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Found 16 results

  1. I don't know if anyone else saw the NP ad on TV. I saw it last night on CNN. I was going to link it here, but I cannot find it. It was very professional and gave the message that NPs are being limited their practice across the country. They can provider excellent care. If you want better access to excellent care, support the NPs. My paraphrase. This is the kind of ad, that may have been helpful to the PAs a while ago.
  2. Hi everyone, I will be a new grad soon and looking for employment. My number 1 city I plan to look in for employment has significantly more NP job postings than PA. Has anyone had luck getting an interview from an NP posting? Or better yet, an offer? Were you basically convincing them why PA is better? Any advice is appreciated!
  3. hello there, I cannot get a hold of any caspa rep all morning long and thought I'd ask you guys, so a few questions. 1. Where should my calculated GPA appear? It is only on the program status page where my application that is sent to the programs appears? 2. CNA and phlebotomy transcripts....I thought having these listed under the certificates/professional license section would be sufficient, do I need to send transcripts from these places too? 3. I think there might be a glitch, but I cannot pay for my programs. Here is what happened: I initially entered 4 evaluations requests. 3 of the 4 completed them, and so I submitted my application for a few schools. So I decide to delete the 4th evaluation request, but once I did that , I am not allowed to submit payment to other school. I go back and add the 4th eval request, and the payment is not grayed out. What gives? - I only need 3 evals, and don't want a 4th eval to show up as requested when I'm not going to bother asking the person again.
  4. Has anyone used Dr. Najeeb Lectures to study?
  5. I am in a predicament. I will be graduating this May with my respiratory therapy degree and will be starting a PA program 2 weeks after. Between that time, I was thinking about taking my respiratory therapy boards to get my credentials. Unfortunately I cant sign up for the test until after I graduate. Would it be beneficial to take the exams after I graduate or should I take that time to relax and prepare for pa school? Is there any PA's out there that have benefited to have the RRT next to there name?
  6. Hi, Does anybody know much about this newer residency at Emory? I am really interested in going into critical care after graduation and think a residency or some kind of structured education could be of great benefit.
  7. Hello Everyone, I am applying this summer 2014 for several Pa programs. I have almost fullfill all the requirments. I hava BA in Biology wiht 3.5 GPA, I have taken all the necessary prerequisites courses. I recently took the GRE , I am working on my personal statment and I can secure excellent recomendation letters from my previous professors,and my health care superviosr. I am volunterring at Prince William Medical center/ Emergency Room . I have nearly 200hr of Indirect Patient Experience. I am hopfully will start shadwing a PA for about 4 weeks. Nevertheless, I have no Direct patient experience. I work full time and I had to support my family. Hence , I was not able to dedicate any time for this purpose. I really want to apply this year cycle and I am really afraid that I do not get accepted . please let me know if there are still chances for me to get in the Pa program, regradless, the lack of direct pateint experience. your feedback is greatly appreciated. Respectfully.
  8. Just wondered what anyone thinks about working in pain management. These positions open up frequently but I am leary as to joining a practice like this. I am in Houston and I just saw one paying $85-$95 per hour. Any words of wisdom on this specialty?
  9. I am currently an undergraduate in a 5 year nursing program. I was wondering what the actual difference was between a PA and DNP. I know that PA's have received more clinical training, but it seems that DNP's are in school longer and of course get to have the doctor in front of their name. I chose to be a nursing major so that I would be able to have a job right out of school and so i would be able to work (save money and pay for my own grad school) while getting the experience i need to either be a PA or DNP. I keep hearing different things about both professions, but it seems to me that both function at the basic same level of competency, so what is one doing having a doctrate while the other is only at the masters level and why is the master's level being paid more? I have also heard that hospitals prefer to hire DNP's because htey have more experience in actual patient care... I am just extremely conflicted in between the two professions. I did not want to be a doctor because I don't want to be the one that everybody looks at waiting for instructions on how to proceed to save a person's life. I want to aide the doctor, but mainly i want to be a support for the patient through their illness. Especially because of the new healthcare plan that has recently come into effect, i know that the PA and DNP professions are on the rise since they offer cheaper services. What should I do?!?!?
  10. How often are the meetings? Are they monthly? What types of things you discuss? What are the consequences of skipping them? Are they useful? Do you hate them?
  11. I realize this question has probably been presented before so I'll apologize in advance, but I just wanted to get a better understanding of how to present the differences when being interviewed, and I'm in the process of building a sort of comparison chart so that I can get as much information as possible. From the shadowing that I have done with a PA in clinic and surgery I have really only encountered one NP in the clinic, and could not "at first glance" gather enough of a difference in the method that she saw patients for clinic appointments. But I know that NPs and RNs alike are not trained in the medical model that MDs and PAs receive but rather a nursing one. I realize that NPs are also considered independent practitioners vs. the dependent practitioners or physician extenders that PAs work as. I have never directly shadowed RNs or NPs so I'm just hoping to understand that perspective a bit more. Thanks for any help with this! :)
  12. Hi all, A little backstory...I'm an RD and I'm currently obtaining my MHS in Human Nutrition. I'm working in the neonatal ICU right now and I'm planning to stay there while I complete my pre-reqs over the next couple of years. I've been set on applying to PA school after I complete my pre-reqs and eventually getting into a neonatal ICU or maybe even a PICU or general inpatient peds unit. However, so many others have told me that it's next to impossible to do NICU as a PA. I know there are some units that have PAs in NICUS (CHOP has a job open now for a NICU PA and there is a post-grad residency in KY). I've been told multiple times, however, that I should instead go to nursing school and eventually get my NP. The issue is, and this is no disrespect whatsoever to nurses, but the issue is that I feel it's a step backwards. I'll already have a master's degree and good experience under my belt as an RD and it feels like I'd be going backwards to lose the semi-autonomy that I have now and get a BSN. Whereas with a MPAS (or whatever master's degree the school I hopefully would be accepted to would offer) I would still retain that semi-autonomy and be moving laterally (IMO). So, what do you all think? If my mind is made up that I definitely want to do Peds/NICU, would you go for NP (eventually...you have to have 2 yrs experience before going back for NNP) or PA? Thanks in advance!
  13. I got the call today from Lindsey. I can't wait to meet my fellow PA students in May.
  14. Does having a BA versus a BS (both in biological sciences) affect how PA schools will accept you or not? Thanks
  15. Nurse practitioner educational programs are starting to migrate from the master’s level to the doctoral level, leading to the “Doctor of Nurse Practitioner” degree. Right now, the DNP is officially geared toward nurse practitioners in “leadership roles,” but—reading between the lines—I believe the AACN credentialing body is likely seeking the DNP for the majority of future practitioners. See this info from the American Association of the Colleges of Nursing: http://www.aacn.nche.edu/DNP/dnpfaq.htm Meanwhile, physician assistant programs remain at the M.S. or even B.S. levels. In the future, many NPs might be addressed as “Dr. So-and-So,” while PAs will be addressed as “hey you,” and be perceived as lower down the professional totem pole. I understand the DNP development is because, like everyone, NPs want to be perceived as professional as possible and have as much training as possible. But a major reason to grow the PA and NP professions—rather than to educate more MDs—is to add a LESS-expensive form of care to an elephant-sized health care system that is already straining the economy. If increasing numbers of NPs get doctorates, they will be saddled with enormous educational loans; this means their salaries will have to rise to pay for this debt. DNP salaries will soon rival that of MDs, but without medical school training. This translates into much higher health care costs, especially if trends continue and nurse practitioners grow hugely in number. If a large number of NPs embrace the DNP approach, this will drain health care dollars—and it will also put PAs in a precarious situation. My question is: will PAs be forced to likewise embrace doctoral programs? If PAs don’t embrace these programs, how will their roles change vis-à-vis the more highly-credentialed future DNPs? Or, if PAs do embrace PhD-level programs, then what will be the practical difference between a DPA (Doctorate of Physician Assistant) and an MD? One prediction I’ve personally come up with: once the DNP degree gains ground in five to 15 years, bridging programs may spring up like mad to convert PAs into MDs. This could cause the PA profession to actually shrink while the NP profession grows. Conversely, many RNs can’t afford a four to six year long DNP program costing 200k+, and so you might see a surprising number of experienced RNs flooding PA educational programs. I think the new DNP focus will have a HUGE impact on PAs. What do you think?
  16. Anybody else out there in rural practice? What challenges do you face and how do you surmount them?
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