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Found 16 results

  1. Hey there! My name is Laura, I'm a 2nd year PA student graduating in August 2021 I wanted to reach out and offer assistance with personal statements or any other aspect of the CASPA application (how to phrase experiences, answer school questions, etc). I am very passionate about working with PA applicants as I remember very vividly how it feels to apply more than once and not get into the program of your choice. I also remember how daunting the personal statement or the PA school interview process was. I have mentored a few PA applicants in the past and found it very rewarding and wante
  2. Hello all Im a PA 5 years out at a private out of network ortho surgery practice. Ive been with the practice for 3 years and have been praise with my performance. Its 7 docs and 5 PA's so we are carrying a larger work load. I'm on call one weekday a week and one weekend a month. I feel that my compensation is lacking since the weekend Im on call included surgical cases, ER consults and floor consults. Us PA;s literally do what ortho residents would do. We have the most autonomy of any position I have come across. I am currently getting paid 140k with the full weekend of call and I
  3. Hi everyone! I applied to FIU's program this year! Anyone hear about interviews yet?
  4. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone has come across a good splinting guide. I've been looking but can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Ideally a book that clearly outlines what splints are best for which fractures. I completed an ortho rotation and have experience as a tech in the ED in which we did all the splinting for the providers, but I really would like some sort of resource to refer to if needed. Thank you
  5. I will be starting my first job in Orthopaedics in a few weeks. I have been doing some of my own prep work these last couple of weeks, but do you have any suggestions of what should be sure to know before I start? I will be specializing in sports medicine. So far I have been reviewing anatomy, my Orthopaedic Surgery Pocketbook, some PANCE review book, and case studies.
  6. Hello, I am an orthopedic surgery PA with > 10 years experience, and am looking to learn about RVU -based reimbursement, for a potential job change. The RVUs would be awarded based upon billing, not collections, as it is an underserved area with poor payer mix. It would be clinic-based; no surgical assisting or hospital work. My questions: 1. Does anyone know what the typical $ per RVU value would be, for an orthopedic PA? 2. Does anyone have access to a list of RVU per CPT code for typical orthopedic office procedures? (injections, fracture care, splinting, etc). I was able to
  7. Hi everyone, I am a new graduate, and I just received an Ortho PA job offer in coastal California. I will start training (same salary) as soon as I finish my boards, while I am waiting for my licenses to process. The job is M-F from 8-5. OR 1-2 days/week, but not when I initially start. Call time was not mentioned in the contract, but it's about once/month (no additional pay) What's offered: - Base Salary: 100k - At-will contract; If I stay less than a year, then I have to repay the licenses, relocation bonus, CME. etc. back to the employer. - Health insurance, vision, and
  8. Hi All, I am orthopedic sports medicine and shoulder PA working at a practice in the Chicagoland area. I have been with this practice for over two years and my patient load has picked up but most of my patients are follow up visits. My physician does give me a lot of autonomy and I do have my own schedule. I have found that it is difficult to market my name in order to get more new patients added to my schedule. Obviously, part of the problem is that I am not a physician and some patients want to have an appointment with the physician first. I don't expect to see a ton of patients but I w
  9. I have been volunteering at a hospital for over a year now and whenever I am assigned to the Orthopedic area, I am allowed to work closely with the PAs for 4 hours. I get to watch them perform the procedures (casting, x-rays, sutures, reductions), ask them questions as they work on the patients, and look at the x-rays with them. Would this be considered as shadowing or volunteering on the CASPA application? Thank you!
  10. Hi All! I am working on completing my application to submit for the class starting January 2016. Is there anyone else in my boat??? :)
  11. Just got my acceptance email and couldn't be more excited. Anyone need a roommate?
  12. Does anyone know if you get diagnosed with PTSD does it put any restrictions on your license?
  13. I have come across through these well known ebooks which I found quite beneficial for medical students and professionals in neonatal and orthopedic fields. I hope these free ebooks will help you in exploring your medical knowledge. Please do not forget to leave your feedback. [h=4]Orthopaedic Basic Science 3[/h] AAP Textbook eBook Collection Regards
  14. I have searched online and on this forum but, I can't find any information on when the change is to take place. I may not be searching the correct phrases. Hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction. Also I have read that if a school has a bachelor and masters degree that the bachelor degree will still be available. Thanks for any info.
  15. Hi all, I'm recent PA graduate looking to shadow an orthopedic PA in the Houston area. I have always had a interest in ortho but was unable gain enough exposure during rotations. Please respond with any leads or advice. Thanks!
  16. Does anyone else wish books could just be a little bit cheaper? Spring semester ran me over $600. Just bought my summer ones - got all the used ones I could (two new editions coming out...) and just shelled out nearly $750! I love the internet and I feel like I got some good deals (14 books - only 3 new) but wow - I thought being a science major for undergrad was expensive! I am trying to remind myself it is only 3 semesters of books (and I hope that Fall semester we will re-use some?) but *ouch*.
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