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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I was wondering if anyone accepted into this program could share or message their application stats (gpa, HCE...), I want to know whether, if I were to apply in a later cycle I could be considered a competitive applicant. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time, I appreciate it a lot! -Maylily7 P.S. I'll put my stats here if ya want to comment on my chances of acceptance: cGPA 3.7, sGPA 3.5, Dean's List 7/8 semesters (currently in my last semester), about 100 hours volunteering for my school's EMS. I don't have a lot of Patient care hours but I am hoping to take a gap year and work on that. I also hope to retake the GRE to improve my score as well. Again, thanks so much!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm in the process of starting my essays for this year's NHSC scholarship and was wondering if anyone had advice on how they approached the essays. My specific questions are highlighted below. 1) How specific were you in outlining your future career plans for the essay on the NHSC mission? Did you list HPSA sites and/or non-profit organizations you were interested in affiliating with? 2) How did you approach the essay regarding your commitment to working in primary care? Did you take a narrative approach regarding life events or circumstances that led you to pursue a career in primary care, a philosophical approach rationalizing the importance of primary care, a combination of the two, or something altogether different? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. I hope it's OK to post this here. If not, please feel free to delete. Over at Clinician1 we recently published a new, free white paper written by C1 Editorial Board Member, Jordan Garner-Roberts, PA-C. Jordan shares some great information and advice for new PAs. We hope students and young PAs will find it valuable. You can check it out at the link below. Please share any feedback in the comments. We're always looking for new ideas for content that students will find valuable. https://clinician1.com/read/Articles/The-Hardest-You-Have-Ever-Worked-for-a-C-Pearls-for-the-Newly-Minted-PA-C
  4. Private scholarships, grants, and fellowships. Disclaimer: you'll notice a few are specific to Texas or the DFW region. There are plenty for all PA students, regardless of your state, to apply to. If you have any to add, please add them below or send me a private message. Thanks! http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/12/private-scholarships-grants-and.html
  5. I would like to know why current students in Lock Haven's PA program chose that program over others they applied to. What were the specific reasons you chose Lock Haven over others? I was unable to attend an info session and would like to know more about the program!
  6. Enjoy! Let me know if there is anything you think I should add! I'm open to any and all ideas! http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/08/anatomy-tips-and-tricks-for-physician.html
  7. Hello! At the three interviews I have been to this fall, I've been asked what my plans are if I am not accepted to PA school this year. I have answered that I will continue to work, volunteer, take classes that are applicable to the study of medicine, call the programs that rejected me to find out what else I can do to improve, and reapply. At this point in time, I am fortunate enough to have been offered two seats at schools that I am happy to attend, but I have upcoming interviews scheduled at my top-choice programs. If you were in this situation at the top-choice interview and asked the "what if" question, would you say that you have submitted a deposit at a program to secure a seat but are at this interview because it is the program you most desire to attend, or would you continue with the previous (now untruthful) answer? Thanks for your opinions and input!
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