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Found 16 results

  1. Is it possible to transfer from one PA school to another? I completed the didactic portion (1 year) but my grades are really suffering from their disorganization and putting my academic status in jeopardy. Will any credits transfer or would I have to start from scratch? Please provide suggestions for well-organized, well-structured PA programs, especially ones that will accept transfers Reasons for leaving: -In my program there are too many changes and restructuring going on within the program. The program director and 7 instructors resigned within weeks of each other. (I heard the school is having money issues but we haven't been given a real reason. Everyone has been politically correct with their reasons for leaving.) - Several classes had multiple teachers cover one class to pick up the slack from the teachers who left. The lectures were super disorganized. No one bothered to take responsibility and review exams before giving it to us. More than 10 times exams were given without being reviewed- (Material was (1) not covered and supposed to be on a future exam, (2) test questions from the old professor but the material was not covered by our current professor (3) poorly written questions. The class as a whole did so bad on one exam, that we had 18 points given back! Another example, the proctor gave us an incorrect test- we waited 45 mins before they told us they couldn't get it straightened out and the correct test was given a week later. Another test not enough time was allotted. We had 20 mins to answer 16 questions using an algorithm where we had to enter information into a website. It was impossible to enter the data that fast. So many students did poorly that we were offered extra credit (which never happens). The extra credit was super lengthy and only allowed for 3 points back. (I would have earned a 100 on the first exam if the proper time was allotted, but ended up with a 75 after getting partial extra credit. (Apparently the same thing happened the previous year and they didn't bother to correct the time issue) -They tried implementing an IBL (independent based learning) but did not plan the cases through. We also had to do many modules to supplement our knowledge. We were told that the post-test would be based on the modules but the post-test exam had nothing to do with them! It was a complete mess and hurt our grades. Many students complained enough to the point were they removed it completely (we had 6 IBL's left). IBL's were a week long and only counted for 2% of our grade. Why were we spending so much time on something that was not worth much of our grade? My class expressed that it was not preparing us for the PANCE and did not want to be guinea pigs for this project. -The program is being moved from the Podiatry school to the nursing school because the podiatry school might be having issues with accreditation. I am not sure how this affects anything but it seems to be a big deal. -In our didactic manual, it says the program offers tutors. The first semester I got a tutor but 2-3 exams had passed before I could get help. It took them a while to get someone set up. The second semester they said we shouldn't need tutors and did not get one. The 3rd semester, I asked for a tutor for 2 classes only for my final exams and was told no tutors were in place. PA school is expected to be hard but this kind of disorganization doesn't make it any easier. It doesn't feel like they are preparing for the PANCE exam. Worst of all it is putting my academic status in the program in jeopardy and there is really no place to turn for help. I feel like I would thrive in another program that is better organized. I appreciate any suggestions or advice that is offered.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm in the process of starting my essays for this year's NHSC scholarship and was wondering if anyone had advice on how they approached the essays. My specific questions are highlighted below. 1) How specific were you in outlining your future career plans for the essay on the NHSC mission? Did you list HPSA sites and/or non-profit organizations you were interested in affiliating with? 2) How did you approach the essay regarding your commitment to working in primary care? Did you take a narrative approach regarding life events or circumstances that led you to pursue a career in primary care, a philosophical approach rationalizing the importance of primary care, a combination of the two, or something altogether different? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Hello, my name is Maylily7! I really want to become a PA and apply to PA school upon graduation. What I would appreciate is advice to secure an acceptance and the likelihood I can get into one of these programs. Also, if you have any personal admissions stories I'd be happy to hear them! I just want to know if this is achievable for me. Also, if you have any schools/programs I might be a good fit/candidate for, please don't hesitate to mention them, I'd love to check them out! Info about me: Biology major with a psychology and chemistry minor. 3.7 overall GPA, 3.5 Science GPA Graduating in May 2018, have made Dean's List 7/8 semesters (still waiting to see how I do this semester) Currently volunteering with my school's EMS unit and as of right now have about 100 hours. I don't have much health care hours but I am a certified EMT and plan to take a year off to gain experience as well as learn more about the field. Thank you for your time and advice, I appreciate it a lot! :D Maylily7
  4. I've recently ordered this book: The Applicant's Manual of Physician Assistant Programs 2017 by Mark Volpe, PA-C. Has anyone had any success using the first edition of this book for program searching and the application cycle? And how accurate and up-to-date was the information in the book? Thanks!
  5. Hello, everyone So I just finished taking UNE organic chemistry I course and received a grade of a B, which I'm pretty happy about. I wanted to apply to PA schools now but have realized that many deadlines have now passed. My number one pick is Arcadia University and that deadline is Oct 1s, there is no way I would make it in time ( I still have to take my GRE's). There are two schools on my list that I could still apply to, DeSales University and Clarkson University. I'm trying to decide if I Should go ahead and apply to these two schools or if I should wait another year and apply then? Any advice is welcomed! Thank You!
  6. I am still currently working on my bachelors degree and will finish in May of 2018, hoping to enter a PA program in summer/fall 2018. Many PA programs say that to be eligible you must finish your degree BEFORE you even submit your application! This has limited the amount of schools I can apply to (so far only one in CT). Is anyone else in the same boat right now? I don't want to limit myself to just one school even though I'm trying to stay around CT. I have all the common prereqs finished and an immense amount of PCE hours so that isn't an issue...just looking for any other current undergrads applying to enter PA programs in 2018!!
  7. Become a part of Gannon University PA program now! You can find out more about the requirements needed to successfully apply for Gannon University Physician Assistant program, including high school background, grades, academic requirements and a lot more. Definitely worth watching it!
  8. Hi everyone, Would there happen to be a current list of PA programs that do not accept applications under a rolling admissions basis? I have been looking through the forums with no success. Thanks!
  9. California Baptist University PA Program received Accreditation-Provisional from the ARC-PA during its March 2016 meeting. The program is currently interviewing for its inaugural class, which will matriculate in September 2016. For full information about accreditation and the program, please visit our website at: http://calbaptist.edu/mspas Allan M. Bedashi, DHSc., MSHPE, MPAS, PA-C Professor, Founding Chair & Program Director Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies Program Department of Physician Assistant Studies California Baptist University 8432 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92504 Email: abedashi@calbaptist.edu Tel: 951.552.8838 Fax: 951.552.8338 http://calbaptist.edu/mspas
  10. Hello, If anyone has filled out a CASPA application before, please help answer some questions. The programs that I am applying into this April required a certain number of hours Hands On Patient Care. What does this section look like in CASPA? More specifically, what are the things that needed to be included, for example, contact information of supervisor? I believe I heard from someone that there is a section that you have to enter any valid certification up to date. If my hands on patient care experience was in the past and my license has since expired, do I still enter my certification information? Likewise, what information is needed in this section, for example, the certification identification number? If you have gone through the process, can you tell me how CASPA verify the certification section? Please kindly help. Thank you so much!
  11. This research paper in the Journal of Physician Assistant Eduation blew my mind a little bit. The authors of the study asked the directors of all ARC-PA accredited PA programs to rate the most influential factors for admission decisions. The first thing that surprised me was their response rate: 94 of 154 program directors responded! Normally you can expect a 15% or less response rate on these kind on things (go PA's!) The second think that surprised me was that only 8 factors were considered substantially infuential in admissions decisions of the 26 that were suggested- and they're not what you would expect. Using this report as a guideline, I wrote an article how to improve your chances during the interview process here: 94 Schools Agree That Nothing Else Matters During Interviews Hopefully I made their research paper understandable. This type of academic literature tends to be overly pedantic.IMO... enjoy :)
  12. Hey guys, I matriculated into this program last May. We've completed the first summer semester so far, and I am currently in the Fall semester here at Tech. I applied to about 7 other schools, got 4 interviews and ended up in Midland, Texas. Not going to lie, but housing is kinda expensive, water sucks and I don't know where to recycle my glass cans.. but Iooking back, I wouldn't have it any other way. Although the school is segregated from the main campus, being in Midland really helped me concentrate. There are no distractions.. not much to do. There are about 2 starbucks here, and whenever you plan to study outside of your apartment, about a third of the class is at that SB right with you. But whenever our class finds a free weekend, we get together at bars, outdoor drive ins, indoor theatres, .. and you really learn to appreciate the little things. Professors are great. They really care and will spend their time to make sure you understand the information. Best thing about Tech is that the class (both the 2nd years and fellow classmates) will look out for you. It's like a little family we have here and although it's not at the greatest location, the program definitely doesn't lack the hospitality and support that I believe we all need to get through the rigorous didactic year. Here's our class video we put together: Enjoy!
  13. Hi, I'm currently an RN licensed in the state of California. May goal has always been to enter a PA program. However, because I received 2 DUIs (2006, 2008), my RN license was placed on probation and will remain on my professional license record for 10 years. I do have 5 years experience working--and continue to work--in the profession. I have two questions: 1.) Do PA programs accept students with a misdemeanor criminal background (i.e. 2 DUIs)? 2.) Would a PA program accept a student with a professional license that has been on probation? I appreciate any insights and advice you can give. :) Thank you, D
  14. I am a student and graduating in July 14. I have a unique situation where I was forced to take off a year with only 4 rotations left from graduation due to an academic suspension (not grade related). I am interested in venturing into a surgical field in the south. Has anyone encountered or know of a student that had a challenge with the hiring pocess due to a similar scenario. I have excellent letters of rec from preceptors but am concerned that my tainted past will haunt me. Ideas/suggestions/advice?
  15. Hi everyone :) My name is Rosemary Ajnassian. I am currently in community college and I transferring this fall as a Sociology major to CSUN. Currently I am also taking the classes required to apply to PA programs and I am shadowing two PA's in different fields. I am interested in applying to Western University. I was wondering if having a Bachelors degree is Sociology is looked down upon when I will be applying for my medical program since it has nothing to do with the medical field? does it make a difference that I'm going to a Cal State rather than UCLA or USC? and does it look better to work for a PA or does it make no difference if you are only shadowing? Thank you for your responses :)
  16. While completing a supplemental application, I came across the question, "Have you applied to other PA Programs for this admission year?" and am not quite sure how to answer that. I thought the idea was to make it appear as though they are the only program you wish to attend. Any input?
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