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Found 13 results

  1. http://www.beckersspine.com/spine/item/24235-the-role-of-the-pa-today-5-thoughts-from-spine-surgeons.html
  2. Hey, this is my first post! I've been in Urgent Care x2 years (poorly run and need to get out), moving on to surgical specialty. I loved my OR rotations and I enjoy doing procedures. I have two offers on the table for neurosurgery and having difficulty deciding which would be more enjoyable. They are very similar (including salary and travel) with a few big differences. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 1. Teaching Hospital. 0630-1500, M-F, no weekend or call. 17 days PTO, 10 holidays, 5 CME days PA's at teaching hospital mostly round and consult. Have to fight residents for any procedures and you get extremely little (if any) time in the OR, but you are a part of a team that is present 24/7 and I feel I can gain much knowledge concerning the field and the staff is great and respect the PAs. 2. Community Hospital. 0700-1500, M-F, No weekend or call. (Generally) 18 days PTO, 6 holidays, 3 CME days I will be sole neurosurgery provider at community hospital daily (more autonomy). Rounding and consulting, but 2 days a week in OR as first assist with elective neurosurgery cases. Neurosurgeons rotate in from nearby Level 1 trauma center (same hospital company) with a large Neurosurg ICU run by PAs 15 minutes away that gets the high acuity cases. I will have to rotate there one week every 2-3 months which may include a weekend shift (12 hr). Staff here also seem nice (but not as much of a family feel as the other) and one of the neurosurgeons teach for a nearby university so there's a sort of teaching mentality from them that seems like I can learn a lot from them as well. Basically, anyone have input on working in an academic setting vs community? Would the perks at an academic setting be enough to give up scrub time and some procedures? I do enjoy "hands on" things a lot, but also want to gain experience and knowledge for the future. Thanks a ton for any advice.
  3. I'm slightly more than half way though my Residency/Fellowship program. I'm beginning to look for jobs and am hoping to work in Pediatric Neurosurgery. I am aware of the AAPA Salary Report and do plan to use this when job hunting. Currently, I'm looking for positions in the pacific NW (incl CA), CO, UT, midwest and eastcoast down to NC. I was wondering if anyone had any experience or opinion on salary negotiation and what your residency is 'worth' when job hunting. I know it's very dependent on location, but I'm hoping to be in the 90s for my next position. Any advice or personal experience would be great!
  4. What do you consider a competitive/appropriate salary for a new graduate in neurosurgery in the Northeast?
  5. Check out https://career4.successfactors.com/career?company=UMCAZProd for the posting - search for neurosurgery. Ok to message or email me for details.
  6. I recently got a Neurosurgery offer with base salary of $106K at a private practice in the Atlanta, GA area. No production/incentive bonus or sign on bonus. They offer health insurance, CME, professional dues and such. Since it's only a 20 employee company there is no 401K but they are working on getting it. The office has it's own surgery center/MRI/xray where the surgeon operates and runs clinic (with one PA) 3 days/week. The surgeon operates at the hospital 2 days/week. There is no ER call for this job, only clinic call. My duties will include everything from being first assist to rounding on inpatients to running clinic. I have 4.5 years of experience working as a Neurosurgery PA and feel that this is a really low offer. However, according to the employer this is the "going rate in the Atlanta area". FYI: The surgeon has been practicing for over 25 years but just started his own practice 3 years ago. So per management "they are still building themselves and don't have a huge budget". I had a dinner interview with the surgeon and the office manager which went really well and I could see myself working here. I don't know too many Nsgy PAs in the area since I just moved from out of state so can't compare. I was able to connect with one Nsgy PA and according to him someone with my experience should make around $120K especially if there is no bonus structure. I have 2 interventional pain management offers for $120K plus bennies plus upto $10K production bonus/year and a great schedule M-F 8:30-4:30 but my heart really lies with Neurosurgery. At the same time I don't want to take something this low and just want an offer which is fair and reasonable for my experience. What do you guys think? Any input will be appreciated! BTW their initial offer was $100K and they came up $106K. Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone! I have been a Neurosurgery PA for about 5 years and just recently moved to Atlanta, GA. Given my experience, what kind of salary should I expect in Neurosurgery, Ortho-Spine surgery and Pain management in the Atlanta area? Currently I am looking for positions in either specialties so want to get a basic idea of all 3. I just don't want to settle for something low since I am not familiar with the current market rate in this area. Any suggestions would be appreciated :smile:Thank you!
  8. Hello! I'm set to start PA school this fall. I've been thinking a lot about the idea of specializing in a surgical field. Surgery has been something that has fascinated me ever since I shadowed a CT surgeon during my sophomore year of college and was able to observe an open heart surgery. My original intentions were to attend medical school and pursue the idea of becoming a surgeon, but I started a family my senior year of college. So, that delayed my entry into medical school and, eventually, became the deciding factor for me not to go to medical school to become an actual surgeon. I like the idea of still working in the medical field, being in the OR, but want to still have time for my family. I know that PA school is going to demand a lot from me, but it is a much easier sacrifice than the med-school/residency/fellowship option of an actual MD. I was wondering what the working conditions were for surgical PAs, mainly CT and Neurosurgical PAs, as those are my main interests. Are the working hours just as demanding as the attending surgeon's (50-60+ hrs/week, on-call)? My main concern is my family and the time I will have for them- they are important to me. Becoming a PA is the right choice for me, but is it wise for me to specialize in a surgical setting? Any advice is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
  9. A quick question for any neurosurgery PAs out there. Currently my SP and I are attempting to set up a privileging process for our PA team to place EVDs under general supervision. I've found a couple of PAs who do this, but it seems to vary widely whether or not PAs are doing this at all, much less under general supervision. Any neurosurg PAs that perform EVD placement under general supervision? If so, please let me know as I'd love to touch base and find out what your training process is, etc.
  10. I moved to a great new job, the allergies suck in this area. I want to write a script to myself for a hepa air filter, and use my FSA account. Should I just make an appt (busy schedule) with another provider or just do for myself what I know I need. Thoughts????
  11. I am currently working in neurosurg, and employer would like the PAs to begin taking call on weekends. Was just trying to get some feedback from others in surgical specialties on what type of compensation structure I should negotiate for, i.e. straight fee, pay-per-case, etc. Thanks
  12. Hi all, I am writing on behalf of one of my recent graduates from the University of Birmingham (UK) PA program. She is trying to find someone working in SC injury and rehab here in the US who might serve as a resource for her as she develops the role at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, outside of London. She would certainly appreciate any and all assistance, as would I. She can be reached at: natashawarner@yahoo.com Cheers, D-
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