily life because the two most important men in my life were hospitalized for extended periods of time. My father suffered a life altering stroke and to this day requires around the clock care and my grandpa suffered from Cancer. For this reason, the hospital has always been a place of comfort and for me. I was not the kid afraid of going to
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