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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all Im a PA 5 years out at a private out of network ortho surgery practice. Ive been with the practice for 3 years and have been praise with my performance. Its 7 docs and 5 PA's so we are carrying a larger work load. I'm on call one weekday a week and one weekend a month. I feel that my compensation is lacking since the weekend Im on call included surgical cases, ER consults and floor consults. Us PA;s literally do what ortho residents would do. We have the most autonomy of any position I have come across. I am currently getting paid 140k with the full weekend of call and I know I am getting underpaid. Dose anyone have any advice as to how to negotiate a better pay? TIA
  2. i am coming up on contract negotiations. Most likely I plan on staying. I have been here for 5 years and really like it, mainly because of who I work for/with. Something that would help me progress financially would be paying down student loans. I am already at a high salary and get some bonuses. The only thing I could think of that would improve the money situation would be some sort of loan repayment. Ideally, tax free for me and clinic, money goes directly to loan, lowers principle and overall cost of loan, and I still write off loan interest. I do understand there are some tax codes against this but it is changing. (https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/108/text) I have run into another option through https://studentloangenius.com/. Does anyone have experience with them? Any other creative options to minimize tax implications but still drive money to loans? I would even accept slight decrease in salary for larger amount to loans IF there were also tax benefits.
  3. I graduated 2 years ago. I have been working for close to 2 years in an STD clinic. Originally my goal was to get my loans paid and get a part time to keep refreshing my knowledge. However the part time did not happen. Someone close in my family had medical issues and that got me busy with family affairs for close to a year. Now that my contract with NHSC is about to expire I don’t know how to take the next step. I am very intimidated by what would be expected from me at the next job. Many people in this forum talk about how they know as much as doctors do, and I wonder where did they get all the knowledge? I certainly did not get it at school, and unfortunately I don’t feel ready close to 2 years into the profession. I mean, I have taken CME courses and read books, but still I don’t know how someone with this master’s would be comfortable seeing more complex patients. How and when did you find yourself comfortable in this profession?
  4. Hey guys! I'm looking for some feedback. I recently received an offer at an Orthopedic practice in Florida which I would like to counter but as this is my first time negotiating I want to make sure I am asking a reasonable counter offer. I have 2 years experience working a combination of ortho/neuro/general surgery/internal medicine floor work (no OR) at a hospital and I did an orthopedic elective rotation in school. The job would be Monday through Friday, hours varying depending on the day but generally ending clinic by 5 or 6 pm. No weekends, no holidays, no night call. I would first assist in the OR 2-3 mornings per week (and hence early 6-7 am mornings those days), with the afternoons dedicated to clinic. All the surgeries are outpatient so there is no hospital rounding. The expectation is to eventually get up to seeing somewhere around 20 patients in a half day (which after watching how the office functioned didn't seem as unreasonable as it sounds). The offer: Base salary $90K Incentive of 10-20% of quarterly collections over $60K Malpractice License fees 401K $1500 CME 3 weeks PTO (CME time included in this) Non-compete clause in orthopedics 1 year after termination (not a huge issue for me) I really like the physician and the atmosphere in the clinic. I also think it would be a great learning experience and the physician is very willing to teach. I would be the only PA in the practice. The biggest issue with the offer is that the physician has 3 office locations, one of which is almost a 2.5 hour drive one way. The other two locations are within a reasonable driving distance. I was hoping to not have to go to the farthest location but they said they definitely want me to go there once a week for first assisting and clinic. So that is a round trip 5+ hour commute one day a week. They did mention the possibility of giving me the morning off the day after that long day, but that is still up in the air. They are open to other suggestions I have in terms of making that commute work for me. I would love to hear any suggestions you guys have as to things I should ask for. I was considering at least additional PTO since I have family in the Northeast and would have to travel to visit during the holidays. Please let me know if there is anything you think I should ask for or anything you wish you would have asked for! Thanks!!!
  5. I am a PA working for a large hospital system...when hired about a year and a half ago, I was employed by the hospital and was not given a contract. Instead, I was given an "offer letter" which stated a basic job description, but did not give much detail, nor did it describe how salary increases would come about. I was told I would receive "pay for performance" increases, which basically amounts to a cost of living increase (when the system can afford it) when certain system-wide metrics are at or above goal. In reality, the salary adjustment has little to do with my own performance, but rather that of the system as a whole. My employment is now switching over to the physician group associated/owned by the hospital system. I was excited for this change as I saw for myself an opportunity to secure a contract and perhaps increase my salary. However, HR told me, "we don't give contracts to midlevel providers", "there will be no negotiating," "you can resign, or maybe ask if you can discuss the salary." All of these statements were made during a conversation in which my new benefits were discussed, but the HR representative would not give me the number for my "salary adjustment". Yesterday, after being ignored by said HR rep for weeks, I ran into her at a store, where she then wanted to discuss my salary (inappropriate!). While I am pleased to get a raise, the salary is still not even at the median for my state, specialty, and level of experience. Without a contract, I see no opportunities in the future to make significant salary increases. I like my job and don't really want to leave, but I can't help but feel mistreated (and infuriated) at the situation. I know I should have a contract, but in a system that employs 10,000 people, one PA's contract grudge is not anyone's concern but mine. I am still working on fighting for this for myself. In the meantime, are there any other PAs out there working without a contract? If so, how do your salary increases come about? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  6. So I signed a 1 yr contract last January, new job. As my private practice was contemplating merging with our hospital we did NOT do a renewal contract & then we did not merge. Thus when I asked my practice manager about my contract recently, she said oh, that just continues! Really? So does anyone out there agree with me? That no, I'm not under any contract! Or are they correct? Is it normal to re-negotiate annually? Or is this my employers way of not giving out raises?! Signed "contract h/a"!
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