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Found 12 results

  1. I just moved to NoCal (Silicon Valley) area due to my husband's new job. My attending in Florida contacted his friend at a major university here and got me my dream job. I have five years of pediatric surgery experience and have been told that I am expected to train the other NPs in the group (who all have less than or around one year of experience in the subspecialty). I am less than one week into my job and today I found out that one NP (who has just over one year of experience) is being paid slightly more than me. Apparently this institution counts nursing experience as part of their calculations in salary. She told me what her starting salary was which was about 8k lower than me. She has since received a raise and her salary is now just a hair above mine. Part of this is because she was the only one running the show for awhile so they may have been given a performance bonus of some sort. This was very deflating to me given that I have five years of experience being a provider, have an entire OR skillsket, and have been asked by the NPs to proctor them to first assist only to find out that they are being paid more than me. Anyone else run into these situations in this area? From what I have read on this forum the nursing unions are very strong here in NoCal. Does this apply to NPs as well? When I received my initial offer from HR I asked if there was any room for negotiation and was told no because it was based on a scale for my clinical background.
  2. Has anyone seen this on change.org https://www.change.org/p/president-of-the-united-states-independent-practice-for-physician-assistants-and-nurse-pracitioners Pretty much it's making the argument that PAs and NPs should be allowed to practice independly in family medicine to help with the opioid and mental health crisis. Thoughts? Some of the points seem pretty valid. Please delete if someone's already seen it.
  3. Hey all, I'm having some trouble deciding between becoming an RN or becoming a PA. I know there are many differences between the two professions, but that only seems to make my decision harder. Recently I just got accepted into my schools nursing program, but I'm not sure if I want to go through with it. For a very long time now I have wanted to be a PA but pretty much ruled it out because I thought the path it took to get there would be too hard. I have never been a straight A student (A's and B's with a rare C), and I know GPA is a heavily weighted factor in even getting considered for a PA program, not to mention the work you have to do if you get accepted! I am a very tenacious person. I know getting to PA school would be a challenge, but with all that considered, PA school is always on my mind. I feel like the only reason I am currently going for nursing is because I'm scared I would not be able to get into PA school (and if I don't then I'm kind of stuck). If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it!
  4. I am RN with bachelor's, a mom to a 2 year old (family). I have 1 year experience in psychiatric nursing and 2 years in Med-surg. I had made my decision to go PA route with keeping these following things in mind ( on-campus education, more clinical hour in training while in school, medical model of studying, status quo of working under a physician rather than even after NP be considered a Nurse). PA route entails me to be able to apply to limited schools (1 or 2) due to family obligation and spouse not wanting to move. To retake all pre-requisite since mine are post 9 year mark + apply in next cycle of 2018. Still do not guarantee admission since my eggs most likely will be in one basket. Not to mention the cost and time applied into it. Vs. NP school i can get started in a year. With minimum admission or pre-requisites needed on my side and less hardship on family. But i am not inclined towards the nursing model nor i have clue over how these NP function on getting a Masters degree online. I am lost on the speciality that i might be interested in making a career out of later in life. I want to work in a well paying job (job is well compensated by counting good hours, no overtime, good benefits. A job where i can balance family responsibilities as well as a fulfilling career ( challenges me on intellectual level, keeps things interesting). I don't think working independently/ autonomy matters too much but i hate micro-management (who doesn't) but love discipline (ex-military/vet). I have only worked in two fields of nursing so highly unsure if i can work under pressure in ER or critical care setting. I did well in psych. P.S i am very empathetic person, with Type B hoping to be Type A personality. Like things neat and organized at all times. Would really appreciate help and advice on navigating a career path. Thanking you all
  5. Hi everyone, I will be a new grad soon and looking for employment. My number 1 city I plan to look in for employment has significantly more NP job postings than PA. Has anyone had luck getting an interview from an NP posting? Or better yet, an offer? Were you basically convincing them why PA is better? Any advice is appreciated!
  6. Allow me to vent my frustration: In searching for a job in a NP saturated area where most docs only know about NPs and not PAs...... I applied to a position that says "Advance Practice Clinician" and got instant interest from the HR rep. We were talking back and forth and she was going to set up a site visit and interview. Suddenly she drops off the face of the planet and I cannot reach her for 2 weeks..... I see the job posting again and it now says "Nurse Practitioner." I really don't want to leave KY. I am going to be doing cold calls/letters this week.
  7. jordanvilla

    LOR Advice

    Hello All, Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. I had a quick inquiry for everyone. For my LOR's I am getting one from a PA I've been shadowing and one from a MD I've been scribing for. However, I feel a little challenged with my 3rd LOR. I work with a Nurse Practioner very closely at one of my jobs and was wondering how a LOR would look coming from a NP? Would that be contradictory or a nice variety of health care providers? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jordan
  8. The following video is one of the national ads by the AANP pushing for NP independence and autonomy. It shows a cardiology nurse practitioner ("doctor") explaining diastolic heart failure. In the video she says "there are two types of diastolic heart failure: systolic and diastolic." Twice. I am embarrassed for them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYyrW7gev7Y
  9. Minnesota is a great state in which to practice as a PA. The medical culture here is fairly PA-positive, as well. I'm very happy with my full prescribing rights, my off-site supervising, the two meetings in person per year with my collaborating MD. But oh man, is it becoming a good environment for the NPs. A recent change to state law removed the need for NPs to have oversight from MDs, and the U of MN is actually opening a neighborhood primary care clinic staffed entirely with NPs. http://bringmethenews.com/2015/03/25/the-nurse-practitioner-will-see-you-now-u-of-m-set-to-open-nurse-only-clinic/ http://www.mprnews.org/story/2015/03/24/nurse-clinic http://www.mndaily.com/news/metro-state/2015/03/24/u-opening-first-nurse-led-clinic Personally, I have mixed feelings. I wish them all the success in the world, but at the same time I really hope someone other than just the NP Program at the U is going to be tracking their data, especially as it pertains to outcomes for their patients. This looks to be an unusually ripe opportunity to measure the quality of NP care where the rubber meets the road. I also have worries about the trainee NPs who could conceivably come up through their educational process with minimal interaction with MDs and DOs, much less PAs. I wonder if some of those oddball ingrained beliefs about us will carry farther through training, and into practice? Not to mention, anything that smacks of "separate but equal" kind of raises my hackles. I can't think of a time in history that's ever been good for anybody. This could be a raging success, and in the best of scenarios it could potentially be a wake-up call for Minnesota's docs, strengthening the link with us PAs as their full partners. It could even lead to further expansion of our practice act, and more independence. On the other hand, it could be just enough rope for the NP profession to hang itself. It's gonna be an interesting few years, watching this story.
  10. Hey all - I was wondering what the work dynamic between you and your attending physicians is? For instance, do the attendings see all the patients you see? Are some places more autonomous and the attendings will only see the really sick patients? How many patients are you expected to see in a shift? How many patients are you expected to manage at a given time? I have been doing EM for about 18 months and had one month of orientation. This is my first job out of school. During a fast track shift, the attending will not see any of my patients unless I have a question or concern about a particular patient. The clinical shifts vary - there is a supervisory shift where the attending will see all your patients. Whereas some of the other shifts are set up more like a fast track shift, that is the attending will only see the really sick ones or a patient I may have a significant concern about. We work 8 hour shifts and are expected to see at least 13 patients per clinical shift, more for fast track. At times one midlevel may be managing up to 9 clinical patients, many of which could be high acuity cases. Furthermore, during a fast track shift we are managing 9 rooms and at times this may include multiple lacerations, I&Ds, and other types of similar procedures. Sometimes I feel like I'm being stretched too thin, but that may also be because I only have 18 months of experience. I'm just curious how other EDs compare...thanks in advance.
  11. Hi! First time poster here. I want to start off by saying that I got accepted into PA school and am extremely excited for the opportunity, it truely is a dream come true! I have been doing a lot of research into the future of the profession and I would like to hear your thoughts about where you see the profession heading. 1. Do you believe that within the next 10 or 20 years specialty certification will be required for all specialties and employment opportunities? If so do you think it would be a positive change? 2. All you read about nowdays is that PAs are needed more than ever with projected growth into the future...but what happens when the baby boomer generation passes away? What happens when all of the new PA schools that have been pumping out thousands of new graduates reach a point where there isn't a great need anymore? Will this day come of complete saturation, if so how long? 3. NPs have moved into doctoral degrees and seem to be trying to set themselves up as a superior choice to a PA, do you believe that they pose any danger to the future of the profession? Will PA Masters programs transition into PhD programs? Thanks in advance for your answers! I chose to be a PA because of the flexibility, stability, opportunity to help others, and have never met a PA that wasn't happy...I just don't want that to change down the road!
  12. Attached is an article written by a Nurse with a doctorate of nursing science. Since I see so many talk about how negative nurses are about PAs, which I personally don't see often, I thought it would be nice for all to see how one institution sees them as equals and advocates for both practicing at the top of their license.
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