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Found 11 results

  1. So my particular PA school uses the PACKRAT to determine if students are ready to take the PANCE or not at the end of clinical year (this is new and never counted like this before). This year's most recent PACKRAT version national average is apparently a 167, 20 points higher than the last 3 averages on PAEA's website and 40 points higher than last years national average of 128 (according to my PA school). They have informed us that if we do not get within the 2 point standard deviation, they will not allow us to take the PANCE until we reach an adequate grade on the PACKRAT. Can they legally
  2. Just wondering how many other schools do a Summative Week before graduation and how similar or different it is to ours at Penn State. I wrote a blog post describing my experience with Summative Week. Please feel free to share yours below.
  3. KAPLAN Qbank AVAILABLE !!! For Rent or Full Purchase !!! If you are worried about passing, or want to make sure you've got the best practice questions available - THIS IS IT !!! I was out of the game for 2 years after graduation, and this helped me pass on my FIRST ATTEMPT! I have 10.5 months of KAPLAN Qbank access available! For only $150! Regular price is $200. Or Just Rent it for : 1 Week = $30 1 Month = $50 3 to 11 months = $150 (Transfer Complete Ownership to you.) Payment can be made via PayPal or ClearXchange. PM me, and I will get back to you
  4. Hello! I found out I passed the PANCE a few days ago and I want to share how I prepared for it, hopefully this will help someone out there! -After the end of our didactic year we took the first PACKRAT and I got a score of 110, which was really disappointing. I had really good grades in school and I didn't understand why that was not reflected on this test.... -Thus, I started reading during rotations: A Comprehensive ReviewFor the Certification and Recertification Examinations for Physician Assistants. -After our clinical year was over we took a second PACKRAT, I got a
  5. Looking to sell study questions and guides I used to study for (and pass!) the PANCE. Email me if you're interested, I'll send you a list of what I have: nosoylentgreen@gmail.com
  6. Hello Everyone, I am selling brandnew question bank for PANCE/PANRE preparation. The material was updated on July 2013. It is in a ebook format (PDF); in other words, I could be printed, stored on your tablet or smart phone--your choice. It includes approximately 2600+ questions with full explanations for all answers. All major modules are included, cardiology, pulmonolgy, GI, GU, nervous, hematology/oncology, EENT, endocrine, psch/behavrioul, dermatology, reproductive, musculoskeletal. You can buy online as well; however, it will come in a CD format or in a browser format---which
  7. Is the PANCE in any way similar to the PACKRAT? Is the PANCE of 2012 more difficult than that of preceding years?
  8. Does anyone know what scores on the Kaplan tests, the PANCE review tests in the PANCE book, exammaster, or other correlate with passing the PANCE? I am considering rescheduling my PANCE date and want a good assessment of my preparation.... Also, I see that many people have listed "taking the packrats". Are you taking packrats you have already done and reviewing them, or are there additional packrats online that you can take! Thanks!
  9. I looked a lot for things like this when studying/stressing about pance..so figured I would post to help others. I studied using the green/black AAPA book- mostly just scanning topics I was unsure of. My school also offers a 4 day review. AAPA pretest 65% Post-test 75% Packrat 68-79% NCCPA Practice- overall: right in the middle of the high BUT borderline in all subjects (just different ones on each of the two test) except cardiology and plum (always High) PANCE 600 Hope this can ease some fears, happy studying :)
  10. cbuscher


    Any chance anyone can send me some packrat tests? I'm seriously in desperate need...failed twice. cherylandchris71@hotmail.com. Thank you so much!
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