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Found 15 results

  1. I wanted to share a conference that I'm helping plan in January 2020: Pediatric Sports Medicine Conference: Managing Pain in Your Young Athletes After Injuries. I attended last year and really enjoyed the content. It sold out last year, so if you're interested in attending, be sure to register before the end of Dec. UCSF Benioff Sports Medicine faculty will present evidence-based management of acute and chronic pain, including the roles of ice, splints and braces, pain medication, cognitive behavioral therapy and physical therapy. By the end of this conference, participants will be able to: Recognize the early signs and symptoms of pain amplification syndrome and chronic regional pain syndrome that could occur after injury Apply appropriate pain management strategies for young athletes, including ice and other modalities, pain medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, and physical therapy Discuss the red ‑ flags of pediatric musculoskeletal injuries, including when to get X-rays and when to refer Describe the proper prescription and ­ fitting of upper- and lower extremity splints, including their duration of use depending on injury diagnosis Explain the steps needed for proper evaluation and management of concussions to avoid persistent post-concussion symptoms, including chronic headache pain Identify rheumatological causes of joint and back pain in pediatric patients Here is the link for more information or to register: https://ucsfbch.regfox.com/2020-pediatric-sports-medicine-conference
  2. I am trying to show the ortho practice that I work for that investing in a good US machine and training me (and a few other PAs) on how to use it to diagnose would be beneficial. Does anyone know where I could find statistics on the cost effectiveness, accuracy compared to MRI, % of practices that currently use US... etc. I've been digging into journals for most of my information but they like to see numbers from reputable sources. Thanks
  3. Hey - Looking for some advice. I'm a PA, 4 years out of school, 1 year NSG and 3 years ED experience, currently in the ED. Trying to get a better schedule as we work a ton of nights and weekends, also holidays and on-call. Staff is overwhelmed constantly - I love the nursing and other peeps but I'm getting to the point where I just can't take it anymore. Ive interviewed at a spine and also a multi-specialty ortho place. Pay is at least 10K less than what I'm making now but better schedule... both include OR/office and one day of call. Spine includes hospital rounding before and after clinic if applicable. Any advise in switching from ED to Ortho out there? I know the docs and certain things are different for everyone but... I'm worried just spine may be a little bit boring and underwhelming but the doc is cool and seems nice to work with. I'm so torn. Any advise or help would be appreciated.
  4. I started a new job in orthopedic surgery 4 months ago with an orthopedic surgical group. Some of the surgeons allow residents to train under them in the OR and clinic. So far, the residents have been cool and I’ve learned some stuff from them. However, I sometimes get the sense I am jockeying for position as the first assist. Ultimately, my role is to assist the primary surgeon. For instance, during shoulder scopes the resident will stand at the head of patient (lateral positioning), then the surgeon, and then I’m towards the feet of the patient. I noticed I’m pretty useless down there. Last week, I was respectfully assertive and stood at the head so I could actually assist. Total joints are a different story...I’m across from the surgeon and the resident is next to the surgeon by the head. My question is, what should my approach be? Should I appropriately establish myself as first assist? The resident and I will sometimes switch as to who is the main assist. I’ve also found myself be a little more in tune with opportunities to be steps ahead of the primary surgeon ready to be there to assist the next move...but I’m not in the main position and I watch the resident miss an opportunity. I would imagine that as I gain more experience and earn the trust of the surgeons, maybe my role will be more clear? I want to do my job well but not be a d***. Any orthopedic PAs or surgical PAs work with residents in the OR? How do handle things?
  5. My wife and I are planning on moving to Seattle this fall. We are both PAs, I work in orthopedics and my wife does urogynecology. We just submitted our applications for WA state license. Roughly how long does it take to get a license? We both have 4 years experience and based on current job postings I was thinking our salary would roughly be $115K, is this within reason for a PA with 4 years experience in Seattle? I currently work as an inpatient Ortho PA at a teaching hospital and would prefer a similar position. Are there any hospitals other than UW that may have a similar position? I am open to working in a clinic but O.R. time is a must and I am not interested in taking call. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  6. I love about 90% of my job, don't hate coming into work everyday, and really like the people I work with. A few days ago a colleague of mine (classmate from PA school) who works in a suburb of the city where I live and work, called and basically asked if I wanted to come work for their practice who is expanding and adding new MD partners, subsequently looking to add another PA. It's sort of my dream job in terms of type of practice (general ortho/sports medicine with coverage of local athletic teams, lots of opportunity for OR time and different procedures, seemingly more autonomy than the sub-specialty I'm currently in). My background is in sports medicine/athletic training and my colleague thought I would be a good fit, so he contacted me. Problem is, I wasn't even remotely looking for a new job. I've been at my current job for almost 2 years. The only thing I don't love about my current job is the compensation. It's a bit low in my opinion, but since I'm working for a big hospital/corporation it doesn't really allow for much salary flex. They basically offer what they offer and not much wiggle room. My question is: would simply meeting with the group that contacted me be a bad thing? Should I just say "no thanks" and be thankful for an enjoyable place to work, OR should I feel out my options and see what's out there? I feel like I'd be cutting myself short if I didn't at least talk/ meet with them and see what the position is about, but I also don't want to lead the other practice on and waste their time. Thoughts?
  7. For those interested in a hands-on healthcare opportunity: Mezona Orthopaedic in Gilbert, AZ is currently hiring for a student intern position to work alongside an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hands and wrists. Applicants must be available to work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7am-5pm. Applicants must be graduated from college or currently graduating seniors, and commit to one year of employment. This position offers the opportunity to: -Assess and treat conditions related to upper extremities. Assessment and treatment include: obtaining patient vitals, assessing signs, symptoms and previous treatment, ordering necessary imaging, presenting the patient's case and treatment to the provider, casting, splinting and removing sutures. -Conduct nerve studies using sensitive electromyography equipment to better assess the severity of nerve damage for diagnoses such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This is an excellent opportunity for students and recent graduates interested in attending medical or PA school to gain hands on experience in the medical field. Please message me for further details.
  8. I started practicing 2 years ago as a PA in an Ortho-Spine practice, my responsibilities including First assist 2.5 days/week, rounding, clinic 2.5 days/week, rare call, rare weekends, also administrative tasks such as compiling surgical outcomes, assisting the training of staff, implementing new policies and procedures with staff etc. I was't excited about my initial salary and benefits but I have really enjoyed the work. I have gotten significant raises over the past couple of years but during my last raise/review there were interesting comments about decreasing my rate of salary growth which i thought strange as I am still below what I assumed most other PA's in my field are making.. My major issue is this: I feel like i am always being told what other PA's in Florida make in my field and a lot of what i research seems different than what I am told. There have been a few threads from Spine PA's on the forum and I wanted to create a general discussion among other PA's in my field so we can communicate with each other about what the "going rate" is. I started at 80k, I am currently at 100k with guaranteed 5k annual bonus. I only get 10 days PTO, Holidays, and 5 CME days with professional fees paid. (no sick time) I am told Laser spine institute PA's make 95k, (What I have read online is 105k with 4 weeks PTO including CME) I am told other local practices which do similar work make between 115-120's with a few PA's in the area at 150k, and 1 up to 180k (which they feel is extreme) They did not comment on what the other benefits these PA's have as far as PTO and Bonus' I also work part time in the ED on my free weekends when I have available time where I am paid $60/hr. I calculate my current full time position makes $42 or less base on the hours I work per week. So Fellow PA's please help enlighten me on what our "going rate" is?
  9. Hey upcoming recent grad looking for advice on what career to pursue 1st. The end game is to be a seasoned Ortho PA who excels in that field. But I was wondering if it is better for a new graduate to do about a year of IM to get a more general understanding of medicine then go into orthopedics or should I just go straight into orthopedics? Basically am I a better orthopedic provider/more marketable later on starting IM first or starting straight to ortho? All responses are appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hey everyone, need some advice. I am a second year PA student with an Athletic Training background set to graduate on Oct 1st of this year and have two orthopedic job offers waiting. I was hoping you guys who take a look and give me any/all advice you have. Job A Exciting position in practice that does not have a PA but Dr. I would be working with has experience training PAs. Base $95,000 Bonus 10% of base 22 days PTO (if holiday falls on week day, counts against PTO) Call 1 weekend a month 5 days CME with 2k allowance Malpractice with tail coverage Health insurance on day 1 and short/long term disability after 90 days Job B Better location for my wife and I. Really nice sports medicine doctor who I get along well with. Replacing previous PA who left to follow passion for ortho trauma Base $87,500 Bonus "30% of all revenues exceeding PA overhead. PA overhead is salary plus 25% benefit load" Not exactly sure what that verbiage means if anyone can help. 15 days vacation. 8.5 days of paid holidays. 7 days of sick leave. NO call. 5 days CME with $2,500 allowance Malpractice (not sure if tail coverage) Health Insurance but no short/long term disability included My questions. What offer looks better overall? What should I expect to bring in as a first year ortho PA (the PAOS salary survey says 280k is the 50th percentile)? I have not began negotiating, what should I try to include in each package? Thank you so much for all of your advice! Kevin
  11. I am a family practice PA about to start negotiations with a joint replacement group in a large city in the southeast US. I have 3 years experience as a PA-C in family practice as well as previous athletic training experience (ATC). I really want to move into ortho for the long-term, and I think this might be a good practice to go with. They office manager has started the whole "be thinking about what you want in terms of compensation" discussion - so I've been thinking. Will you guys give me feedback on whether this sounds reasonable or not? - Mon-Fri, normal business hours, no rounding, minimal call, majority clinic with some first assist. - 95k base + % production payout quarterly (that's how it is structured, just not sure of what to ask for base) - 1500/year CME + 4-5 days CME - health/dental/vision - 401k - 15-20 days ETO/year + holidays - licensure/AAPA/certification fees covered by practice - malpractice covered by practice The last thing I want to do is scare them away. It is a respected practice that is actively expanding with low employee turnover. I just want to know if I'm on the right track. Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, I'm a new grad interviewing for a couple of different jobs. Just got my first offer yesterday, and was wondering what you all think. Elective ortho surgery, basically equal time split between office and first assist in surgery. 5 days/wk, no nights, no weekends, no call, no holidays. I live in the southeastern US. Salary 80k + 50% what I make beyond overhead $2000 CME/2yrs Full medical, dental, vision available for $240/mo for me+family. Malpractice is paid for by the practice but I don't think they have tail coverage. 401k matches up to 4% of yearly salary plus additional contribution based on the practice's profits. Vested after 90 days. Looks like about 3 weeks of PTO starting out. I think that's all the details I have right now. I did have another ortho surgery job lined up that ended up falling through that was offering me closer to 90k with quick opportunities for increasing that but required buying own insurance. The PAs at that practice were making at least 150k after several years and it seemed very attractive, but the schedule was much more hectic and focused on getting as many patients in and out as possible, and that made me less comfortable. I'm very happy with the schedule and feel happy and comfortable with the doc and the practice (I shadowed for a day as part of the interview process), but I would like to be making more than 80k...coming out of school that was the low number I set in my mind for what I would accept as a first job. Do any of you have tips about how to ask for more or what the pay increase structure is? I've never negotiated obviously and don't want to screw this up.
  13. Hello everyone! I have been a Neurosurgery PA for about 5 years and just recently moved to Atlanta, GA. Given my experience, what kind of salary should I expect in Neurosurgery, Ortho-Spine surgery and Pain management in the Atlanta area? Currently I am looking for positions in either specialties so want to get a basic idea of all 3. I just don't want to settle for something low since I am not familiar with the current market rate in this area. Any suggestions would be appreciated :smile:Thank you!
  14. Hey all, this is my first post, and I am hoping for some advice on a situation I am in. I am about to start my first job in orthopedic surgery and there is going to be a waiting period between the time I pass the PANCE and the time I am licensed. My future employer would like me to start as soon as possible however my contracted salary will not begin until I have my license. They are willing to pay me for my time prior to getting my license so I will be there to get into the groove of things and start learning. We do not have an agreed upon compensation yet and I was wondering what the norm is and how much I should ask to be compensated for my time prior to my contract salary starting. I will be working in a suburb of a large city. Cheers
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