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Found 6 results

  1. So I am a new grad.. I was offered a job in a specialty. Pay is 80k. Schedule: 2 weeks hospital, + on call 1 of those weeks (call from nurse and pts not from Physicians which goes to on call physician). 2 weeks outpatient. PTO: 15 days/ year. + holidays. 200/month for insurance. CME 2 days. 1500$ Do you think the pay is too low ? Also let me add that I graduated in December-2017- I was trying SO hard to find a job in my city but could not-- eventually gave up and applied outside of my state. I am scared this may be the best offer I can get because of my time off.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm in need of some advice. I'm a hospital physician assistant who gets paid for my 37.5 hours per week. I've been working at this hospital for 5 years, working four 10 hour shifts as well as providing on call coverage (over the phone, never have to come in to the hospital) for the neurology department at my hospital (which is actually an outpatient practice of 10 neurologists). The PAs cover 4 calls per month, each call is 14 hours of coverage. We cover inpatient as well as outpatient calls which can be anywhere from 15 to 40+ calls per night. We are not compensated for
  3. I am a new grad working with a neurosurgery practice within a large hospital group. Starting in the next few months, I will be taking call. The practice is in the process of deciding how compensation will be structured for this call. In discussions with other PAs at the hospital, I've learned that they get paid a lump sum just for holding the pager, and an additional "call back" amount for every 2 hours actually spent in the OR (you work for 30 minutes, get paid for 2 hours; work 2.5 hours, get paid for 4, etc). I also work with clinical NPs and will be sharing hospital call with them. Th
  4. I attended a Washington State Heath Care Innovation seminar (telecast) last night. One new thing I learned is that the primary care shortage that we will and are facing was intentional. According to the presenters, CMS (and Congress) were seeking ways to reduce the cost of Medicare and Medicaid. In 1987, they put in a policy that limited medical school admissions (set a quota). Their thinking at the time was that since most claims coming into Medicare and Medicaid were generated from physicians . . . that if you reduce the number of physicians . . . you would reduce the number of claims and
  5. I am currently working in neurosurg, and employer would like the PAs to begin taking call on weekends. Was just trying to get some feedback from others in surgical specialties on what type of compensation structure I should negotiate for, i.e. straight fee, pay-per-case, etc. Thanks
  6. Hello fellow PA's I need an advice, and or information. In my contract it specifically states that I will be taking call only from home on my week on call. Yet I am expected now to come in on Saturday and Sunday to do rounds is that a breach of contract? And is there some kind of law that protects us from having to come in to work 7 days of the week with out a day's rest. BTW I get $0 additional money for taking call. And under payed. I work in private Cardiothorasic Surgery practice that also expects us to do general surgery if a patient eventually might become our patient.
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