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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! If i can get some guidance from this post, it would help me a lot! I research online and watch you tubes videos of how people with low GPA can still get in. A lot of the videos are quick summary but not detail about what to do or where to start if your GPA is low. My overall is 3.04 . My science alone is 3.5. My associate degree (RRT) was 3.2. During my bachelor I did well with overall 3.7 GPA. I messed up in my younger years making mostly B's and keep an F instead of dropping the class because i was afraid dropping too much classes will not allow me back in school. Should I retake some of my Prerequisites like history, american government, etc. or should i take more classes that is non-sciences and accepted by CASPA? Should I also take more sciences classes as well? i have 80 hrs of community services, HCE 2000hrs, PCE about 1000 hrs, and i have not taken my GRE yet. i am planning to soon.
  2. Hi everyone, is there such thing as a pre-pre PA? lol jk I'm just curious how everyone is calculating their overall science GPA (sGPA). The reason I am asking is because the variety of program requirements that I have looked at all require different science pre-reqs, so when I am seeing people write their stats in, I'm just curious how its all amounting up when every program is different. Thank you in advance for any and all input!
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