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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, Looking to get a jump start on the 2019-2020 cycle conversation. Specifically folks who will be applying to North Carolina PA schools next cycle. Any advice from members that are accepted or are currently in school at Wake Forest, Duke, Chapel Hill or ECU. I will be applying to these four schools in the upcoming cycle. Any advice or areas for improvement? I am a post-bac student Critical care nurse and have been nursing for 4 1/2 years. I have only done ER and Critical care nursing at WakeMed ER, Mount Sinai (NYC) ER, and Wake Forest Baptist Medical ICU in Winston-Salem. I was an Emergency Tech (NA) for two years during nursing school. I am an ACLS instructor BLS/ACLS/TNCC certifications. GRE 309 (verbal 156, quant 153, 4.0 writing). ~7000 hours patient contact 4.0 post-bac which is all of the pre-requisites except microbiology. (I think this will come out to a 3.9 in CASPA...I have an A- in a class..but..) Took some upper level biochem, medical anthropology... 3.6 previous sGPA and overall GPA 3.5-3.6. Volunteer at a community clinic for underserved/uninsured population Volunteer at a boxing facility for Parkinson's patients Shadowing PAs in ICU and Surgery Look forward to talking with all of you! Thanks for any advice! Hope I'm not the only nervous body around! Lauren
  2. Hello everyone! So I have a BS in Biology (2015) and since then I've been working as a server at a nursing home because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life. I was stuck between becoming a physician or a PA. For a long time I was set on MD/DO but as time went on I realized that it was mostly about the money for me. I grew up poor and that largely impacted my decision. After lots of soul searching and tuning out my family's wishes, I've decided for sure that becoming a PA is what is right for me. Now I have to figure out where to begin and go from here and I need help. So here's a rundown of my current stats: cGPA: 2.97 sGPA: 3.09 (I used the Berkley gpa calculator that supposedly calculates the same way that caspa does, hopefully these are correct) GRE: Haven't taken yet Research: None Volunteering: 62 hours in cancer center and patient transport at a hospital (ongoing), 50 hours as a tutor at a community center, 20 hours at a day care center, and I will be volunteering at a free clinic soon enough. I enjoy serving others and I have a big interest in underserved communities. Direct Patient Care (paid): None. Considering LPN (length of time is a concern), CNA, MA. Shadowing: None with a PA, 8hrs with ER doctor I know I have lots of improving to do. My grades are my number one priority right now. Are post baccs/smps a common thing with pre-pa? If my gpa calculations are correct, around 44 credits of 4.0 work would push me to a 3.1 (cgpa) and around 3.2 (sgpa). Should I look into formal programs? Is LPN worth the time commitment? I am an African American woman and I am not picky with the schools I'll apply to as long as their PANCE pass rate is good to go. SO HALP MEH! Please.
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