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Found 30 results

  1. Hi - I am a new graduate who passed the PANCE June 5th. I am looking for jobs in the NY/NJ area and spend each day looking at the job boards. Are there any other suggestions for where to search out jobs? I am interested in many fields- excluding surgery. I just want to be able to get a job and get some experience so I can become more competitive. With COVID19 hitting this area so hard, I know why it is difficult at this time but would like any advice I can get (as well as any possible leads!). Thank you for your time.
  2. I have a prior MS in Exercise Physiology (research emphasis) and then completed a dual degree PA program getting a MS in Management w/ the School of Business before starting the MMS for PA. The extra degrees will certainly be resume builders, but how much should I expect to use them for negotiating starting salaries? Should I expect a higher starting offer due to them or is that naive? Starting to have discussions with some practices and was hoping to get some ideas on the value those provide before it moves towards contract talks. I don't want to sell myself short, but don't want to come off as pompous and overvalue myself either! I would be interested in either Ortho/Sports Med or Cardiology Looking in NC. Currently in Winston-Salem, NC at Wake Forest University Appreciate the insight anyone can provide!
  3. Hello all, First time posting here. I am currently a PA-S2 with an expected graduation date of July 2020. I’m unsure about my career after graduating from PA School, and was wondering about any benefits that may come with joining the military after I become certified. Any and all information regarding life/work in specific branches is greatly appreciated as I have no information on the topic as of now. Thank you!
  4. Hello Everyone, I am graduating PA school in August and have been given a job offer in Gastroenterology. I am really excited for this job, but don't know how to negotiate the contract or if it is good enough as it stands. starting pay is $90,000 salary. mentions bonuses but does not have in writing a sign on bonus moving bonus, RVU performance, or pay raises. PTO 3 weeks, sick leave 1 week, CME 1 week. $1500 CME per year. year to year contract malpractice is included but does not mention a tail an 18 month non compete that covers two counties. I would cause irreparable damage if I break this non compete. my negotiating leverage (I was an endoscopy tech for two years. did my masters thesis on GERD. I speak Spanish fluently).
  5. Hello Fellow EM colleagues, I am a new graduate who will be starting in the emergency department this month. I am extremely excited to return to the ED after having worked in the ED as a technician for 6 years. I am looking for any recommendations on studying material, reference books, bootcamps etc anything that will help begin my career in EM. Thank you so much for any feedback!!! -New Grad
  6. Hello! I am currently awaiting a hard copy of a verbal offer given for a general surgery position. One of my preceptors told me to ask for a higher salary no matter what the original offer was. As a new grad, I am unsure how to go about asking for a higher salary. I was wondering if anyone had any general advice on how to approach this situation. Thank you!
  7. Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows of any derm private offices in Queens/Long Island/Manhattan NY open to hiring a new graduate! Please let me know, MUCH APPRECIATED! If not, does anyone know how to get into dermatology as a new graduate? I was unable to do a Derm rotation during PA school but I spent time aside some of my rotations shadowing at a dermatology practice. Really trying to get in but most places want 2-3 years prior DERM experience..
  8. Hello! I am a recent PA graduate, just got my certification and state licensure in the last month. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with my first child, and am looking for my first job out of PA school. My baby will be due in early February, and I'm barely showing now, to the point where it's not noticeable in most clothing. When in the interviewing/ hiring process should I mention my pregnancy? I know that it is not legal for them to ask me, nor am I obligated to disclose this. I have recently done an interview at a large county hospital, and am waiting to hear back on their decision. My plan currently is to disclose my pregnancy after they give me a letter of intention, but before I sign the contract. Some people have told me to wait until I already have signed the contract, but it seems like getting off on the wrong foot to me, as it could be construed as purposefully misleading. My hope is that I can show good faith by disclosing this before both parties sign the contract, but by not telling them during the interview I minimize the risk of me being totally ruled out due to my pregnancy (which I know is not supposed to happen but obviously does). As far as maternity leave, I know that I won't be eligible under FMLA, so I am thinking I may have to use some combination of PTO, short term disability, or just have my husband use his unpaid FMLA time to help while I have to go to work (if I only get a few weeks off). In a month or two, once I start really showing (and if I haven't found a job yet), I think I will realistically have to mention it in an interview, just because it'll be noticeable and kind of an 'elephant in the room.' The only other idea I had was to work locums for 2-3 months before my baby comes, so I could save up some money, and get a permanent job after my baby is a few months old, but I've seen most people have discouraged new grads from locums work. Ultimately, I don't want to make any decisions that could impact my new career long term or jeopardize my license, so I'm now leaning against locums work. Any thoughts from other moms who have been through similar issues would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Curious if anyone had recommendations for useful gastroenterology books, as I will begin working in an inpatient & outpatient setting in 2 weeks. I would like to study the "basics" so the practice doesn't instantly regret hiring me ;) Any recommendations (or even advice) is greatly appreciated! Thanks! (P.S. -- yes, I did see that the same question was posted in 2011. Though, would like to see if people have different ideas 7 years later!)
  10. Hi everyone, I am a new graduate, and I just received an Ortho PA job offer in coastal California. I will start training (same salary) as soon as I finish my boards, while I am waiting for my licenses to process. The job is M-F from 8-5. OR 1-2 days/week, but not when I initially start. Call time was not mentioned in the contract, but it's about once/month (no additional pay) What's offered: - Base Salary: 100k - At-will contract; If I stay less than a year, then I have to repay the licenses, relocation bonus, CME. etc. back to the employer. - Health insurance, vision, and dental - Incentive bonus: available after 3 months (PA's at the company said that I probably wouldn't reach the bonus requirement until 9-12 months) - PTO: 10 days/year (accrue on a pro-rated semi-monthly basis from the date employment commences) - 9 paid holidays - sick days: 5 days/year (accrue after 3 months) - CME: $2,500 and 5 days off (in addition to the 10 days PTO) - All licenses covered: reimbursement for Board expenses, initial licenses and license renewals, including D.E.A. and California license - $4,000 relocation bonus - Three memberships reimbursed: example AMA or CMA - Gas reimbursement: I have to drive to the satellite locations a few days/week. - Malpractice: company covers professional liability insurance with tail coverage What's not offered: - retirement (401k) What do you think of this offer? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  11. I will be graduating soon and will be moving to Manhattan this summer. Are there any hospitals in the area that hire new PA grads to work the ER? EMed would be my top choice but the sense that I am getting is that new grads are generally not hired in the Manhattan are to work in the ED. I also know that NYP Cornell has a residency program for EMed, maybe that's where they pool their new grads from? I would be interested in looking for a position rather than a residency! Anyone that moved from a different field into EMEd in Manhattan? Thanks!
  12. Hey all Just graduated end of July and am starting my first job in Family med with a large group with multiple offices. The office I'm starting in is perfect with 2 physicians and another PA that has been a mentor to me. However, just found out that apparently I'm being moved to a different office with 2 NPs in less than a month. Unsure how to proceed as I really don't feel like I'll be successful in an office with no physician and without anyone I'm comfortable asking questions to so soon. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hey all! I am getting ready to interview for a dermatology "residency" position at a very large and expanding dermatology clinic with offices that serve almost the entire state I live in. After requesting the interview with me, the company sent me a very simplistic form of the terms of the contract for residency prior to interviewing. Holy crap, it is a DOOZY. So, without further ado... 4 Year MINIMUM contract. 1st yr: "fellowship pay" = $30,000/yr 2nd-4th yrs: $90,000 + 25% production bonus above $400,000 in collections $2000 CME Licensing fees/textbooks/equipment paid Full benefits (paid? not paid? not sure.) Covered malpractice w/ tail. No mention of PTO or vacation days. 3 Year RESTRICTIVE COVENANT for 30 mile radius of all clinics this practice owns (not just the one you worked in). Thus, you are basically barred from employment unless you leave this area for good. Or, it's a $100,000 buyout. I'm PRETTY CERTAIN RCs are not enforceable, especially without a partnership agreement. There you have it, folks. I haven't canceled the interview yet, because my curiosity is piqued to hear their logic behind this befuddling term sheet. But I'm certainly not signing up for anything remotely close to that.
  14. Hi, I am a new graduate in the northern VA/MD area (DC suburbs) and completed a 4 week derm rotation during clinicals. I received an offer recently and want to see how it compares to other derm PAs, and what I should negotiate for... Based on the recent AAPA salary report, a PA with 0-1 years of experience makes $90,000 in the 75% and $100,000 in the 90%, not including bonus. I would expect this area to make in 90% since it serves several of the "richest counties in the U.S." 78,000 base salary, reassessed after 5 months and again at one year (will shadow for first ~3 months) 5 days per week, 9-5 Bonus- 20% after 300,000 generated eligibility for health insurance after 3 months $3000 CME annually License fees paid $50 tax free cell phone/month 3 week paid vacation--- including sick/vacation/CME Noncompete for 2 years after employment of 5 mile radius Payment of your employer taxes and malpractice insurance premiums by the practice. To compare, I recently got offered a family med offer also, paying $78,000 for first 3 months, then $80,000 with $2,000 CME, 3 weeks vacation, 1 week CME, 6 days sick leave, employer contributed health insurance, and covered dental insurance... I know the salary is low, based on the area, even if I am shadowing/training for first few months. What should I renegotiate? I really want to work in dermatology and know that I need the experience to break into the field.
  15. Hello All; I am currently a "3rd year" PA student (our program offers an extra 9 months of Advance Clinical Practice training) and I anticipate graduating in March 2016. In brief, my experience includes working approximately 40/wk in four different Level 1 and Level 2 emergency departments throughout the greater Chicago metro area, I have acquired over 1500 hours of direct patient care experience working in both the fast track and main emergency room. I looking to relocate to either Houston or San Antonio. Of course for the right offer, I am open to other areas as well. So far I have been scouting potential opportunities on various job sites like indeed.com, doccafe.com and PAjobsite.com, not to mention several conversation with recruiters. I was wondering, if there is anyone else who as a new grad got there start in the ER and if so perhaps you can share some pointers with me? Thanks!
  16. Hello, I am a new grad and am currently trying to decide between a neurology and urgent care position. I one day see myself in primary care and want to make sure whatever job I choose will benefit my future goal. I need to respond to the neurology position by weeks end. I am currently wondering if it would be wise to enter neurology as a new grad if I don't plan on staying in that field forever? Also any additional advice on neuro would be great as I have not seen too much in regards to neurology as a new grad! Thank you!!
  17. Hello- I am a new graduate looking for my first job. I recently interviewed at a practice comprised of both chiropractors and DOs, who treat personal injury, MVA injury, and workplace injury patients. Almost all of their pts are referred from lawyers. I felt good about the position during the interview, but after talking with my family, I am concerned that I could end up possibly being involved in a shady operation. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with this? The concern was that pts could work with a lawyer and (possibly falsely or manipulatively) claim an injury, which would be evaluated by the medical practice. Then the information gained in the evaluation could be used to fraudulently file claims against insurance companies. I do not want to be involved with fraudulent activity in any way, and especially as a new graduate! Any advice or insight would be appreciated.
  18. Does Emory have any December interview dates? I was offered an interview in January but I was already accepted to a program that starts in January.
  19. I need help. First off, this is the draft I liked the most out of many that I've written up. 1.) I need to condense this by 1000ish words 2.) I need to focus more on why PA I think...but Its honest and probably the most personal essay that I can come up with. ANY constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. I'm still working on making this something I will be proud to apply with...and yes I know there are grammar mistakes, but feel free to fix those too. It was during my junior year of college that I had begun physical therapy to rehabilitate my recently discovered herniated disc in my lower back. The pain was excruciating. I remember getting out of the shower one morning, walking to my room and almost passing out from the pain it took to just move. Needles shooting down my leg, radiating from my back each time I sat, made sitting through class unbearable as well as any relaxation time outside of school work. I began to do homework standing up that semester because it was the most pain free way to get things done. I began having to sit out of events with friends because I was unable to cope with too much movement and began focusing more on my health. My Physical Therapist was doing her best to get me back into normal form and I was committed to rehabilitating myself, but it was an extensive and long few months. After months of conditioning and stretching, the pain gradually subsided with commitment from myself and my therapist. Although this was a very unpleasant time for me, I also had time for my own personal reflection. I noticed that even before my ailment, I had felt that something in me was missing. An emptiness, a void something that is difficult to explain yet provided a driving force for change. Feeling a lack of control and vulnerability made me think about my life and the path I was setting for myself. This event triggered, my realization that my life began to feel to circular. School, vacation, work, friends and repeat. Going from point A to B to C was routine and a sense of routine normalcy left me unappreciative of my surrounding environment. The tunnel vision I had previously developed, was withholding me from the possibilities the world has to offer. I have always been goal oriented and have enjoyed accomplishing challenging feats that I set for myself. Throughout college, becoming a Physician Assistant was the major goal. It was on the forefront of my decisions. Participating in the Baystate Education Partnership in high school which introduced me to the field of medicine was invigorating. Witnessing a cesarean section for the first time as well as observing a pediatrician sparked my interest in the field.Successfully receiving my EMT-Basic certificate put the responsibilities of quality patient care in my hands. Working as such through UMass EMS, allowed me to put my skills to use. Volunteering at Baystate Medical Center’s ER has kept me constantly moving to assist all types of patients with personal attention. Shadowing Martha, an Emergency Room PA herself, allowed me to discover what the occupation further entails and kept me moving forward. I have a passion for medicine. I have been reaching for my dream to become a PA for quite a while. But during myperiod of dormancy, I began to realize that I needed a change of pace. Feeling huddled within a society that was constricting my potential to veer off the path I was set on, a fear of exploring what the universe has to offer, it was my turn to shy away from the ordinary and the comforts of my life.I asked myself what I wanted from potentially traveling overseas. What could I achieve over there, that I cant here? I thought to myself, “If there is one thing I want to take away from this experience, its to just explore.” 7 months later, I was flying to Spain and beginning a small chapter in my life. I was set to live with a host mother in Sevilla and meet a group of other college students ready to take on a new adventure as well. These 4 months provided an invaluable learning experience for me that I could not have achieved anywhere else. Sevilla is the heartland of tradition, romance and “siesta.” In Sevilla, not many people speak English, so learning to communicate with others everyday was a challenge but rewarding.Charades was a powerful tool I developed and I began to react to body language alot more. I gained knowledge of different household customs from my time spent with Carmen, my host mother. She treated me with compassion and a warm heart. Coming back from class she woul say “buenos dias hijo” or “good day son”. I felt welcomed and apart of her “familia”. I tried foods that I had no idea what I was ordering, hiked in regions I’ve never heard of and met people I may never speak to again. The friends I acquired helped to craft an unforgettable experience.The lessons I learned are invaluable. I learned to take it easy at times and reflect on the present during “siesta.” Most important of all, living each day with benevolence for your neighbor and self. I have improved myself as an individual through this experience by adapting to unfamiliar situations, becoming exposed to how people live outside of the U.S. and walking through parts of the world many will never see. Traveling to other various European countries added to the cultural experience and the personal adventure. To sum up my experience, it was an emotional, spiritual rejuvenation. I came back to the US more confident than ever in knowing who I wanted to be and was provided wiht a clarity of how I wanted to live life. I have used my knew knowledge in every aspect of the way I live now. Currently, working as an EMT-Basic at American Medical Response in Springfield, I have put all of the lessons I have learned from my travel experience to the test. I have successfully helped a patient, a mute stroke victim, list of her medications through gestures and charades. I use my knowledge of the Spanish languauge countless times to understand patients chief complaints. I empathise with the many homeless patients I treat just by listening to their stories, conversing with them and providing the best patient care I can . Working with patients from every background, I meet people from all corners of the world. I believe that my open mindedness has been enhanced from my travel experience and has allowed me to strongly connect with people of different backgrounds. With the knowledge and skills I currently possess, it is my desire to dig deeper. It is my interest to work in medicine, but it is my passion to become a Physician Assistant. I have made it another goal of mine to not only continue traveling, but to serve the underprivileged areas of the world while doing so with a PA license. The flexibility this occupation provides along with a focus on the underprivileged, will allow me to continue my journey. If accepted, I will dedicate myself to success, for the benefit of the patients, and the benefit of the school.
  20. I have just completed my second quarter of my program and things are progressing ok. As I go through my program, I can't help but sense a disconnect between what I'm thought and what I actually see by healthcare providers in the real world. I feel as if we are taught in an "ideal" manner and not how things are truly done. Is this correct or have I just been observing others PAs that abbreviate things? For example, in listening to the chest for respiratory or heart sounds, we are taught to check multiple areas. It is taught as if this is how you perform this portion of the exam for even general practice. I have NEVER had any provider perform it that way on me. lol. Maybe it's too early but I wonder if this is a trend that I will see the rest of my didactic year.
  21. I am a new grad and scored a job as an emergency medicine PA due to my history as an army medic. Ive got some time before i start and i wanted to do some reviewing before i have my first shift. any suggestions to some literature or review materials? thanks!
  22. I haven't seen a sticky anywhere on this topic, so please feel free to simply re-direct me if there is a thread with this information already. I am really wanting the best financial advice (or advice otherwise) you guys can offer for someone just entering the work force. It is daunting to go from exceptionally poor to making substantial money in the blink of an eye. Some topics I am hoping you can give advice about or direct me to more knowledge include: Retirement Investment (stocks, bonds, mortgages, property, etc...) Life Insurance / Disability Insurance Money Management (money markets, lifestyle, taxes, etc...) Loan Repayment (managing, re-financing, etc...) Saving Hiring people to help manage (financial advisors, etc...) Anything else you might stop right now and think "Wow, I wish I would had known more about that or I wish I would have started doing that 5-10-15 years ago" I feel like this forum has a lot of tremendous advice and this would be great for a lot of us newbies here if someone wouldn't mind filling in what they might know about any of these topics. Thanks!
  23. NYCPAC

    psych salary

    Hi all! I have been given a form to fill out for a potential psych position. The position is outpt care in the los angeles area. The practice already utilizes midlevel providers, but I am a new graduate and not too sure what my "worth" really is. Ideally id like to make 100k or more. Anyone have any advice on the best answer to give when you asked what your expectations for compensation entail? Thanks :)
  24. Any salary information for a new grad in ENT in South Carolina? I don't want to pay the AAPA $45 to look at their salary report and I don't know where else to look. Thanks!
  25. I am a new graduate who is being offered a per-diem position to conduct complete physical exams on geriatric patients at their homes to confirm existing diagnoses and report any new. Compensation is $80 per assessment, not sure if malpractice insurance is provided, they expect you to provide your own transportation with some compensation. This being my first potential job, I am very nervous about any possible risks/pitfalls? As a new graduate am I being a fool to seek a job with almost no oversight? thx for any advice and comments :)
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