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Found 27 results

  1. Here are the details of my offer. There really wasn’t much to it and I have no idea where to start with negotiations and what I need to bring up. My concern is that the salary is a little on the low side. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated! Details include: 92k salary 24 days PTO 5 days CME 2k CME
  2. Hi all, I've been working as a general medical provider for a state psychiatric hospital for about one year. I'm leaving my current position at the end of June, but will be staying on PRN. It's just not a good fit for me professionally to remain here full-time. I was offered a hospitalist job today at a 590-bed Level I Trauma and Stroke center. They are building a 42-bed observational unit which will open January 2018, and this unit will be the main focus of my position once it opens. Until then, I will work at the regional sister hospital (which is 20 miles away) rounding on all units. Here are the particulars: Things I'm OK with... - $100,000 base salary. - 1 year contract renewed annually. - Quarterly performance bonus, not to exceed $25,000/year. - Bonus based upon the following metrics: # of patient encounters, quality of work, timely completion of notes (w/in 24 hours), and peer reviews. - Malpractice dues paid by employer. - 180 10-hour shifts per year, divided into 7on/7off schedule (7:30AM-5:30PM). - 30-day termination of employment required by both parties (unless something illegal/unethical occurs, etc). Things I'm not OK with... - REQUIRED to see minimum of 15 patients per shift. - 401k/profit sharing, medical/dental benefits available, but no mention of what the match is, the cost, or anything else for that matter. - They will pay my state and organizational licensing dues only. All other CME expenses are to be paid by me. - Tail coverage required, and paid for by me. - Required days of call and carrying pager, but no mention of how often or whether it's paid or not (verbally she told me it would be paid, but it's not written in this contract). - Apparently if I have to file an employment lawsuit or if they have to file a lawsuit against me, I have to pay THEIR legal fees as well as my own. - Not really OK with a maximum yearly bonus amount either, but it's better than no bonus... - The vague parameters of this entire contract... I am so disappointed with this. I used to work for an employment lawyer years ago, so I'm going to see if she will review this for me and help with a counter. But, how do you all think I should counter based on your experiences? I'm going to put this in the PA Professional Folder as well, in hopes of catching a few more people who can assist. Thanks!
  3. Hey yall, Im facing a bit of a dilemma. I got a new grad offer for a Surgical Position that is offering me the package below in NYC 105K Base Salary 10% Night differential 20 PTO days, 8 paid holidays, unlimited sick time, 12 weeks of paid salary for sick leave 8-10% Increase every year Health package as well The reason I am conflicted is id like to make a counter offer for more but dont know how to go about it. A friend of mine got a similar deal but 5K more out east without negotiating in the same system. How should I go about negotiating it? What are some tips you can provide to get it higher salary or a better benefits package. Why would would there be a discrepancy between both?
  4. Hi everyone, I have been offered a job running a clinic and want to get some feedback on the offer. I have one year experience in a busy ER. I would be running the clinic by myself, and there would be a 2-4 month "mini fellowship" where I would be traveling to their different clinics for one-on-one training and examinations, etc. Here is the offer: Mon-Fri 8-5 Training Pay $75000 (pro-rated for the 2-4 month training) Base pay which starts immediately after training- $140k Bonus Structure paid quarterly: 20% of collections greater than $35k per quarter. (I wouldn't likely start hitting this bonus in the first year because this is a new clinic which needs to be built up) 15 days PTO plus holidays 5 days CME with no allowance 100% health coverage for me. I pay to add my family members. Potential for partnership down the road. I'd love some feedback, please! I am a little nervous to leave a stable position, but I know derm positions are hard to come by without experience. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello! I'm a new grad and recently received a job offer and contract. I wanted to see what other PAs thought and things I should negotiate since this is my first experience with this. Position is with a spine surgery practice in Texas: - Salary $90K with yearly bonus "at discretion of CEO." This seems a little low, but hard to negotiate as I have no experience. - 2 weeks paid vacation - In my interview they also stated that major holidays were off as well. Need to clarify if these would be paid or not. Is this reasonable time off or too little? - 5 days sick leave with doctor's note - CME allowance of $2500. They stated in interview that I also would have 5 days for CME, so I need to clarify this with my contract and whether they are paid or not and have this included in writing. - Malpractice insurance is provided "consistent with reasonable surgical physician assistant coverage." Obviously need to clarify whether occurrence or claims maid. And tail or not. - Individual health insurance covered by employer. Family health insurance covered by employee. I only need coverage for myself, so this sounded like a good deal to me. Other than above, I also wanted feedback on my hours. My schedule is described as up to 5 days a week but then later says that 5 days is routine and more days as agreed by PA and physician as needed. Hours may or may not extend past 10 hours per day with workload not to exceed 80 hours a week. There is no mention of call but when discussed they said I should "rarely" be on call. Obviously I'm not trying to get tricked into working 80 hours a week when the job was described as a M-F position. What is the best way to ask that this is clarified and protect myself from being exploited? Appreciate all of your feedback! Thank you!
  6. Have been wanting to post something in this thread for a long time. The group is in rural Virginia with 3 ortho surgeons right now, 4th is in negotiation. I would only work with one of them in the OR and office $105,000 Annual Salary Annual wRVU Bonus Potential / $25.85 per wRVU generated after 2321 $5,000 Relocation Assistance $5,000 Recruitment Bonus paid on the first payroll check upon commencement of employment Student Loan Repayment of 500.00 per month for 36 months PTO accrual of 5.54 hours per pay period / 18 days per year Extended Illness Bank of 2.15 hours per pay period / 7 days per year 40 Hours of CME with up to $2,000 in reimbursement cost Licensing and Credentialing Fees including PA License, Prescriptive Authority, DEA License & Medical Liability Insurance. Full benefits including dental, vision, short and long term disability. Would love some feedback on this and what I could ask them to work on. Also, if anyone has any advice on how to inform other groups I've interviewed with of this offer, I would appreciate it. I've followed up with all of the groups and they are wrapping up interviews this coming week. Would like to let them know that I have received an offer but don't want them to take me off their list. Thank you
  7. Hey everyone, just looking for some feedback on a job offer I received. The clinic is located in Dallas, Texas. I’ll be a brand new grad in a few weeks Primary care- Base salary is 95,000 (Total compensation 100,000-115,000 after RVU bonuses). Hours are 8-5 Monday-Friday. 1-2 Saturday’s per month ($300 shift pay for Saturday’s worked). Health benefits kick in after 3 months. 10 days PTO first year (increases to 15 after 1 year). 7 paid holidays. $1500 CME credit annually, but no CME days off. No mention of retirement benefits I appreciate any feedback! This is my first offer so I’m kind of weary to just accept the first thing that’s thrown at me, but it seems like a decent starting job as a new grad.
  8. I'm about to graduate and I've been offered a position at a hospital in SW Oklahoma. "General Surgery" is in quotations because I would technically be working in a specialty surgical clinic. My supervising physicians would be two general surgeons, a urologist, and a gastroenterologist. I would do a mixture of clinic and OR for these surgeons. I'm not sure about call yet. Contract specifics: 1 year duration $105K base salary with 2 possible bonuses: up to $5K depending on overall clinic wRVU productivity up to "5% base salary for achievement of recommended metrics" Sign-on bonus of $4K Relocation allowance of up to $6K Loan repayment assistance $10K to be paid over agreement term (1 year) Malpractice and licensing paid/reimbursed Full benefits, 401K 26 days PTO 3 days and $2,500 for CME over agreement term (1 year)
  9. I have ~5 years of experience. This offer is from a big hospital with a well integrated PA practice, in a moderate cost-of-living area. - Salary 125K. - 12 hour shifts with 1:3 weekends and 1:4 nights. Required to work 2 federal holidays per year. Shift differential amounts to ~5K per year by my calculation. - 403b with 2% match. - Pension (!) vested at 3 years of service. - Health insurance 80/20 until out of pocket max. Vision and dental through reimbursement account that is pretty generously funded, IMO. FSA and dependent care accounts available. - 22 days PTO, includes sick time. - 4K dedicated CME funds, plus 5 days CME time separate from PTO. Unclear about malpractice coverage. I'm pretty pleased with the offer since it's a step up from my current salary and the benefits seem good but I would welcome outside perspectives. This is the first time I've ever come across someplace still offering a pension, so I don't know how to look at that. The way the nights and weekends are structured seems like a lot of work but I don't know if it's worth arguing about with the salary being what it is. I was also told that a lot of the PAs in the group prefer weekends and nights and are often wanting to trade for them (no guarantees, of course).
  10. This offer is for a position in a small single physician surgical dermatology private practice office in a highly affluent community outside of Los Angeles, CA. The physician is an experienced Moh's surgeon who deals almost exclusively in skin cancer, reconstruction, and cosmetics (no medical derm). She is offering a "training year" and I am seeking a "foot in the door" with dermatology. Let me preface this post by saying I know it's a pretty rough offer, but my hope is once developing a skill set within surgical dermatology. I'd hope to become an asset to the practice in order to negotiate a better deal or become more marketable to another derm practice that may give me a better offer. Salaried at $4800/month for the first 3 months, $5600/month for the next 3 months, and $6400/month for the next 6 months ($69,600 pretaxed). "On Call" weekends and holidays to field the occasional phone call. Hours are essentially "open to close" at the office usually between 10-12 hours a day mon-fri until i'm trained well enough to know when its ok to cut out early. Exempt employee status with no set breaks, lunch, or overtime compensation. Profit sharing 401k pension plan where the employer gives 7.5% of annual salary toward retirement with a vesting schedule that becomes completely matured after 6 years. So after 1 year, 0% vested, 2 years 20%, 3 years 40% vested, 4 years 60% vested, 5 years 80%, and 6 years 100%. CME money is limited to any actual amount. It’s approved on case by case basis and seems like ill rarely have much say in how it’s used. Malpractice is clams made without tail Health insurance is covered 50% after the first 3 months for the first year. Then 100% covered starting after the first year. PTO is 7 holidays where the office is closed anyways. 10 additional days will accrue over the first year, 11 the next year, 12 after that, and so on. I appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks!
  11. OK, so I got a wage quote from a big hospital HR after an interview. The OM presented it and even he didn't sound like he liked it and was worried I would walk. He gave me the quote, was unsure of OT and wage differential since I would be working evenings. He asked if I would even be willing to come back in and talk. I said I would welcome another visit with them. I figure, it's not an official offer because we haven't discussed any benefits or literally ANYTHING yet. So this wage quote pre-offer is throwing me off. At what point can I turn this into a negotiation? Also, how much have you seen for shift differentials for evenings (not overnights)? It would be nice to hear from others about those. I thought it's anywhere from $5 to 30% pay....
  12. I am an experienced PA with 6.5 years total experience - 3 years in surgery and 3.5 years in dermatology. I got a job offer in major city in North Carolina. $120 K base Salary 4.5 day workweek, avg. 30-35 patients/day, but they are expecting to see more 20% production bonus on collections over $250 K after 16 months $1500 / year for CME $1500 / year for license and DEA Malpractice and health insurance 3 weeks for vacation/sick/CME; 4 weeks after 1 year 24 month non-compete covering five counties in the metro area where they have offices. If anyone has the recent AAPA Salary report, can you give me some feedback?
  13. I love about 90% of my job, don't hate coming into work everyday, and really like the people I work with. A few days ago a colleague of mine (classmate from PA school) who works in a suburb of the city where I live and work, called and basically asked if I wanted to come work for their practice who is expanding and adding new MD partners, subsequently looking to add another PA. It's sort of my dream job in terms of type of practice (general ortho/sports medicine with coverage of local athletic teams, lots of opportunity for OR time and different procedures, seemingly more autonomy than the sub-specialty I'm currently in). My background is in sports medicine/athletic training and my colleague thought I would be a good fit, so he contacted me. Problem is, I wasn't even remotely looking for a new job. I've been at my current job for almost 2 years. The only thing I don't love about my current job is the compensation. It's a bit low in my opinion, but since I'm working for a big hospital/corporation it doesn't really allow for much salary flex. They basically offer what they offer and not much wiggle room. My question is: would simply meeting with the group that contacted me be a bad thing? Should I just say "no thanks" and be thankful for an enjoyable place to work, OR should I feel out my options and see what's out there? I feel like I'd be cutting myself short if I didn't at least talk/ meet with them and see what the position is about, but I also don't want to lead the other practice on and waste their time. Thoughts?
  14. Hi, I am a new graduate in the northern VA/MD area (DC suburbs) and completed a 4 week derm rotation during clinicals. I received an offer recently and want to see how it compares to other derm PAs, and what I should negotiate for... Based on the recent AAPA salary report, a PA with 0-1 years of experience makes $90,000 in the 75% and $100,000 in the 90%, not including bonus. I would expect this area to make in 90% since it serves several of the "richest counties in the U.S." 78,000 base salary, reassessed after 5 months and again at one year (will shadow for first ~3 months) 5 days per week, 9-5 Bonus- 20% after 300,000 generated eligibility for health insurance after 3 months $3000 CME annually License fees paid $50 tax free cell phone/month 3 week paid vacation--- including sick/vacation/CME Noncompete for 2 years after employment of 5 mile radius Payment of your employer taxes and malpractice insurance premiums by the practice. To compare, I recently got offered a family med offer also, paying $78,000 for first 3 months, then $80,000 with $2,000 CME, 3 weeks vacation, 1 week CME, 6 days sick leave, employer contributed health insurance, and covered dental insurance... I know the salary is low, based on the area, even if I am shadowing/training for first few months. What should I renegotiate? I really want to work in dermatology and know that I need the experience to break into the field.
  15. Any thoughts on this offer from private gastroenterology practice? $45/hr for 24 hours a week (weekdays) 1 in 5 weekends Two comp days after weekend. Option of working one "comp" day for $100/hr. No call No benefits other than malpractice and licensing fees 1-2 holidays per year. Paid $100/hr. Position will be a mix of clinic, inpatient and consults. Approx 2 patients an hour for clinic, 12 patient panel on the floor and amount of consults will vary. I will also be responsible for managing another PA's inbasket (lab results, imaging results etc). I have 6 years experience as a PA (in surgery, ED and family practice). I am currently working in a practice with a malignant practice manager and I am hoping to find a good alterantive. The hourly rate seemed a bit low, based on what I've been offered in the past and by the AAPA salary report. They are not negotiable with the rate because they state it would not be fair to the other PAs that work there. The practice manager there and physicians seem wonderful. Very eager to teach. Trying to weigh out the pros and cons.
  16. Hi all, I'm a current student, and was just offered a position at a teaching institution in the midwest as a hospitalist PA. I hope to get some feedback from those of you who are more experienced than I. I think most of these offers I read about on the forum are great because they are all more money than I could have ever dreamed someone would pay me. I've outlined the major details of the position below. What am I forgetting to think about? Seems like a great package to me, but wanted to run it by some more eyes first. Schedule 7 days on/7 days off. No extra CME or personal PTO as I'd have 26 weeks off in the year. PA group creates own schedules and everyone can claim 3 weeks to have off each 6 months. Take admissions until 4:00 on 6 days/week, until 7:00 on the other day. Rotate through an evening shift taking calls on all pts + any new admissions from 4:00pm until midnight. Money $90k salary $10k signing bonus to cover PANCE, DEA, licensure, etc. $15k relocation (not sure if this is up front lump sum or reimbursed based on services needed) $2250 CME each year, can rollover one year. Unsure if DEA, licenses, recertification, etc are covered on ongoing basis. Will follow up on this. 401K - 1:1 matching for first 4%. 50% matching for next 1%. 100% vested immediately Retirement fund - they contribute 5-10% of my salary based on hospital financials annually. Health insurance would cost me $65/month for single coverage. $1000 deductible. 20% copay. Dental - $10-$20/month - covers all standard/preventative exams Environment Had a chance to spend several weeks with them on rotation and I left with the impression it would be a very good learning environment. Theres a few teams, each with a doc and a PA, who are there at the same time. They're not looking to plug a hole in their staff and it seems like a very supportive environment. Docs are happy to provide mentoring and guidance when you need it and let you manage patients when you are comfortable doing so. Other annual review for salary increase asked me to sign a non-compete - don't know details of it yet I am very excited about the offer and as of now intend to work for this hospital, but like I said earlier, wanted to get an idea of things to look further into. Thanks for your feedback!
  17. Hey everyone, new grad here, and of course, since it's my first time going through this, I'm looking for advice from those who know much more than I! I was offered a job in the Boston, MA metro area. Here are the details... just looking for general suggestions and/or thoughts in terms of whether this is a fair offer... Job: Inpatient cardiology consults Schedule: 4 ten hour shifts/week, no nights/weekends/holidays, no call Salary: $85,000/yr CME: $1500/year, no additional days off PTO: 20 days/year (earned time accrual, so with my 4 ten hour shifts it would probably be more like 16 days off... and that includes sick days, CME, vacation) Health Insurance, Dental and Vision: Start immediately, good plans & rates 403(b): employer match up to 5% of salary after 2 years of employment Licensure & AAPA membership fees: not innately covered, i can use CME to cover them if i'd prefer that. When I add them up (DEA, State License, AAPA, State society membership) it totals about $700/yr. Malpractice Insurance: Covered 100%, waiting to find out if they offer tail coverage Of note: I have worked in the cardiology department at this hospital, with these same exact physicians, for 2 years prior to PA school running stress tests. I also did my cardiology rotation during PA school with them. Clearly their interest in hiring me back is a nice thing. So even thought I'm a new grad, I am a new grad they are very familiar with, and a new grad who is pretty comfortable with certain aspects of cardiology (i.e. EKG's, common meds, etc.). Also of note: The 85k was their first offer, I tried to negotiate citing my experience there & in that specialty, and they still came back to me without changing the offer at all. I also asked for the 403(b) match to start immediately, since I have already put 2 years in, and only left to go to school and come right back at work at the same hospital. They told me that would not be possible.
  18. Hello PAs! I need some advice. I'm a new grad, my last clinical rotation in family practice was wonderful- 100% supervision, very functional office- everyone communicates and patients are seen on time. I recieved a job offer from this site- I worked with the doc already for a month in clinicals I know we communicate well and he liked me enough to hire me! Three interviews including contract negotiation, we had decided on the contract revisions, benefits, salary etc.. and then I get a call from his office manager stating "they looked at the books and decided not to hire anyone right now, they don't have the patient volume they thought they did and financially it just isn't working out." Hold on, the entire time I was there during clinicals they had just lost their third provider and were short handed, he was interviewing to fill the position for months! So I told the office manager I felt mislead, that I had accepted the position pending revisions and she said she'd call me back right away. 45min later the doc calls me and says "I offended him in negotiations by asking for tail coverage" "It feels like I don't trust him (background- I added a section to the contract stating he would furnish me with supplies necessary to perform my job)" "And we just aren't going to have a good working relationship because I don't trust him and I was so egregiously offensive." His tone was almost hostile, It took me completely by suprise. When we had negotiated the contract just a few days prior he was smiling, very agreeable, he was happy to make the changes and we left with a side-arm hug saying "I'm happy to have you work for me." Well long story short I told him I was willing to renegotiate and he offered me the contract again- with a few of the revisions I had suggested and he "never wants to talk about our misunderstanding again." and I should "write the AAPA and tell them their advice almost lost me my contract." So now what? do I accept the job? Before those two disturbing phone calls this was my dream job! The job: $82,000/yr with growth potential max 15 patients/day [and their patient pop is on the younger side] M-F 8-5 One Sat OR Sun per month at the group's urgent care NO CALL EVER! Employer pays 75% of Health/Vision/Dental premium (AETNA!) 401k graded matching (2%/year and 20% if I leave after 1 yr, 100% if I stay for 5yrs) $1500 CME allowance He will reimburse me for all licensing fees including PANCE, TMB app, JP Exam, etc.. another $1k The clinic is new, equipment is in great shape, I get to perform small procedures- skin cancers, testopel; fun stuff Location is great, 20min from my house I don't have any other offers, I have no doubt that with some time I could find another job in my area.. but maybe not with all these perks? Advice??
  19. We are seeking a part time dermatology P.A to join us at our health center in Monroe, NY 10950. There is opportunity for growth in the future as well. Please email your resume to: echc@ortekapp.com For the past 15 years, Ezras Choilim Health Center has been a vital New York State licensed diagnostic and treatment center (DTC) and a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). It is the premiere outpatient treatment facility in Monroe NY, providing over 110,000 visits annually and growing to meet the increasing population needs of the surrounding local area. Ezras Choilim Health Center provides patients with high level and compassionate care through its broad range of clinical programs and services. Currently, it provides a battery of state-of-the-art practices in medical and dental care, women's health, behavioral health, specialty medicine and diagnostics. The institution is affiliated with major academic centers in the greater NY area and boasts an in house laboratory, advanced imaging, and electronic medical record systems.
  20. I recently got a Neurosurgery offer with base salary of $106K at a private practice in the Atlanta, GA area. No production/incentive bonus or sign on bonus. They offer health insurance, CME, professional dues and such. Since it's only a 20 employee company there is no 401K but they are working on getting it. The office has it's own surgery center/MRI/xray where the surgeon operates and runs clinic (with one PA) 3 days/week. The surgeon operates at the hospital 2 days/week. There is no ER call for this job, only clinic call. My duties will include everything from being first assist to rounding on inpatients to running clinic. I have 4.5 years of experience working as a Neurosurgery PA and feel that this is a really low offer. However, according to the employer this is the "going rate in the Atlanta area". FYI: The surgeon has been practicing for over 25 years but just started his own practice 3 years ago. So per management "they are still building themselves and don't have a huge budget". I had a dinner interview with the surgeon and the office manager which went really well and I could see myself working here. I don't know too many Nsgy PAs in the area since I just moved from out of state so can't compare. I was able to connect with one Nsgy PA and according to him someone with my experience should make around $120K especially if there is no bonus structure. I have 2 interventional pain management offers for $120K plus bennies plus upto $10K production bonus/year and a great schedule M-F 8:30-4:30 but my heart really lies with Neurosurgery. At the same time I don't want to take something this low and just want an offer which is fair and reasonable for my experience. What do you guys think? Any input will be appreciated! BTW their initial offer was $100K and they came up $106K. Thanks!
  21. Hello all! For those who do not know, my name is Steve. I've been on this site since back in my early Pre-PA days, over 4 years ago. I remember posting a "can I make it" thread :) Here's is where I am at now: I got in to NYIT's MSPA school right out of undergrad. I started at 21yo 9/2010. I am completing my program in a few days 5/2013 at 23yo. I got lasiks last month, seeing 20/10! During school I fell in love with my classmate, Angela, and since we have been engaged, bought an 8wk old puppy (choc lab/border collie mix) and we are moving back to her home state of Maine next week. She is in the works for a job, and I have been offered a job. I went on my first interview, received the offer and am prepared to accept it (first time's the charm?). Here is what I know: It is a urology office owned and governed by EMMC in Bangor. There are 5 physicians/surgeons, 2 PAs and one NP who all seem very happy with the office/hospital. My role would be in the office, consults in the ED and some OR time. Apparently I will soon be great at all different types of catheters and uro emergencies, and get to do some in-office procedures. The schedule is M-F 8-4, but some days aren't nearly that long, some may go over a bit. I am getting paid a yearly salary, but it is based on an hourly wage scheme. They are factoring in and are required to pay me as if I would be in the OR 40-80% of the time (I wont come closer than about 15% I think). So my salary for the first year would likely be $90k flat (or thereabout). Also built into this is one saturday call a month from 7am - 7am sunday. It requires rounding in the AM, then receiving phones calls PRN (dont need to be on site, just within about 30 minutes). They will give me an iPhone for business and actually personal use if I want it (hell no, I'm an android guy all the way (Note II!)). They are offering $20k a year loan repayment (3 year contract, then yearly after), $3000 a year towards CME with 5 days (airfare is ok, and in fact, the hospital has a travel agent that can help me arrange the flights for best pricing (and for my vacays too!)). They are going to pay moving expenses, $5000, but they are actually writing me a check, taxes withdrawn, instead of me saving receipts. They offer 403B (nonprofit hospital) with matching (not sure of % but I'm sure it's a good rate), 6... SIX... weeks PTO (including sick days and holidays), malpractice (all providers same coverage). As for the group, they are all very intelligent and knowledgeable people who love to teach. I got along with everyone thoroughly, the office is very new and nice, the staff is nice, organized, and they all want to help me and the fiancee find a home and explore the area! (my fiancee's soon likely offer is a EMMC owned FP office; same bennies!). I need to ask them about the costs of licensure, though I know they are going to help me get through all that paper-work wise, just dont know about the costs yet (maybe i can use the money from the cme/professional advancement?). - What do you all think about the offer? So, here I am, exactly 30 days until my PANCE, finishing school in a couple of days, moving my new family to Maine, to start a life of providing high-quality health care (putting a good name out there for myself AND the profession), and enjoying every bit of the great outdoors (especially this summer, as I wont start till likely late August). I am extremely excited and humbled by this offer and about everything I have going for me right now. I couldn't be happier and more ready to move into the next phase of my life. All the best, Steve
  22. Hey guys! I'm looking for some feedback. I recently received an offer at an Orthopedic practice in Florida which I would like to counter but as this is my first time negotiating I want to make sure I am asking a reasonable counter offer. I have 2 years experience working a combination of ortho/neuro/general surgery/internal medicine floor work (no OR) at a hospital and I did an orthopedic elective rotation in school. The job would be Monday through Friday, hours varying depending on the day but generally ending clinic by 5 or 6 pm. No weekends, no holidays, no night call. I would first assist in the OR 2-3 mornings per week (and hence early 6-7 am mornings those days), with the afternoons dedicated to clinic. All the surgeries are outpatient so there is no hospital rounding. The expectation is to eventually get up to seeing somewhere around 20 patients in a half day (which after watching how the office functioned didn't seem as unreasonable as it sounds). The offer: Base salary $90K Incentive of 10-20% of quarterly collections over $60K Malpractice License fees 401K $1500 CME 3 weeks PTO (CME time included in this) Non-compete clause in orthopedics 1 year after termination (not a huge issue for me) I really like the physician and the atmosphere in the clinic. I also think it would be a great learning experience and the physician is very willing to teach. I would be the only PA in the practice. The biggest issue with the offer is that the physician has 3 office locations, one of which is almost a 2.5 hour drive one way. The other two locations are within a reasonable driving distance. I was hoping to not have to go to the farthest location but they said they definitely want me to go there once a week for first assisting and clinic. So that is a round trip 5+ hour commute one day a week. They did mention the possibility of giving me the morning off the day after that long day, but that is still up in the air. They are open to other suggestions I have in terms of making that commute work for me. I would love to hear any suggestions you guys have as to things I should ask for. I was considering at least additional PTO since I have family in the Northeast and would have to travel to visit during the holidays. Please let me know if there is anything you think I should ask for or anything you wish you would have asked for! Thanks!!!
  23. Am I allowed to officially sign documents PA-C once I have passed the NCCPA exam? Do these laws differ by state?
  24. I am a new grad living near Charlotte, NC. I just received a job offer from a community health center about 40 minutes away and would love to get feedback from some of you experienced PAs out there. In addition to the details below, this clinic has a HPSA score of 17 and therefore qualifies for the $30,000 annual tax free loan repayment from the National Health Service Corps (in exchange for a 2-year commitment). I have $60K in loans, so this would be the perfect amount. The employer cannot guarantee that I'll be approved for the loan repayment, but it sounds promising. Here are the other details: Practice: Federally Qualified Health Center Hours: 40-50 weekly Base Salary: $74,000 to start with annual reviews/raises. CME Credit: $2,500 License & Membership Dues Credit: $2,000 Time Off: 4 weeks vacation + 1 week for CME + 9 paid holidays Other Benefits: Medical insurance, 401-K, and voluntary dental What do you think?
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