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Found 2 results

  1. How do grades on exam master and other materials compare to grades on the PANCE? how did you do on the study material before you took the PANCE? when did you feel confident and ready?
  2. Guest

    Took PANCE and freaking out

    Hi everyone. I took the PANCE this week and cannot handle the post-test anxiety. So when I take tests, I always write down the questions that I don't 100% know the answer, so that I can go back. I did that when taking the PANCE and I feel like I absolutely knew around 60% (although towards the end I was less than diligent in doing this since I was frickin exhausted). The rest ranged from being between two answers and not knowing what the heck the question was even talking about, so I figure that hopefully I got at least 70%, most likely more - but while that would make me feel okay for a school test, it means nothing for the PANCE. Because of the different test difficulties, the ridiculous way they score it, and how you're graded against others, I have no idea how I did and am freaking out. I've seen people on here get 70% and still fail. I also heard that scores are released every Thursday, but classmates took it last week and still haven't heard back. I pray I find out tomorrow, not only for my sake, but also my roommate's! I have a job lined up and am getting married soon - I need to pass so that I keep my job and actually have an income again! Anyone else freaking out or with words of advice for dealing with this? Thanks.
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