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Found 11 results

  1. I am registering for the CAQ exam next year and would love feedback from those of you who have been through the process. 1. What study materials did you guys use? I'm looking at Med Study (but I've heard the books are very dense) and the Pediatric Board Review books by Asish Goyal. I'm wondering which is best...there is also AAP Prep? 2. How long did you guys study for? Thanks. I appreciate any feedback!
  2. I am looking at relocating. What do you think is a fair hourly rate (no benefits) for an experienced pediatric physician assistant in California?
  3. I recently graduated from the University of South Florida recieving a Bachelor's degree in Science, major in Health Sciences, minor in Public Health. I am very interested in physician assistant as a future career path, but I would like to gain further knowledge in this occupation. I have always wanted to work with children, therfore shadowing in the field of pediatrics would be ideal. Although, I do not have much experience so shadowing in any field will help! I have a flexible schedule and reside in Tampa FL. Feel free to contact me with any information regarding the matter via email aromo@mail.usf.edu.
  4. Can anyone elaborate on the role of a Peds Hospitalist PA? What are their responsibilities? How is they pay and schedule? How many MDs do they typically work with? What is the typical pt population (diagnosis-wise)? Do they typically deal strictly with Gen Peds kids or pts from all specialties? I really love Peds Cardiology (there's something about those tiny HLHS kids that gets to me) but I don't really want to narrow my skills down so specifically in case I change my mind in 5 years. Plus I want to eventually work as a medical missionary so I want a broad base of knowledge, skills, and practice. Thanks!
  5. Hey, everybody! Does anybody have good book suggestions to help with didactic pedscourse?
  6. Description Opportunity available for full-time Physician Assistant (PA) or Nurse Practitioner (NP) to join a Pediatric Practice located in La Porte, Texas along with two Pediatricians. This individual will be responsible for direct collaboration with his/her supervising physician or designated back-up physician. This individual should possess the specialized skills and knowledge related to the pediatric care center in which he/she practices and performs physical exams, collects and documents data, conducts approved diagnosis and therapeutic procedures, and provides excellent quality patient care services in a pediatric outpatient clinical setting. Duties Functions in a collaborative independent practice with physician in the private practice setting in accordance with policy and protocols Autonomously performs patient assessment, diagnosis, and intervention according to approved protocols. Develops and maintains own volume of patients. Orders and interprets appropriate testing and data and communicates results to patients. Facilitates the referral of patients to, and promoting their awareness of health care facilities and other appropriate agencies and resources in the community. Monitors the treatment program of the patient. Provides guidance and instruction in preventive health care to patients including vitamin and supplement recommendations with a focus on wellness and prevention along with the team (dietitian and Dr. Hill) Provides patient education and counseling. Advise new parents in childcare. Assists physicians in formulating therapeutic decisions. Prepares and maintains accurate detailed chart documentation in an electronic medical record Works and communicates with supervising physician and other members of the health care team about the management of patients. Performs other duties as delegated by supervising physician. Provides practice/clinic coverage for physician during periods of absence. May supervise clinical personnel as needed. Communicates and collaborates effectively with all staff and health care team members. Requirements & Qualifications PA certification by the National Commission of Certification of Physician Assistants or current license from the Texas Board of Nursing to practice as Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner with prescriptive authority Candidate may be entry level or 1-2 years experienced Bilingual (English and Spanish) preferable but not absolutely required. Should be a Texas resident or willing to relocate Preferably willing to sign a 2-3 year contract Be Current on CME requirements Must have computer skills necessary to access computerized medical records No physical and/or mental problem preventing individual from exercising the granted privileges Benefits Candidate will be provided a salary of $80,000-$85,000 commensurate with experience 401k Retirement Plan Bonus sharing plan at the end of the year Medical liability coverage CME coverage $1,000 towards purchase of medical health insurance and other benefits This is a full-time position Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please contact Mrs. Uddin at (281)867-0291 or send resumes and cover letters to ruddin@msn.com
  7. Does anyone work in peds hem/onc? My dream job would be to work in that inpatient specialty. I am coming upon the end as my first year as a PA-C in family medicine, and I didn't practice as much peds as I would have hoped. So I am looking into getting more solid peds experience. While I am getting that, is there any way I can get more experience in hem/onc? Classes or certification I can take? All the jobs seem to require at least 2-3 years of experience, but I'd like to learn as much as possible about it. Wondering how to get my foot in the door. Thanks so much!
  8. I made some revisions, as recommended by previous posts. Should I try to combine two of the last three paragraphs? Is my conclusion is strong enough? All critiques are appreciated, especially on sentence structure and grammar. I called the patient’s name and noticed he was seated in a wheelchair. The patient was at his appointment alone. I could see he was afflicted with an injury barring him from getting to the patient room on his own. I always assist patients back to the examination room because I believe it is an important duty as a medical assistant and a common courtesy. I walked into the waiting area to help him to the room and the memory of why he was in the wheelchair flooded back to me. It was a warm, spring Saturday and I was completing my pediatric emergency assessment, recognition, and stabilization class. We broke for lunch and my pager sounded - “__________ Fire Rescue respond to the home of a male aged 60-65 years of age, unable to communicate with family, confused, right-sided weakness since 9:30 this morning.” My first thought was stroke, but I depend upon my assessment skills once I reach the patient to guide my treatment. This gentleman was sitting in bed upon our arrival. I could see the fear in his eyes as I entered the bedroom. The patient was struck by aphasia, hemiparesis, and facial droop. We immediately transported him to the hospital. He was fully aware of what was happening and could understand everything we were saying to him, but he was unable to communicate with any of the EMTs. I will never forget the look on his face, through his eyes I could see the cries for help. During transport I continued to talk to him and explain what every team member was doing. It was the comfort I could offer to him during this terrifying experience. Under normal circumstances once a patient has been transported and received by the hospital I don’t know what happens to them, but here he was! I asked if he remembered me from his ambulance ride. Slowly and deliberately he said, “Yes, I do.” And then he smiled. I cannot explain the joy I felt knowing he had survived his stroke. Hearing his voice was music to my ears. His daughter arrived for the appointment and I explained to her that I was in the ambulance with her father. She told me his stroke was quite devastating, but his recovery was coming along quite well. At that moment I understood by saving the life of one you can change the lives of many. By helping this man I have changed not only his life, but his daughter’s life, the lives of his family members by his side that day, and the lives of others who are touched by him. As an EMT and medical assistant I have helped people to the best of my ability within my scope of practice, but I want to do more. I want to be a physician assistant so I can be involved in diagnosing and implementation of treatment plans for patients in a team environment. As a medical assistant I enjoy educating patients about medications, treatment options, and diagnoses because I believe it is important to encourage patients to be involved in their treatment. Along with my strong desire to help patients, I understand the need for healthcare in rural areas. I volunteer as an EMT in my local community so I can provide medical care for an underserved population. As a medical assistant, I have helped patients access medical care by traveling to outreach clinics with a physician and a physician assistant. Patients appreciate our effort to reach out to their communities and I want to continue providing quality healthcare for these underserved areas. Maintaining access to medical care in rural areas is important for the health of patients and for the overall health of a community. When I become a physician assistant my goal is to sustain access to quality medical care for the underserved, rural population. Healthcare is about providing care and comfort to patients when they feel the most vulnerable. I want to ease a patient’s feelings of uncertainty during their journey through the healthcare system. As a Physician Assistant, I want to be a guide for my patients through their healthcare experience by trying to relieve their fears during unforeseen diagnoses and share their smiles, as I did with this gentleman, when they have triumphed over disease or injury they did not believe they could fight.
  9. Hi all, I have recently decided to pursue a career as a PA instead of going to medical school and becoming a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. For numerous reasons, I have decided it makes much more sense for me to become a PA. Obviously, my ideal is to become a psychiatric PA as my heart lies within mental health. I studied mental health in college and most of my clinical experience has been with adolescent psychiatric inpatients. To say I am in love with the field is an understatement. Not only have I been unable to find a psychiatric PA to shadow in the NY Metropolitan Area, I cannot seem to find anyone to even speak to! Would anyone be willing to share with me their experience? Or know of any practices or individuals with whom I could shadow? Is finding a psychiatric PA in the Tri-State impossible? While I am excited about other specialties and being a PA regardless of psychiatry, it would mean a lot to me to know it is possible to be a psychiatric PA in the NY Metropolitan Area. (Both of the Psychiatry Attendings at the NYC hospital I work in and two psychiatrists I am close with do not know of any psychiatric PAs - crazy!) Maybe the Tri-State area just needs a bit more time to realize the benefits of employing psychiatric PAs! I really appreciate any contacts or advice you may have. Best, S
  10. Hey all- I have been given a tentative offer in a pediatric cardiology practice in NV and would like to know what salary I should generally be looking for as a new grad. I can get general salary info for cardiology (adult/general), but not as specialized as peds. I would be the first PA in the practice and so coming to the table I will need some valuable salary information. Thoughts? Thanks!
  11. I really want to work with children and general family care and I was wondering if there was such thing as a pediatric physician assistant. I can't find much information on it, and the pediatrician that I grew up with didn't have an assistant that I was aware of.
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