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Found 26 results

  1. Starting a thread for this cycle. I received a confirmation email saying they have my application, just waiting now. Good luck everyone!
  2. I thought I would start this thread since CWRU is one of my top choices! I have not submitted my application yet, but I plan to do so middle July. Good luck everyone!
  3. Hey, has anyone gotten any interview notices yet?
  4. cboylb

    urgent care salary

    Anybody know what the average salary/hourly wage is for urgent care work in Ohio? Is the data on Zip Recruiter reliable?
  5. Hey guys! I thought I would start a thread for this program. Has anyone applied, been accepted, or know of how many seats currently available?
  6. I am looking to do my elective rotations starting next summer in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. Does anyone have any advice or know of any contacts for how to start working on setting up these rotations? I am currently pretty open to any speciality. I just want to start with getting some tips on how to find a preceptor in this area! Thanks for any advice!
  7. Hi There! Today I took my first GRE. 149 (42%) Verbal and 156 (62%) Quant. I have a solid GPA in both overall and science, both 3.6. I work as a medical scribe as well as a nurse assistant. I will have about 1000+ hours of experience by the time I apply for the 2018-2019 application cycle. Additionally, I have 50+ hours of PA shadowing. I have confirmed recommendation letters from a PA, MD and 2 upper level science course professors. I am currently in my gap year finishing up pre-reqs and trying to get as much patient care experience. I felt I was on a good track until todays GRE scores. I feel confident that I am in the 50th percentile at least on the writing portion (still pending score... also knock on wood). Need some opinions on whether my current GRE scores are a make or break for me. Combined 305, but don't have the often recommended 50th percentile in BOTH categories. Also, if you suggest retaking it... how do I improve on verbal? I have been studying for the GRE for about 3 weeks and really struggle with verbal, additionally I feel as if I run out of time. Help!
  8. For students applying/accepted to the University of Dayton Physician Assistant program.
  9. Hey guys, Thought I would start this thread for students applying to the Case P.A program. I had my application verified on 8/5. Best of luck to all applicants! -Jon
  10. Hello everyone, I am making this topic (obviously) for 2015-2016 application cycle. Has anyone set up an interview and already interviewed with KC yet? I have my interview set up for October 22nd! If anyone has already interviewed, have you heard back yet? I heard they are very quick in turning around decisions (I heard might only take two weeks). Also if you have interviewed, do you have any tips or tricks of what to expect in the interview? Best of luck, TJW
  11. I am looking for a Derm PA with a minimum of years of Derm experience and to be able to manage all aspects of patient care with limited supervision. Competetive salary with unlimited potential growth. Practice has multiple locations in surrounding areas of Dayton and Cincinnatti. Shedule and locations may be tailered to meet your needs. Contact Matt Kintz, Practice Manager, directly at mkintz.reeder@gmail.com and at 937-438-5333X263
  12. So I am almost halfway through didactic year, and soon our preferences and/or contacts for where we would like to do clinical rotations are due. Does anyone know of any willing preceptors in the Cleveland area? We are not allowed to contact hospitals directly, but we can give information to our clinical coordinator. Unfortunately, I do not have many contacts, but I am from the Cleveland area so I would like to return home for clinical year to help save money. Thank you!
  13. Hi everyone. Just thought I would start a thread for Ohio Dominican. I haven't heard much from them. Please let us know if anyone has!! Thanks.
  14. Hey all! Since Ohio Dominican doesn't have it's own program page, I figured I'd start a thread for the current applicant cycle. I submitted my CASPA at the end of May, it was verified early June, and I received a confirmation email from ODU during the first week of July. The email said that interviews would be sent to competitive candidates "throughout the fall". If anyone has any helpful information regarding ODU applications, or would like to commiserate about their progress, feel free to post. :)
  15. Has anyone who has already interviewed with Baldwin Wallace heard anything from this program?
  16. I noticed that there wasn't any topic for the Lake Erie College PA program. I submitted my CASPA at the end of May, it was verified in early June, and I was invited to an interview at LEC about a week ago. The interview is scheduled for October 4th. Is anyone else applying/interviewing there?
  17. Does anyone know of any opportunities to shadow Physician Assistants in the Columbus, Ohio area? I am applying to PA school and could really use some help making connections to get these shadowing hours in.
  18. Hi everyone, I cant seem to find mount union applicants/interviews on this site. I am surprised because I know there have some acceptance. Has anyone applied/interviewed or heard back from this school. I just want to hear from other prospective students. Thanks
  19. Hello, my name is Sean Kramer and I am the academic coordinator for a new PA program. I am excited to announce that Lake Erie College will matriculate its first group of students May 2014. Admissions are currently open and on CASPA. Lake Erie College Physician Assistant Program www.lec.edu/pa Lake Erie College will award a masters of physician assistant sciences in an innovative, comprehensive 27 month program. We have an affiliation agreement with University Hospitals in Cleveland (#18 ranked US hospital by US News and World Reports). The program will feature early clinical experiences, problem based learning, module based format, student faculty ratio better than 8:1, and many other great opportunities. Below is a list of admission requirements. The deadline for all information to be verified (by CASPA) is December 1st, 2013. I would highly suggest submitting before October 15th as it may take 4-6 weeks to verify. Degree Requirements Prior to Admission A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution with a 3.2 GPA on a 4.0 scale is required for admissions. All required pre-requisite courses must be "B” or better with the exception of Organic Chemistry which must be "C”or better. No grade of "B-" or "C-" will be accepted. Academic Course Pre-Requisites Should be completed within last 7 years: Human Anatomy & Physiology with lab (2 courses) Microbiology with lab (1 course) Genetics with lab (1 course) General Chemistry I and II with labs (1 course each) Organic Chemistry with lab (1 course) Biology I and II with labs (1 course each) Statistics (1 course) Note: Preference given to students with advanced statistics, biostatistics or health-related statistics courses [*]Psychology (1 course) No Time Limit: English to include communication or speech (2 courses) College Algebra (1 course) Tested out during interviews: Medical Terminology (course recommended) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) GRE in last 5 years – no minimum score requirement Students whose first language is not English must achieve: TOEFL: The current LEC graduate degree minimum required is a paper score of 600, a computer score of 250, or an internet score of 100. Healthcare Experience Requirement Applicants are required to complete a minimum of 250 hours observing or participating in the delivery of healthcare in a clinical environment. At least 50 of the 250 hours must be from direct shadowing of a licensed Physician Assistant. The Lake Erie College PA Program is not accredited at this time, but has entered the process to receive accreditation through Accreditation Review Commission for Physician Assistants, Higher Learning Commission, and Ohio Board of Regents. Check out our website for more information, http://www.lec.edu/pa. If anyone has a question regarding the program or profession let me know!
  20. Hello, I am currently in my clinical year of PA school and would love to be able to complete an Infectious Disease elective rotation in the Central Ohio area which is closer to my family. If anyone has any contacts in Ohio for preceptors who have taken students in the past or may be willing to take a student I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks,
  21. Hello everyone, I am a physician (internal medicine) looking for a PA for my medical office in Columbus, Ohio. Quick notes: No on-call (out patient practice) Stable geriatric patient population Office open Monday - Friday Good office support staff If you'd like to find out more information and are interested, please let me know by either responding to this post or direct messaging me through the PA forum. Dr. Ahmed MD
  22. I heard that they're doing interviews through February, but am wondering if those interviewees have already been contacted to schedule the interview? I submitted my CASPA application in mid-September and my last contact with ODU was just after the end of Fall semester when I sent them an email updating two "in-progress" classes to "completed". (I got a reply saying that they don't accept updates during the application process.) I am waitlisted at Marietta and things are up in the air with Kettering, where I interviewed just before Thanksgiving. I also applied to Mt. Union, but was rejected there. The biggest reason I'm antsy is that ODU was the only program that suggested I retake biochem (it's been about 10 years since I took it the first time), so I was hoping I would hear back from them before too long. It's not that I don't enjoy the biochem class I'm taking currently, but if I end up accepted at another program it would be nice to have a semester off before beginning PA school "fresh". Ah, dilemmas!
  23. Hello everyone, I am a physician (internal medicine) looking for a PA for my medical office in Columbus, Ohio. Quick notes: No on-call (out patient practice) Stable geriatric patient population Office open Monday - Friday Good office support staff If you'd like to find out more information and are interested, please let me know by either responding to this post or direct messaging me through the PA forum. Dr. Ahmed MD
  24. Am I allowed to officially sign documents PA-C once I have passed the NCCPA exam? Do these laws differ by state?
  25. Hello, I am searching for a location where I can complete shadowing near Cleveland, Ohio. I have a November 1, 2012 to complete 40 hours by. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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