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Found 25 results

  1. Hello! I am going to be a senior college student in the fall of 2020. I am currently looking to shadow a PA in Western Mass during the winter or to shadow a PA in or near Milton, Mass during the Fall 2020 semester. I am hoping to apply to PA school within a year after graduating and shadowing is one of the last requirements that I need to do. I am looking to do around 30 hours.
  2. Hello. I am currently looking in Birmingham, Al (and surrounding areas) for PAs in multiple disciplines to shadow, Orthopedics/ER/Dermatology/Pediatrics/Oncology/Primary Care. I will begin prerequisite class work in the summer and will be available Fridays as well as a couple of mornings and weekends. Please let me know if you would be available to let me shadow I would greatly appreciate the opportunity. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, My name is Michelle, an aspiring Physician Assistant. I am currently working on my CASPA application, and I would like to ask for your help. I am in need of a PA shadowing opportunity in the Los Angeles area. I have been reaching out to different websites and hospitals for an opportunity, but I've always been turned down. I hope you can help me find this opportunity. Thank you!
  4. I haven't seen much activity in the Pacific forum recently, so I thought that I would start a post for the current cycle. How's your application coming along?
  5. There is a PA available for shadowing in Orlando and she works in Primary Care Medicine . You can find her profile here http://pamentoronline.com/mentors/ Just select 'PA Shadowing' under 'Our Services' to schedule a shadowing appointment.
  6. I'm looking to shadow a PA working in primary care, urgent care, or emergency medicine in the greater Seattle area. I have worked directly with PA's for many years, but it has been a long time since I have worked in primary/urgent care, & I no longer have PA contacts there that I can get a hold of. I already have sufficient contacts for all my LOR's, but since my goal is to be a PA working in primary/urgent care, I feel I need to shadow in these areas specifically. I have cut back my hours to free up more time for this, & am available for 4-5 hrs per day Mon-Thur, & all day F
  7. I graduated in 2011 with a gpa of 3.95 and now I work in a medical laboratory as a technologist. I want to apply to pa program at tri c.from your own personal experience, how competitive is it? Do you think I have a shot?
  8. Hello, I'm an online tutor for the PANCE/PANRE. I'm a retired M.D., with 22 years teaching Pa's, medical interns and Med. students. I have been tutoring matriculating PA students and PANCE/PANRE students for 6 years. I've had wonderful success with my students pass rates and it has been gratifying. It is especially gratifying when my student has failed 2-3 times previously. I ONLY tutor PA students and I am fully committed to the PA profession because I believe in it. While in practice I worked with PAs, and found them to be Far superior to others. My locations are Boston a
  9. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and so thankful to have found it in this very confusing time. I have been seriously considering PA school, but I am trying to determine what would be the best route for me. I have a BA in psychology, so I would have to go back to school to get my science prerequisites. I am super excited to go back to school, however I am unsure whether to go back and major in Bio, or just go back as a continuing education student and just take the 30 credits that i need for PA school rather than 60 for the second major. My second dilemma at this time is the pat
  10. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone who was accepted into the program this past years could share their stats (GPA, HCE, Interview Process). I'm curious to know where I stand. Thank You
  11. Overall, I'm a bit older, mature enough, and smart-ish enough (I personally think? 3.7something GPA or something) to get into PA school. Lots of volunteer experience to show commitment to the community. 2000+ hours of PCE/HCE as a CNA. Thing is, I'lI have little to no PA shadowing experience when I want to apply to schools mid July. Obviously, I mentioned in my PS that I will continue to work as a ICU CNA and gather more shadowing experience as the year progresses, but could having barely any shadowing experience still make one a competitive applicant?? Because all the key aspects I mention a
  12. I recently interviewed for two urgent care position and one of the urgent care is own my PA (co-owned ?) , The owner PA told me his supervising physician is a OB/GYN doctor . So my question is ..can urgent supervising Physician be from any any specialty or specific IM , FP or ER certified . thanks
  13. Hi, I'm graduating a 4year university in June, and I'm thinking about getting a MA job or doing an MA program for a year and then working as an MA for a couple years before applying to PA school. I was wondering if being a back office MA at an eye surgery center be considered as HCE hours? Also, there's a couple of chemistry classes that I'd like to retake at a CC or a different school once I graduate to increase my GPA a boost; I was wondering if PA schools care where I retake those classes. Thank you to those who reply; I appreciate any feedback/suggestions!
  14. I am just wondering when most people started applying to jobs when they were a PA-S. I'll be graduating in early August and am just trying to get an idea of when most people found their first job. I know a lot of people in the class above me had their job contract signed a month before they graduated. Duke c/o 2014 PA-S
  15. Hi everyone! I am an MBA student in Pittsburgh, PA. I am working on my thesis in the area of health care management, attempting to solve a recruiting and retention problem I observed in local health care companies. (I am not a recruiter!) My research pointed me in this direction- to individuals who want to be PAs- as the solution to my problem. I believe my solution would simultaneously solve what I have come to learn is a real challenge for pre-PAs, and that is the difficulty obtaining patient care hours and PA shadowing hours. Is anyone reading this in the Pittsburgh area, so that
  16. I need one or more PA Shadowing Opportunities in the Colorado springs area. Please Thank You
  17. I am supposed to start PA school in May and just received notification that the school has been placed on Probation. How serious is that? The email assured me that I would complete the training from an accredited program but I am wondering if the program will be respected. I don't want the spend all that time and money and then not be able to get the position I want because the program is not considered a good quality one. Thoughts?
  18. Any information as to any PA's that are willing to allow Pre-PA's shadow around San Diego. Anywhere in the county is fine!
  19. To whom may concern, My name is Lorena Zendejas, I am in my 3rd year in University of California Riverside. I am studying in Biology, and I am interested in become a PA, I love working with people and want to see how my life would be like as a PA. Currently looking for opportunity to shadow a PA and earn some experience. If anyone know some PA who is willing to let me shadow them, please contact me! lorena.zendejas@yahoo.com :smile:
  20. I have been looking to shadow a PA in the NYC area for several months now and I just couldn't find a place that is willing to. Can anyone recommend a location in the NYC area that they shadowed at before. Thanks a lot for the help!!
  21. I am looking to shadow a PA in the Denver or Boulder area. Graduated Cum Laude with a double major in Physics and Chemistry and would like to get some PA shadowing hours before I submit my application in August.
  22. Hi, I am looking for any PA shadowing opportunities in the Jacksonville, FL area. I am currently only going to school and not working so I have plenty of time to shadow and gain lots of experience. This is a career change for me so any type of PA shadowing would be awesome in helping me determine a specialty. Thanks for checking my post, PM me or contact joshua.s.wiseman@hotmail.com for leads. Thank you, Have a great day! Josh
  23. I am about to graduate from SIUe with my BS in BioMedical Science, and I need PA shadowing experience before I can apply to PA school. I am not from around here, so knowing the right people has been hard. I could have one in my hometown, but I do not want to move back home. Please message with any help! Thanks!
  24. Hey, everyone. I'm looking for an opportunity to shadow a PA in the Greater Baltimore area. I have completed all my prerequisites. I also have nursing/geriatric nursing certifications. I hope to find a job as a patient care technician, but I have been a little dissuade reading some of the threads here. Is it necessary to obtain a EMT-B to be seriously considered for PA school admission? Would it be better for me to obtain some sort of technician certification/job and work there for a couple of years before applying? I have an internship working in a DNA lab currently so I have a lack of patien
  25. Hello, my name is Stephanie Nanfang and I am three semesters away from applying to PA school. I am looking for someone to let me shadow them four to five hours a week, for 9 to 12 months. I am very highly motivated to get the job done and I am great working with people. My contact information is sktls24@gamil.com. If you have any questions I am more then happy to answer them. Thank You, Stephanie Nanfang
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