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Found 2 results

  1. I need some advice in choosing a school. I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into two different programs. Let me start by saying that I am a non-traditional student. Where I go my husband and two kids will have to go too. The school I think may be better educationwise is not necessarily the one I think will be the best move for my family. School A: 1A. Has cadaver lab 2A. Has simulation lab 3A. Been around since 1992 4A. 99% 5 year first time PANCE pass rate 5A. 27 months-12 months didactic-15months clinicals 6A. Area with higher cost of living 7A. area with awful traffic 8A. tuition of $107,000 School B: 1B. Has no cadaver lab 2B. Has no simulation lab 3B. Been around since 2005 4B. 100% 5 year first time PANCE pass rate 5B. 27 months-15 months didactic-12 months clinicals 6B. Area with lower cost of living 7B. Husband really wants to move there 8B. Tuition of $73,000 9B. Student to faculty ratio is 6:1 Should I be worried that school B doesn't have a cadaver or simulation lab? It does have a 100% 5 year first time PANCE pass rate. I am leaning more towards school B because it is $34,000 less and reason 7B. I think if my husband and kids enjoy living there they will give me more time to study. If I were a traditional student and didn't already have debt and a family to consider I think I would choose school A but 100k+ in grad loans plus debt from undergrad is nothing to take lightly.
  2. I am racking my brain trying to devise a plan to get back to school. It is a weird predicament I am in it seems, but I can't imagine I am the only 40-something person with a Biology degree that wants to go back to school for a medical career. But here is the problem: My degree (BSE in Biology) is 21 years old and therefore I have to retake the prereqs to get into a PA program. For the PA Program at UMKC it's 37 hours of prereqs in which I've had all but 9 hours. UMKC require they be 7 years old or less. I have to be working towards a degree to receive financial aid. Taking prereqs is not working towards a degree. I cannot work towards another Biology degree because to be admitted to do that, the new degree has to have 30 hours of classes I have not already taken. Therefore I am not able to receive financial aid because my BSE in Biology was very thorough. I have gained a lot of experience the last 21 years, but I have not amassed a fortune that could help me pay for school. So the question is, how do people in my situation pay to retake their prereqs for a medical career? The PA programs don't accept my classes because they are too old (I don't blame them, I do need to brush up on my Biology and Chemistry) but I cannot come back to take them because I already have a degree and can't declare a different Biology major because I've had almost all those classes before, therefore I cannot receive financial aid. Also, I have not decided on being a PA on a whim, I first decided in 1995 that I wanted to do it, but life took me on quite the journey to get to this spot. Any ideas? Feel free to forward this to anyone you think could help. Thanks so much! Eric Benjamin feedyourmonkey@gmail.com adventuremonkey.com
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