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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, I am set to graduate in August, but I have started looking for jobs because I want to work as soon as I can after graduation and PANCE. My current interests are Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Hospitalist. I am living in Texas currently, and I am planning to stay here. But I have a hard time finding a job, most are specialty-based, on top of that, 90% requires you to have 2+ years experience. I was wondering if you guys have any tips or resources that are open to new grads. Thanks.
  2. I hope some of you will help me with this. Thanks already! I have recently received a job offer in rural family medicine clinic that is located 3.5 hours from home. There is a NP and a physician full time at the clinic. This will be my first job since PA school. I went to 1 interview with them and they paid for travel and hotel. I genuinely enjoyed speaking with the staff during my interview and I would be very happy to work there. When I got the phone call for the offer a couple of days ago, they only mentioned salary and he said because I will be full time I will have full benefits. Before the interview, they emailed me a benefits book that included this: Salary: $81,369.60 yearly at $39.12/hour 2016 AAPA salary for family medicine 0-1 year (In the US) 10th: $70,000 with $300 bonus ($40/hr) 25th: $78,250 with $1000 bonus ($43.01/hr) 50th: $85,000 with $5000 bonus($45.00/hr) 75th: $90,000 with $10,000 bonus ($51.00/hr) 90th: $95,111 with $15,600 bonus ($61.00/hr) 0 - 1 year for my state 10th: $25,000 with $2000 bonus 25th: $75,000 with $4000 bonus 50th: $80,000 with $5000 bonus 75th: $90,000 with $6000 bonus 90th: $93,000 with $11,000 bonus I don't know yet if I will get a bonus besides the sign-on bonus. Schedule: No weekends, no on-call, no admissions. Monday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Tuesday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Wednesday: 8am – 11:30am Thursday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Friday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Medical and dental: Coverage effective after 30 days of satisfactory employment. Basic life insurance 1x my annual base earnings up to a maximium of $500,000. Coverage is effective the first day of the month following 90 day of satisfactory employment. PTO (vacation, holidays, personal time, sick time); begin accruing PTO hours on first day of employment. ` Exempt: 0-60 months (up to 5 years) accrued rate per hr: 0.1077 maximum hours accrued annually: 224 Maximum 8 hr days accrued annually: 28 Maximum PTO hours accumulated: 848 What I was told during the interview: They will cover CME, licensure and DEA fees. They will provide relocation allowance and they will provide a sign-on bonus. I will be trained on the job. They have an on site physician and NP to help me as I see patient. I will have 30 mins per patients and at first I will have 8-10 patients per day. All new patients to the practice. On average, the the PAs there see 16-18 patients per day. Questions that I have: As a new grad, do we negotiate from the 50th % and up? Can I negotiate salary before they tell me CME, sign on bonus amount ect? How can I negotiate a better salary considering my state's salary range? The offer was via phone, do I need to accept the offer first for them to put everything they told me on paper? I will ask about malpractice insurance, yearly bonus, number of days of CME and how much, holidays off, annual raise and contract term if any. Any other questions and tips to better my counter offer email? Thank you so much.
  3. Hi Everyone, I just graduated in July and passed my boards in July. I am really confused about the license process, I handed in the forums to the NCCPA but some of my classmates are talking about DEA and NPI number? What are the steps after passing boards for licensure, I sent my pass to NYS but not sure what other steps i need to be taking before starting a job. thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a new grad with a vascular surgery offer. Duties are mostly at the hospital as a first assist, rounding, consults, pre-op, post-op. On call 1-2 times a week (OR only, no phone calls). Work one weekend a month. Physicians willing to teach with established PA's in the practice. Base salary: $85,000; annual raises (~3%) dependent on hospital attaining certain goals. 3 weeks PTO includes sick days $2000 CME with 5 days paid License, DEA, certifications covered. Malpractice insurance. Health insurance covered 75% Sign on bonus: $10,000 I'd really appreciate your input here. Thanks a lot!
  5. I am a new grad, and accepted a really good fam practice/peds offer in NC. I wanted to move and start work ASAP, but the board is telling me FOUR MONTHS for my license credentials. The office is telling me I can't start until then, but I was under the impression that I could be trained while waiting? Anyway, that is the impression they gave me in the interview. The doc seems urgent for me to start, emailing me everyday asking how things are going, but the practice administrator is not budging. I am kind of in limbo with everything else in my life right now (finances, living situation, boyfriend quit his job, etc) soo would it be out of line for me to ask them to give me an estimated date? Now, I am just waiting for the board.. and don't know if I need to get another job, move, etc. while waiting. And does it really truly take FOUR MONTHS?!?! Thanks for your help :) Jenni
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