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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all- Wondering if anyone has any experience obtaining fluoroscopy permit in California? I am currently an IR PA in Illinois (can't independently use fluoro) and I'm relocating to California. Mixed information regarding obtaining fluoro permit out there. I was planning to do the AAPA online fluoro course until I was told I have to go through a California school. I was also told that there are currently no schools in California that accept PAs and that I must call around to ask if some place will accept me. This sounds crazy. There has to be a way. Any input?
  3. Hi! I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask some career advice from all the pros out there. I will graduate in 6 weeks and have been lucky enough to receive two job offers in a pretty rural area. However, I'm really struggling between the two. I've made a pros/cons list and still haven't come to any conclusion. One is my ideal speciality (peds ortho) while the other is in a speciality I've never wanted to work in but seems to offer a fantastic work environment, SP, and more money. I was approached by the physician for this job and considered it as jobs are somewhat scarce in my area. I
  4. I graduated PA school last May and 6 months ago I started "my dream job" - Ortho surgery. I was told it was going to be working 40hrs/week, half clinic half surgery, no call.. it all sounded perfect. Now this is my current reality - I am pushing 6 months at this place, love the field and a couple of coworkers. However the doc that was supposed to be a "super nice teacher" is done with me it seems like. At the current time I am working about 10-12 hours every day and scheduled to start taking calls soon. This amount of time plus the calls arrangement is not what I was told this position would
  5. Hey everyone, I am a new graduate and I have been working for an Ortho and Spine group in southern CA for 6 months. I started taking phone call about 3 months after my start date without additional compensation. I currently do phone call every 3rd weekend. My job is now discussing that I take hospital call as well, but they only pay if the PA gets called in for trauma surgery. The PA does not get compensated for being on call and not getting called in. The PA does not get paid for rotating on patient's during the week or on weekends. If a patient is in the hospital during the week, then
  6. I have an interview with an orthopedic group coming up and have no idea what to expect in the interview. This is a second round interview at the clinic and unsure of the format, but I will be there all day meeting the providers on site and touring the facility. The first interview was with the CEO who asked general screening questions, however, I feel this interview will be more "technical" based and I want to prepare as much as possible. I have Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics but have no idea to what information and the level I should be familiar with prior to the interview. Please shar
  7. I am an ortho PA for a large hospital owned ortho group. I was hired 3 1/2 years ago to work with a specific surgeon. As the PA's in the group have increased, the management team is looking at our salaries and seeing that we don't make enough RVU's to cover our salary. The only ones who are doing so, work for total joint surgeons. My surgeon does maybe 1 total a week and mostly outpatient surgeries that some can bill for me and some can't. Since the surgeon gets paid based on RVU's (and I get paid a salary from the hospital), he does not want me to do things that can be billed. Therfore, I am
  8. I'm in a little bit of a pickle, you guys. I currently practice in an orthopedic group doing mostly clinic work with the occasional call weekend and rounding when my SP is out. I get along great with my supervising surgeon, and he treats me and the rest of his staff very well. I don't feel that I have a lot of autonomy in my current position being that it is a sub-specialty (joint replacement) with very little management of things other than arthritis and perioperative patient optimization. I feel comfortable in my job and I know what to expect, but I definitely don't think I'm being use
  9. I recently interviewed with and was offered a part-time position with a private practice foot & ankle surgery group in Virginia. The job would be clinic only and no call. The exact schedule is to be determined at this point but I suspect somewhere close to 20 hours a week based on my availability likely to include some Saturdays. I have about 5 years of experience in general orthopedics, urgent care/occ health, and med/surg. This practice has not ever had a PA before but is very open to the idea and big on work/life balance. They essentially told me to take some time to write up my ideal h
  10. Somerset, PA, home of 7 Springs All Season Mountain Resort. We are looking for an experienced Physician Assistant for a 2 surgeon practice. No call, no weekends. Competitive compensation and productivity bonus. PM me if you would like to hear more details. Jeff Weaver, PA-C
  11. Hello, I am an Athletic Trainer and I am considering PA school. I am curious to hear from those of you who have the PA-C, ATC combination. What "specialty" do you currently practice, and in what setting? Do you still practice as an ATC, and if so, how? I ask because I have heard of PA-C/ATCs still in the athletic training room, and I more or less want to confirm that it can be possible. I also would like to know if that is completely legal with anti-kickback and other such laws? Any help would be great. Thanks, AK
  12. New grad looking to join an Ortho practice in Dallas, TX. Although I am a new grad, I have about 10 yrs of corporate before switching careers. I'm currently in salary talks and wanted to see what was reasonable. There is no call with this position. They are looking to offer something in the 80k which seems low to me. There is a bonus but I'm waiting to hear about that structure, CME is 2K, and PTO is 15 days. Since I will not need benefits (I'm under my husband's) that would save the employer about 7K. What would be reasonable for salary expectations? I'm really looking to get on so
  13. New grad looking to join an Ortho practice in Dallas, TX. Although I am a new grad, I have about 10 yrs of corporate before switching careers. I'm currently in salary talks and wanted to see what was reasonable. There is no call with this position. They are looking to offer something in the 80k which seems low to me. There is a bonus but I'm waiting to hear about that structure, CME is 2K, and PTO is 15 days. Since I will not need benefits (I'm under my husband's) that would save the employer about 7K. What would be reasonable for salary expectations? I'm really looking to get on
  14. I've worked in Integrated Physical Medicine for 3.5 yrs now. The offices are co-owned by an MD and a Chiropractor and I make $115K/yr. My questions are...... Has anyone worked with a Chiropractor who tends to over step his/ boundaries regarding medical patient care? Does the Chiro have a difficult time understanding that he/she is not your boss but you are colleagues? Have you ever instructed the staff to do one thing (medically related) and the Chiro goes behind your back and instructs the staff to do the opposite of what you said? I understand I do not sign their checks, but I
  15. Just got my acceptance email and couldn't be more excited. Anyone need a roommate?
  16. A full time Ortho Spine PA position now available at Norton Healthcare in Louisville Kentucky. PA will work office only Monday through Friday. Minimal call from home. No ED call. PA will be on his/her own schedule and must be able to see patients independently with the ability to read their own X-rays and MRIs. Two surgeon and two PA staff. You will be the third. If interested see the job posting at www.nortonhealthcare.com
  17. Hey everyone, need some advice. I am a second year PA student with an Athletic Training background set to graduate on Oct 1st of this year and have two orthopedic job offers waiting. I was hoping you guys who take a look and give me any/all advice you have. Job A Exciting position in practice that does not have a PA but Dr. I would be working with has experience training PAs. Base $95,000 Bonus 10% of base 22 days PTO (if holiday falls on week day, counts against PTO) Call 1 weekend a month 5 days CME with 2k allowance Malpractice with tail coverage Health insurance on da
  18. about to graduate and trying to get an ED position. however, I am going on an interview for an ortho urgent care position. I was curious if the experienced folk felt that this would be a good place to start and if it would help me transition into an ED in the near future. I was a bit concerned over the lack of general medicine exposure verse a regular UC position. every ED position wants ED experience... seems like a catch-22 for new grads who can't relocate to residencies. Thanks!
  19. (New username to preserve confidentiality) I am a new grad and received my first job offer in the Southeast for ortho (spine). I will work directly with my physician who is part of a larger group in a private practice. The essentials of the offer: Salary: $84,000 Hours: Two days/ week in the OR. Two days/ week in the office (8-5:30). 1.5 Fridays per month in the office. Bonus: Eligible after 6 months. Based on my revenue, salary, and practice overhead. No specifics included. PTO: 12 days per year, 7 holidays, no mention of sick days CME: $2500 and 5 days paid Fees: PA lice
  20. Hi guys, I'm a new grad interviewing for a couple of different jobs. Just got my first offer yesterday, and was wondering what you all think. Elective ortho surgery, basically equal time split between office and first assist in surgery. 5 days/wk, no nights, no weekends, no call, no holidays. I live in the southeastern US. Salary 80k + 50% what I make beyond overhead $2000 CME/2yrs Full medical, dental, vision available for $240/mo for me+family. Malpractice is paid for by the practice but I don't think they have tail coverage. 401k matches up to 4% of yearly salary plus additional co
  21. Hey guys, I currently attend a 4-year university majoring in Sport Management, but have always had a passion for PA school that was affirmed through my recent extensive shadowing experiences with a large hospital and many PA's. I am posting here because I am concerned on how to make my goals of becoming a PA attainable if I'm so far deep into my current major. I know I need Direct Patient Care Hours and I need to get the prerequisites are done as well. Should I delay graduation and take some courses of prereqs or should I graduate and go to a community college after? If anyone has any advi
  22. Hello I am a new grad in NY looking for an ortho job. I just passed my boards two weeks ago and I have already blasted my resume to dozens of hospitals/practices. Unfortunately 95% of the places I applied to prefer experience. I would prefer a Hospital setting as my first job so that I can work with a variety of doctors, learn how to manage fxs, dislocations, post op pts, etc. but I am becoming desperate from the wait that I am considering an office job. I am just worried because I will be missing out on an entire learning experience. For all my Ortho PAs, what is your opinion on
  23. Hey guys! I'm looking for some feedback. I recently received an offer at an Orthopedic practice in Florida which I would like to counter but as this is my first time negotiating I want to make sure I am asking a reasonable counter offer. I have 2 years experience working a combination of ortho/neuro/general surgery/internal medicine floor work (no OR) at a hospital and I did an orthopedic elective rotation in school. The job would be Monday through Friday, hours varying depending on the day but generally ending clinic by 5 or 6 pm. No weekends, no holidays, no night call. I would first ass
  24. Hi all, I'm recent PA graduate looking to shadow an orthopedic PA in the Houston area. I have always had a interest in ortho but was unable gain enough exposure during rotations. Please respond with any leads or advice. Thanks!
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