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Found 5 results

  1. Ok....so there are a TON of threads about online courses. I was hoping we could make this thread a sticky and it could become a one stop source for those looking for certain online courses. I think to make it easy for everyone, if we could just stick with the main pre-req courses like medical terminology, bio chemistry, organic chemistry, pathophysiology, genetics ect. it would be great. Also if anyone knows where to find recommended courses online like histology, virology, endocrinology, immunology ect. that would be great too. It’s also important to note that ANYONE seeking to take online versions of their pre-req courses should first contact the programs that they are interested in as some might not accept this type of credit. They should also be aware that a lb component may be needed and might not be offered online. Now that I have said that, I have run into A LOT of these courses online. The first place I would like to post is Chemeketa. They offer bio, a&p, micor, chem., organic I and an organi/biochem intro course online. I thought they were cool because if you register as a completely online student you pay instate tuition. http://online.chemeketa.edu/ Indian River State College offers chem. I and II and bio I and II online no lab and I think some of the other pre-reqs www.ircc.edu Brevard CC offers a intro to organic online and I think a&p and micro online www.brevardcc.edu St Petersburg College offers micro and a&p I and II online www.spcollege.edu University of Florida has a grad level biochem http://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/teach/guyweb/bch5045/index.html And they have a undergrad biochem http://www.distancelearning.ufl.edu/Courses.aspx?q=chemistry&cs=5&ct=7&dm=255&dtb=&dte= Empire State has a genetics course and a Spanish for health care professionals http://www.esc.edu/admin/esc/cdl/cdlcat.nsf/4term?openview&count=1000 St Josephs has virology, genetics, immunology and cell biology and just in the psring....could have more http://www.sjc.edu/content.cfm/pageid/5503 Kansas State University has genetics and biochemistry...didnt search for others https://eis.dce.ksu.edu/CreditReg/CourseSearch/ University of south Florida has general chem. I no lab and intro to biochem online www.usf.edu Oregon State University has bio chem., chem., organic, genetics and some other courses http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu/soc/ecatalog/esubjects.htm?termcode=all Eastern Oregon university has human bio and organic chem. http://www.ous.edu/webster/schedules.html The University of Oklahoma has organic and general chem. http://isd.ou.edu/collegecourses.cfm BYU has a genetics course http://ce.byu.edu/is/site/ Fullerton College has a genetics course http://www.fullcoll.edu/classschedule/search/index.cfm UC Berkeley has a biochem and I think other courses http://explore.berkeley.edu/UCExt/co...ction=Internet Palo Alto College http://www.accd.edu/pac/htm/Current/academics/schedule.htm
  2. Hello all! I am sure there are already several similar topics already on here, but I am struggling to find them. I am wondering if anyone has compiled a list of schools that do or do not accept online anatomy and physiology courses if taken during quarantine. I have checked the websites of several schools that make no statements on how their prereq requirements have been altered in response to the pandemic. If anyone has any recommendations I would be very grateful. Thank you!!
  3. Hi! I was seeing if anyone has taken classes at either UNE online or Doane's University, specifically Orgo Chem I and II and biochem. I've heard mixed reviews about both. How are the classes set up and how are we graded and are they set lectures? Does anyone know how it's different during COVID? Do PA schools accepts these classes from these schools? Thanks!!
  4. Who's been accepted to PA programs where the majority of pre req courses were taken online?
  5. Hey all! I've been going through my list of schools I wish to apply to, however some of the programs I'm interested in require that none of your classes are taken online. Does anyone know if programs ever make exceptions? Is it worth applying anyway? I work full-time as a medical scribe in a cardiology office, so my work hours conflict with class hours.
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