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Found 26 results

  1. Hello all! As the cycle is set to begin on the 27th I thought I would make a thread for this years cycle!
  2. Hi! Does anyone here have suggestions for succeeding in this course? Focus on what's in the textbook? Only need to know what's on the lecture slides? Thanks! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  3. Hello! Im a pre-PA student in North Carolina. Does anyone know of any PA shadowing opportunities in the Charlotte area? Thank you!
  4. I am looking to shadow in the Raleigh Durham area ; been trying to send messages via linkedIn to multiple places, but to no avail. Does anyone on here know someone who is accepting pre-pa shadowing? Being a PT I would love to follow someone in Ortho or Pain Management, but I am happy to shadow any specialty ; there is something to learn in all settings!
  5. Didn't see a thread for the current application cycle. Please post link if there is already a topic. I got an email on July 6th that my application has been received and was given an application status link. Has anyone gotten an interview?
  6. GratefulPA29

    NC Schools

    Recent applicant accepted to multiple NC schools. Wondering if it is worthwhile to attend some of the private, high-ranked schools or if it makes more sense to favor in-state tuition, especially with sights set on primary care? Schools I applied to: Duke, Wake, Campbell, UNC, ECU Would appreciate insight into any of the above programs, and whether the private schools really do give you a leg up! Thank you!
  7. I know it is early in the cycle, but I figured I would start a thread! Who else is applying? I am hoping to submit by end of next week!
  8. HusbandofPA

    How to check on license process

    My wife graduated from her program and took the PANCE in December. After she found out that she passed the exam, in January, she applied for multiple jobs. Luckily, she was offered a job at a pediatrician's office in Charlotte, NC. She immediately applied for her license and took all the necessary steps to get her background check. That was 9 weeks ago! She hasn't received any updates from either the SBI or the medical board. In fact, after calling and emailing each one they simply send her to the opposite organization for answers. Obviously it is frustrating since the license is the only thing in the way of her starting her career. Is there any way to speed up this process or even just know for sure what stage her application is at? Any suggestions or help is much appreciated!
  9. Hello! I am looking for a Physician Assistant to shadow in the triangle area or even a little further out if necessary. Please let me know if you are available.
  10. Hi all, I'm looking into starting a surgical first assist business. It will be basically a company of one, myself. I have read if you are a professional who requires any type of license to work in a specific state, then it'll be better to PLLC or Inc your business and not LLC. I live and work in NJ and will not be traveling outside of my state to work. Which type of business is the best for me? PLLC, LLC, Inc? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  11. orangepuma

    Wake EM

    Hello, Just curious if any fellow PAs are working for Wake EM Physicians,PA in NC. If so can you please offer some information (pros and cons, fast track vs main, fairly compensated, the area etc) Thank you!
  12. http://www.pardeehospital.org/employment/physician-opportunities.html Physician Assistant (PA-C) or Nurse Practitioner (NP) -- Pardee Emergency Physicians Opportunity to join our fast-paced, efficient interdisciplinary team with the common goal of providing caring, compassionate, and excellent patient care. At Pardee UNC Health Care we pride ourselves as being a leader in patient-focused, state-of-the art health care services. Our 12 provider team serves more than 30,000 patients per year in our 24-bed, level two Emergency Department. Provider will work under the direct supervision of a Board Certified ED physician to provide a broad spectrum of comprehensive medical services, treating patients with physical ailments, ranging from superficial injuries to acute medical disorders. Case mix complexity consists primarily of routine cases in a structured environment with ample supervision. EMR experience and prior Emergency Department experience required. For consideration please send Resume to: Lilly Bonetti, FASPR Physician & Advance Practitioner Recruiter Pardee Hospital 800 North Justice Street Hendersonville, NC 28791 lilly.bonetti@pardeehospital.org No Visa Sponsorship No Recruitment or Placement Firm Inquiries Accepted
  13. Hello! I am looking for shadowing opportunities for this summer in Northern Virginia. I am open to shadowing anywhere but would prefer a hospital setting. All help would be greatly appreciated :)
  14. Does Emory have any December interview dates? I was offered an interview in January but I was already accepted to a program that starts in January.
  15. MainePA

    Wilmington, NC

    My family is looking into options of a warmer climate than Maine and have become attracted to the Wilmington, NC area. Does any have any input on how this area is for family, working as a PA in regards to EM job options and salary? I've noticed some advertisements from ApolloMD, an organization we don't have in Maine, anyone have thoughts on this group? Overall take of being a PA in NC? Lastly, anyone have experience in NC as a PA in the National Guard--wondering how slotting looks for interstate transfers. Thanks!
  16. Please contact Ms Terry Mulligan at tmulligan@gardner-Webb.edu with questions. I am no longer at GWU and previous comments may not be current.
  17. I was wondering if anyone has found any shadowing opportunities in Asheville or possibly the Candler/Canton area?? I would appreciate any help you guys could give me! Thanks a bunch
  18. I plan on finishing whatever prerequisite courses I need to apply and I have already began shadowing a PA. My question revolves around direct patient contact. I graduated from a tech program where I had to do 825 hours of clinical experience in a cardiac cath lab and another 188 hours in echocardiography and vascular scanning. I decided after to continue my education and really go after my dream and become a PA. My question is if I can use that clinical time as my direct patient contact hours considering I can get the documentation for it and it was with an allied health fully accredited program. Any help would be really appreciated :)
  19. Does anyone know of clinical sites taking students in Wilmington NC or the surrounding area? I am hoping to set up an elective rotation there for next year- thanks!!
  20. Hey there! I'm new to this site and I'm hoping to find a few PAs in the area that would be willing to let me shadow them. It can be a one-time thing, or multiple days per week/month. I plan on applying to PA programs in Spring/Summer 2013. I work for Duke Clinical Laboratories but I haven't had any luck in getting contacts within the Duke system. I have a great resume and references, if that makes a difference. Hope to hear from you! Thanks! MikeyRay micah.tobin@duke.edu
  21. I am a new grad, and accepted a really good fam practice/peds offer in NC. I wanted to move and start work ASAP, but the board is telling me FOUR MONTHS for my license credentials. The office is telling me I can't start until then, but I was under the impression that I could be trained while waiting? Anyway, that is the impression they gave me in the interview. The doc seems urgent for me to start, emailing me everyday asking how things are going, but the practice administrator is not budging. I am kind of in limbo with everything else in my life right now (finances, living situation, boyfriend quit his job, etc) soo would it be out of line for me to ask them to give me an estimated date? Now, I am just waiting for the board.. and don't know if I need to get another job, move, etc. while waiting. And does it really truly take FOUR MONTHS?!?! Thanks for your help :) Jenni
  22. I just moved to Charlotte from Dallas TX where I was a CT surgical PA for 4 years, proficient in hearts (EVH), vascular and lungs. I am a mom of 2 young boys, want to be home during the week while my husband works and wondering if anyone thinks there are opportunities to cover weekend call or 1 day/week still doing CT. I love hearts, and with young babies and a new place, would love to stay with the speciality and not have to jump into something brand new.
  23. Annika

    Rotations in SW NC

    I have posted here before, and have gotten great answers/ideas. So... Now, I am in my 2nd year and smack dab in the middle of rotations. I believe our program is like many; we have 6 core rotations, an elective, as well as a preceptorship. We get to choose what we'd like to do the latter 2 rotations in, and so, I am working towards those with doing the time in NC/SC. My thinking is that I should do the elective in something internal medicine like- (hospitalist/ED/Cards perhaps?) just to gain that nuts and bolts that you might (or more importantly) might NOT see in FP so I have a greater comfort level when approaching these areas in my eventual real job. I would really like to find a rotation in the area- both to test the waters, and see if there might be a good fit, and to get known as a real live breathing person other than what is on a piece of paper. I think so much of what makes things work in a practice is the mesh of personalities. St. Lukes is about 5 miles from my house in Tryon, but I am unsure how to proceed from this point. Does anyone have any ideas or know anyone that might be a contact? I did speak to a MD in Asheville, and had a psuedo interview that went well, and that could work out-which would be great, but am somewhat concerned that I need more "intense" experience before I get into primary care practice as my career. The position that I am looking at there is somewhat independent-at least as a PA can be, and I just worry about that a bit as a new grad. Ideally, I would like to be at St. Lukes- close to home, and I hear really is sinking a lot of energy into improving services and the perception of the surrounding area. I have joined NCAPA, as well as SCAPA to cover all bases. Thanks for any thoughts/ideas.

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