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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I'm trying to get thoughts on what I should counter for a non-benefited W2 position in retail medicine. A little background: I'm young in my PA career and have been in rural family medicine for 1.5 years. I've been seeking per diem positions for a while now (I'm single with no kids in a VERY small town and I'm starting to get cabin fever LOL) and was finally offered one at a nearby hospital that has these types of clinics. These are the same ones you would find at a pharmacy with a very limited list of conditions that patients can come in for e.g. URIs, UTIs, Imms. The patients make the appts at least 1 day ahead of time so there are no walk-ins and the schedule is scrubbed by the MA and by provider to do the best possible in making sure more complex cases go to their urgent care or ER. So, compared to me following chronic conditions and multiple co-morbidities at my FT job, I imagined that this would be relatively easy peasy. The job: Weekends 8AM-8PM with a one hour paid lunch. No benefits (NBD because my FT job has excellent bennies) Patients are scheduled on 20 minute slots Work with one MA who will work the front and back office Salaried. About $53.40 per hour Hospital was bought a few years ago by a bigger entity located in 3 states. I was told they are planning to get about 50 more clinics instituted across those areas in the next few years. I mention this because on the phone interview the recruiter said the salary was set across the organization. So I'm a little hesitant to ask for more but the practice manager on the in-person interview verbalized to me how badly they need providers. I think I will be asking for more (worse they could do is say no, right?) but what would be a fair counter offer? As a comparison, I make significantly more than this at my FT job but that's because of my bonuses. This is in the PNW with low COL. Thank you!
  2. What? Per diem job opportunity described as easy, straight-forward, laidback, fun with good pay. Expect low-acuity urgent care cases. Where? Manhattan When? Various open shifts throughout September and upcoming months w/ a particular need for weekend coverage Full-time Sept 27-Oct 12 How? If you have any questions, message me directly. If you have interest, please email your resume to alexandrajscialdone@gmail.com.
  3. Hello All, My wife and I are PAs and we are interested in working seasonally. Ideally we’d be in the Northeast (Maine, New Hampshire) in the late spring through summer and back to the South for the late fall through winter. Was wondering if folks out there had firms/companies they enjoyed working for that provided this sort of seasonal/travel work? My main area of expertise is in pediatric or adult emergency medicine and hers is in urgent care. Thanks!
  4. For those working in EM that have moved from a full-time hourly rate to a PRN hourly rate at the same facility and same position, what is a reasonable increase in pay to ask for? I've been there for about 5 years full time (also haven't had a raise in 3 years). I know what other EM PRN gigs pay in my area, but my question is specifically how much more to expect when transitioning in the same position. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey all, Recent grad here and I've been in talks about per diem work for a second ER. My question is how your scheduling works out between your FT and per diem. I've been under the impression that a schedule will be available to me for the per diem site, and I pick up any available shift at my leisure. But this doesn't seem to be the case so far. I've been asked to guarantee 3 shifts a month including one weekend shift, plus a summer and a winter holiday every year. I talked that down to just one guaranteed weekend shift per month. Also, my FT job hasn't published a schedule for August yet but my per diem job is asking me for my availability. They're used to publishing the schedule early and have asked me to put in request for a couple days. I'd rather not get into the habit of making requests for 3 days every month and jeopardize not getting time off when I actually need it. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  6. Any input would be appreciated, I have 3 years of experience as a PA practicing full time in NYC. I am now looking to leave my full time position in FM for a part time position (I recently had a baby and want to spend more time at home). I have never worked a part time position before and what to get an idea of what other PAs are recieving so that I'm better prepared for my job search. 1) salary. I understand it varies but is $65/hour reasonable? 2) health insurance . Do part time employees usually receive coverage? 3) if health insurance is offered is it fair to ask for more compensation in lieu of it? (We are on my husband's plan anyway) 4) How Much PTO does a part time PA usually receive? Sick days? Holidays? 5) is it fair to ask for CME reimbursement and/or PTO for CME? 6) licensing and credentialing fee reimbursement ? Thank you so much!
  7. Anyone have any experience working with Sterling Medical? I got offered a PRN job there as an employee providing a contracting job at a military hospital. I was going through the contract and there is a non-compete clause that they will not remove. Their claim (which they did put into writing in an email to me) is that it is meant that I cannot work at this specific location with a competing contracting company (though the contract does not explicitly say that, it states the city in general) and that many of their per diem employees have other employment concurrently. It also notes that the non-compete clause survives the expiration of the contract, which to me means that it is indefinite. I am going to go back to them requesting that if they truly did mean for it to be at this specific location that they put that into the contract. I can see how they might interpret that in what they currently have written but it can also be interpreted to mean anywhere which the city. Would it be sufficient to use the email as written proof if needed? I am getting a little suspicious, especially since they have been slow to answer my other questions regarding the job itself and there wasn't an interview process. I literally called to get some more information and they sent me a contract. I am a new mother looking to pick up multiple PRN jobs for weekend work when my husband can stay home with the baby. My husband is also active military so we will more than likely not be in this area forever but you never know with the military so I don't necessarily want to limit my options. As it stands the job otherwise fulfills our specific needs. I don't have any other job offers currently and my student loan payment is breathing down our necks. I am just looking to see if anyone else has worked for this company and if they had any problems because it seems a little questionable to me. Are there any other government contracting companies for PAs that anyone has used that they liked? I tried to search some but didn't have a whole lot of success finding many for PAs. Thanks!
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