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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! If you cant tell, I'm pretty new here to this website. Anyway, I recently discovered the PA profession and after shadowing several PAs (and looking into it more online), I have a very strong interest in the profession. I am a 1st year undergrad Biology major with a Minor in psychology. My first semester was a rocky start. I was recently diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and ADD and have had to learn to manage it by myself, because I'm away from home, along with handling 17 credit hours of work and figuring out how college worked in general. During my first semester, I ended up with a D- in the lecture portion of general chemistry I and a B- in the lab. I also received a D+ in statistics. I ended up with a GPA of 2.2 for the semester because of these low grades, the rest of my classes were a C+ (history), several Bs-B+(philosophy, classical studies), and an A (Choir). This semester (my second semester) I am retaking both classes. General Chemistry I lecture is looking like it will be a C and statistics a B/B+. I am also taking the first half of the General Biology sequence this semester and for Lecture its looking like a C and Lab a B. These grades are a huge step up for me compared to last semester and the beginning of this semester, but I worry that I won't have a chance of getting into a PA school? Maybe it's just my anxiety, but I wanted to ask and see what someone else thinks, other than my pre-health track adviser, who basically just told me to give up and that I wouldn't be cut out for it, although I think that I can because I have a good handle on my anxiety and ADD, I figured out study habits that work for me,and I use my academic resources like tutoring, office hours, and weekly meetings with an academic success advisor. Thanks!
  2. Hi this is my first time posting on this forum and I wanted to know if anyone can assit with giving me some advice or just their overall opinion of me as a candiate for the new cycle coming up for 2018. I just turned 20 this month and will be applying in May after I come back from my medical brigade in Nicaragua. Do you think schools will ignore my age or see it as a setback? I've always been the youngest person in my class and I did dual enrollment in high school which is why im going into my senior year this spring. My biggest issue right now is my scienc gpa. My major is health science and I'm in the honors college at my university. I dont see anyone in the stats section with a gpa like mine so please help! My cumulative gpa at the moment is a 3.72 and I see this increasing. My science gpa at the moment is sadly a 3.3. It a major gap from my cumulative. I only have 1 C in biology 2 and withdrew from lab because of a family members death. I dont know if I plan on retaking biology 2 lecture because I barely notice a change in the science gpa after my calculations. Please keep in mind my science gpa does not include genetics,chem2/Lab, and Orgo1/Lab. Bio1 B (4) Bio2 C (3) Bio2 L (Spring 2018) (1) Chem 1 A (3) Chem 1 L A (1) AP1 B (4) AP2 A (4) Microbiology B+ but capsa looks at it as a B only (4) Genetics (Spring 2018) Chem 2 and Lab ( Summer 2018) Orgo1 and Lab (Fall 2018) Stats A Precal A Nutrition A Epidemiology (Spring 2018) 100 Volunter hours Health Care Experience: 1,574 (Will Be most likely over 2000 by the 2018 cycle opening date) (Hours include working as a opthalmic technician,medical assistant for primary care and pain management facility(Job now),physical therapy aide) Shadowing: 50 hours from Primary Care PA, Dermatology PA, Urgent Care PA ( Will most likely have 100 by the 2018 cycle opening date) I believe i can get my science gpa to a 3.4 and if that doesn't work it will be a 3.3. I have providers around me who are truly sweet and I know they wouldn't have a problem writing me a LOC when the time comes so that not a big issue. Also I haven't taken the GRE yet but most of the schools I'm applying to don't require it. I will most likely take it just to expand my selection process. Main questions are: Do you think my science gpa and age will hold me back?
  3. http://www.beckersspine.com/spine/item/24235-the-role-of-the-pa-today-5-thoughts-from-spine-surgeons.html
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