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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I will be starting PA school in January and was looking for guidance about what path I should take to achieve my goals. If I could start over I might have chosen a different route to get to this point but I graduated with a Bachelors of Biology from Ohio State, went on to gain my patient care experience as a CNA, and applied for PA school. I really want to do something with babies so I am looking at Women's Health/OBGYN. What is the best path to take to get a job working closely with delivery and babies? I know PA's are up and coming and at least in NC are not often hired in most fields working with infants. Finding a Neonatal PA job is like finding a needle in a haystack. Heck even a neonatal PA residency is few and far between. And I am considering labor and delivery but after working nights in the hospital, I like more of the clinic setting. Plus I have never shadowed in L&D so I am not sure what the job specifically entails from the provider standpoint. So that left me considering a Women's Health Clinic. I shadowed a PA in one of these clinics and I loved it but after some research it does not seem there is much opportunity in clinics for OBGYN PA's and most clinics prefer NP's. So I wanted to ask some PAs who are currently out in the workforce and have wanted to work with newborns what their experience was like, how they found the position, and what they did to get there. What would be the best way to make myself competitive for an OBGYN PA provider position and what is the best way to find job openings in that field? Should I seek out an OBGYN residency after school or should I focus on real world job experience doing something that maybe doesn't interest me as much to gain work experience? Are there other possible careers I am forgetting about that will allow me to practice as a PA and work with infants/delivery? I am also strongly considering pediatrics as another option which seems to be much more readily available to PAs but I have always been fascinated with the reproductive system so I appreciate the gynecological portion of women's health as much as I love obstetrics. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I do not want to end up in the same position I did immediately after college where think about what I should have done differently if I could start over. I want to do it right the first time so I do not struggle to get into a field I love because I don't have a crucial experience in my toolbox. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. So, I'm a junior in college and I am REALLY REALLY interested in going into neonatology as a PA. After extensive searching, here's what I've come up with: PA's do not really work in the NICU. The ones that do are far and in between because the NICU is dominated by RNs and NNPs. Hospitals apparently don't want to train PAs to work in this setting? I really don't know. I've only found 2 residency programs for PAs interested in neonatology. However, when I asked other people, they tell me, "Sure, PAs can work anywhere where there is a residing doc." I am currently conflicted as to what to do. I know for a fact that I want to be a PA and I've already put way too much much time, effort and money into it to go back now, but all the sources are telling me that once I'm certified I won't be able to work in the specialty I love. I honestly don't know what to do..should I continue on the PA route and hope for the best, or go the NP route and know for certain that I'll be able to get a NICU job? I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experience with me. I haven't found many people who have NICU experience and am really eager to learn how to get there. Do you think PAs in the NICU will become more common in the future? Should I stick it out and fight for a NICU job once I'm there? Thanks all!
  3. Hell everyone. I was accepted to PA school and will be starting in the summer of 2014. About 2 weeks ago I overdosed on sleeping pills..took 31 and was taken to the ER..I was kept there for 24 hrs for observation then released since no damage was done. The first thing that friends and some family members asked me is if this is going to affect my career as a PA. Your probably wondering why I did it well it was a stupid mistake. I've been taking them for years and was so angry at someone that I wanted to fall asleep immediately but that backfired on me because I started overdosing and was not able to sleep. My hospital release papers state that is was an accidental ingestion. However I work in the hospital I was taken to well not the exact campus but I was able to pull up my records and it states that one of my problems was suicide..that concerns me. Am I doomed?
  4. I have come across through these well known ebooks which I found quite beneficial for medical students and professionals in neonatal and orthopedic fields. I hope these free ebooks will help you in exploring your medical knowledge. Please do not forget to leave your feedback. [h=4]Orthopaedic Basic Science 3[/h] AAP Textbook eBook Collection Regards
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