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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I recently graduated from a PA program and am wanting to work as a hospitalist PA. However, I am running into some obstacles and am hoping you all can give me some guidance. Here's the story: 1) I have no experience (many hospitals seem to prefer hiring acute care NPs, or they want at least a year of experience in INPATIENT medicine, so I can't even go work primary care for a year to get experience. Also I didn't do any elective rotations in hospitalist medicine because I didn't figure out that's what I wanted to do until after my electives were already chosen. I do try to play up my inpatient rotation as much as possible but 6 weeks experience only goes so far.) 2) I have no connections. Because I went to school on the east coast and always planned on returning to the west coast I didn't do much networking (I know, dumb move. Live and learn). And because I worked in health education before PA school none of the contacts that I do have have any connections to inpatient medicine. Also I don't particularly want to stay in the state I am living in so that further narrows contacts. 3) There don't seem to be many hospitalist PA jobs? I am not sure if this is true or not but it seems like at least in the areas I am looking there aren't that many. I am willing to relocate within the western US so I figured there would be more opportunities but I am just not coming across many. Is hospitalist a pretty niche area? If I am trying to catch a unicorn then maybe I will refocus my efforts. A few additional questions- If I can't get a hospitalist position what other inpatient opportunities should I look for? (SICU and MICU tend to require even more experience so that's probably not an option either. I could do surgery but I feel like it would be crappy to do that for a year just to get experience so I could move on to what I really want to do). Are there any buzzwords or anything I should be using to improve my CV? I always write individualized cover letters and do well with the few initial phone interviews with hospital recruiters that I get but then it seems to stall when they pass my info on to the supervising physicians. Any other thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. To keep a long story short - I am 24 years old and attending South University in Savannah, GA for Psychology. I originally wanted to do something along the lines of neurology, psychiatry, or pathology. Ultimately, I have gained an extreme interest in becoming a PA. My main concerns are my chances of acceptance into a PA program - specifically the program provided at South University in Savannah, GA. I do not have any experience in the medical field. I've worked at Gulfstream Aerospace (a very good job/position) in Savannah for almost 3 years. I make about $60,000 per year in my current position, so it would be hard for me to leave to become something like an EMT to gain experience in a field and still having the possibility of not even being accepted into the program. By the time I finish my undergrad, my resume when applying to the PA program will look something along the lines of: 3.4 GPA, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (yes, I know it's not science, but I will take all the prerequisites), with no real-life experience. Also, I will be 27 years old, which seems a tad old. What are the chances of me being accepted with a decent GPA, bachelors in Psych, and no experience?
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