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Found 1 result

  1. I'm a current 2nd year PA student about to graduate this upcoming fall and I've been applying to different ER fellowships. I've been accepted to 2 different fellowships, which I'm so excited about! I thought it would be helpful to create a list of helpful things to look for in a residency / fellowship & red flags to stay away from. This may be geared more towards ER fellowships since that's mainly what I've been applying for. Would appreciate all of your input on this as well, since much of this is coming from what I've read on this forum and online - as well as my personal experience from comparing the different fellowships I've applied to. Let me know what you think!! What to look for: Specific clinical rotations through the fellowship Dedicated lecture time on a routine basis Dedicated / required list of procedures to complete - means that they won't just train you in the procedure but also make sure that you have enough experience under your belt before leaving the rotation. Ability to sit for the specialty CAQ exam afterwards (minimum 3000 hrs, equivalent of 18 mo full time practice) (more info: https://prodcmsstoragesa.blob.core.windows.net/uploads/files/CAQGoverningPolicies.pdf) Connected to a university / training hospital +/- medical residents - means that they're dedicated to training you as a priority, not just move the meat (not always the case, but it gives you a little more peace of mind). I guess there's some cases where medical residents are more competitive. "Your Patient - Your Procedure" policy with medical residents / interns that may want to steal a procedure from you. Reasonable salary >$50k - $60k, with CME allowance, paid vacation time (~2 weeks?), full benefits with insurance AAPAP / other Credentialing: not required, but helpful knowing that the fellowship has been scrutinized & under a specific review process. AAPAP has discontinued the accreditation process though, so may not have a lot of weight now. Red Flags: Claiming to primarily teach you through "exposure", for example, throwing you into the ER without any dedicated rotations or lectures, with maybe lower expectations on how many patients you'll see. You're basically working with lower expectations, and much much lower pay. Through a PA contracting company & not a university/training hospital. Possible that they're only interested in having low-paying PAs while claiming to give you extra training Excessive amount of research requirements. Ex: At least 10 hours per week on research, writing articles/case studies, poster presentations, clinical trials, QI studies, etc. Salary <$50k. One of the fellowships I was accepted to is in one of the most expensive cities in the US and paid about $40k, which was alarming - but this might be normal? I've read that some people have salaries anywhere from 40k - 80k, so I wasn't sure what a reasonable salary amount would be. Not eligible for the CAQ exam afterwards Anything else?
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