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Found 7 results

  1. Just wanted to start a thread for this upcoming year! Verified 6/7... CGPA- 3.83 SGPA-3.84 Patient Care - 1300 (EMT) , 150 ( voulenteer pt aid) 5 letters of rec Good luck
  2. I work in a very remote setting on the North Slope in Alaska and am lucky to have a supervising physician who believes in what we do. He even wrote it and sent it to the newspaper. http://www.adn.com/article/20141010/physician-assistants-make-alaska-care-swifter-safer Jose Diaz PA-C jose@diaztools.com
  3. I spotted this nice little blurb in one of our regional papers. There's obviously some confusion about his title as they refer to him as "Dr." but I looked him up on Mayo Health System's website and confirmed he's a PA. Janesville residents hope to bring about Mayo Clinic doc's return A petition which sat in the offices of nine local businesses for three days, received over 320 supportive signatures. Residents in Janesville let their voices be heard, hoping to make a change in the Janesville community. At the Oct. 15 Janesville City Council meeting council members discussed resident
  4. Greetings, I am currently a Speech Therapist and have been practicing for a short bit and was curious about the pre reqs. I have the A&P component met with a decent grade. I would take Pharma sometime before applying. I have taken a few undergrad science courses, along with a few major related science courses during my graduate studies and my GPA is pretty good, but I was wondering what it really takes to get accepted? Any and all comments are appreciated. I feel I have demonstrated I am capable of handling upper level classes, even though my transcripts are not loaded wi
  5. I didn't get into my school of choice this cycle. I plan on broadening my search for a future PA school this cycle and would love a critique of my personal statement! One change I have considered is to address my weaknesses as an applicant, or at least what I percieve them to be. My GPA is 3.3 and I am considering discussing that as I "re-vamp" my personal statemet. Any feedback will greatly be appreciated! Thanks in advance! 2012 PS: While I have long maintained a desire to help people in need and learn about medicine, my path to the PA field has admittedly not been a direct
  6. Does anyone have any input on NYIT's PA program (likes, dislikes, concers, pros or cons)? I am considering going there, and would love some feedback! Thanks guys and gals!:=D:
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