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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all, I am currently attending a 4 year college to get my undergraduate degree done, but as lots do, I failed Organic Chemistry II. Now I'm looking for an online class to supplement the requirement. It's literally the last class I need to move forward. I found one from a community college near to my school, but the issue with that is the classes have already started. While I was got all the paperwork done, my home college took about a week to send it out, messing up the scheduling portion of attending the community college since they stop scheduling classes after a certain date. I had talked to them before this and they made it seem like that wouldn't be an issue, but now talking to them again, it seems to be a problem. I'm worried as this is the last semester I have before my financial aid runs out. The school takes so long to do anything even with my calling that I don't know if it will be worth the effort to try to get accepted as a visiting student at a different school if I cannot schedule. I have been looking at Doane University, but I'm afraid that the same thing will happen. I am not sure how to proceed, so any advice would be helpful. If I withdraw and try to complete the class over summer instead, maybe that would be better, but I'm not sure if my financial aid will carry that long.
  2. I know this is mainly a "contact the school" issue, but I'm wondering is anyone has ever had a problem with programs accepting a combined organic chem and biochem course? I just found out one of them won't allow it after I applied
  3. Hello, I've been searching for awhile. I tried to apply to a course that was offered at a community college, but my home school took too long processing the paperwork they needed, so my plans fell through. My request is a bit specific. I need an 8 weeks course (or at least one I can complete before May) that is Organic Chemistry II but with no lab portion, as I have already completed that part of the course. The closest I've come is Doane but their course only seems to have the lab portion attached. Please and thank you! EDIT: Needed to fulfill Bachelor's Degree before going further
  4. Hello all! I am about to begin my last semester of my undergrad and can't decide whether or not I should take organic chemistry II. I will be completing my BS in biomedical science this spring. I have a 303 GRE which I plan to retake for a higher score. I have a 3.53 overall GPA, a 3.43 science, and a 3.71+ prerequisite GPA (better when general biology, general chemistry, and/or elective upper division courses are included). I have 900 health care hours as a CNA (over 1500 by next cycle) and 40 hours of shadowing experience. I also work with disabled students part time and have a medical mission trip to Haiti (volunteer and 1 week long) coming up this spring. My letters of recommendation were good and came from my HCE RN supervisor, HCE employer who is an MD, biochemistry professor, physiology professor (from the PA program physiology class at my university), and the PA I shadow. I applied to 5 schools this cycle and received two interviews and haven't heard back from 2 programs yet. I was waitlisted at Chatham University and have an interview at DMU next week. I would be extremely excited to be accepted into either program but I am looking/planning ahead should I not be accepted this cycle. I have all of my prerequisites filled for the programs I want to apply to next cycle but I don't know whether I should take organic chemistry II or not. It is not a prerequisite for anywhere I am interested in but I have heard that some schools may "ding" me for taking physics II instead of ochem II? My reasoning for not taking the course is as follows: 1) Not required for any programs I am interested in. 2) I struggled with the first semester of Ochem (took it twice and got a C the first time, a B the second). 3) I want to gain enough HCE hours to apply to programs that require more this spring and study time for this course will take away from that (it is much more difficult than physics II). 4) Since anyone with a bachelors and the prerequisites can apply to PA programs, I assume I won't be "dinged" for not taking this course (especially when I have many upper division biology courses with a 3.54 GPA to support my application) 5) It has been a very stressful year. I take care of my little sister who has bipolar depression and a history of abuse. Because of this and a busy schedule (working ~35 hours/week and attending school full-time) I often struggle with emotional and physical exhaustion. I worry about Ochem II being very difficult to manage this semester. Any advice on whether this course is worth the stress, time, and forfeit of HCE hours? Any additional advice about how to turn my application up a notch? Thank you for any advice provided!
  5. Greetings, I am preparing for a few interviews I have in the near future and wanted to pose this question. All the literature I have found says that I should prepare for my interview, that is, read possible questions, practice my answers, know what I am going to say before I get into the room, etc etc.... and, this just struck me as...odd? So my question is this: Does prepare for your interview mean: Read all the practice questions I can, have an answer in mind, rehearse my answers, practice what I think I should say before hand etc. etc. Or does prepare for your interview mean: Look kid... you've had 4 hard years of school which you graduated with outstanding grades, you've worked hard in multiple settings and collected over 1000s of experience hours, you organically and honestly want to become a PA, all of these things have led me to this moment... so rely on my education, rely on my experience, and rely on my honest and organic drive to become an PA and simply answer the questions as truthfully and organically as possible... even if the answers are not the "right" answer? Or do the interviewers just want to hear the "right" answer, practiced, rehearsed, and articulated well? idk just to me the real world is never rehearsed or practiced... its live, in the moment, and crazy... and you have to just trust yourself and rely on your eduction to do the right thing in that exact moment... why should a PA interview be any different? Thanks in advance
  6. I have to take either survey of orgo or orgo 1 and 2 for my major. Would just taking survey of orgo be okay for my PA school app? or should I take orgo 1 and 2?
  7. I have a B.S. in science but never took my Chemistry classes so am at my local community college finishing those. My local college offers an organic chemistry course without a lab *specifically* tailored towards pre-pa for MUSC. I plan on applying to most of my schools out of state along with MUSC. My question is, would most programs take organic chemistry without a lab as the orgo pre-req? Thanks!
  8. Does anyone know if there are drawbacks to applying to a PA program if I still have one prerequisite to complete? All the programs say it is okay to apply with one or two left to finish. For me, I'll either have genetics or organic chemistry left to take after I apply and I’m wondering if that will have a negative impact on my chances for an interview. Of course I would still have enough time to complete the necessary prereqs before each school’s actual deadline.
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