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Found 18 results

  1. Hi! I just became board certified last week and am a new grad. I have racked up CME through UpToDate and was wondering if I could use CME I got during PA school for my recertification CME credits even though they were completed before I passed the PANCE. Thank you!
  2. Recert Survey We are doing a short survey on the perceived value of the current recertification process. Please take a short minute to complete this survey. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I am seeking advice for a friend who unfortunately has waited until her last elligible year (year 6) and month (Dec) it seems to take her 1st PANRE. She seems to be under the impression that if she does not pass on this one attempt, she will have to return to PA school...therefore losing current position in an ICU since shell no longer have the -C. ( I don't believe our state of residence allows PAs to work without it). When researching the NCCPA and even this board I don't see any information about what would happen in a situation like this. I don't doubt that shell pass
  4. I am selling my hippo account! The videos were very helpful in preparing me for my pance. There are numerous areas that the lecturers cleared up for me and taught me new ways to remember things. Their diagrams, print out slides, mnemonics, and pictures are extremely helpful as well. I felt that this really prepared me the best out of the study tools I used. Message me if you are interested in purchasing. This account does not expire until April 2018
  5. This morning I received a survey via email from the NCCPA seeking input from all of us (I assume all of us got it...maybe not) on what constitutes core knowledge. I applaud the effort and found the things suggested as possible core knowledge interesting. I have been in FP, primary care, ER and UC since I finished my Army career in 96 and about half of what was suggested isn't even something I would know about in any depth without reading and studying.There were a few ways to give your opinion from "should recognize and refer" to"should be able to identify and treat in detail" (paraphrasing) to
  6. I am selling my hippo account! The videos were very helpful in preparing me for my pance. There are numerous areas that the lecturers cleared up for me and taught me new ways to remember things. Their diagrams, print out slides, mnemonics, and pictures are extremely helpful as well. I felt that this really prepared me the best out of the study tools I used. Message me if you are interested in purchasing. This account does not expire until April 2018
  7. The following is an open letter to the NCCPA from PAFT after months of trying to enage in meaningful discussion and being delayed and stalled: An open letter to NCCPA August 10, 2017 National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants
  8. So I used Google and a burner email to download the 2015 tax returns for the NCCPA (for free). Here it is. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6eKmysujfT7LW9OaEFwTVQwbDA/view This is not my field, but maybe we can crowdsource this. Based on a very brief, cursory look at their balance sheet, it looks as though it's a lot more lucrative than we expected. - They pull in about $16M / year. (broken down by type of exam fee, which was interesting) - some of their expenses and salaries are very vague but they claim about $13M. - salaries were interesting - They have about $12
  9. Dear PA Student or PA Grad, After personally tutoring PA students matriculating in PA schools for 2 years, I began tutoring graduates who were about to take the PANCE for the first time. 100% of the first five I tutored scored high. And since 2012, I have helped 52 students pass the PANCE and PANRE. Of those 3 first time takers, 100% passed. Of those who had failed once, 97% passed. Of those who failed twice, 93% passed. And of those who failed three times, 91% passed after taking my course. Those are awesome results. Now I am pleased to offer my complete personal PANCE/PANRE tut
  10. Don't wait until it's too late to let them know how you feel. Every opinion count! "PA Colleagues: I am writing today to ask for your feedback on a new re-certification exam model being considered by the NCCPA Board of Directors. We developed this model in answer to the question: How can we maintain the generalist nature of the PA-C credential through a re-certification exam model that better reflects the current state of PA practice in which almost 75% of PAs are practicing outside of primary care? The model is explained within the survey we are now asking you to complet
  11. How to deal with excessive TEST ANXIETY I am a high stress / high anxiety test taker. I took and passed the PANRE in 8/2014. Here is some of the research I did to help deal with the stress. A study in the Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment compared thirty five university students with ADHD and one hundred and eighty five typical peers on measures of speed, test anxiety, reading comprehension, vocabulary, test taking skills and time management. Surprisingly there was no significant differences between students with and without ADHD outside test anxiety. There was significant diff
  12. Joe was recently at Touro University in NV teaching a PANCE preparation course. One evening we conducted and recorded our first live question and answer webinar. The webinar was recorded and can be found at: http://www.paboardreview.org/categories/blog LIVE ONLINE with PA Board Review Many of the questions that are posed on this site were asked and answered. Joe gave some excellent insight. A few of the questions that were asked and answered are: 1. What should I do if I failed the PANCE? I went in with confidence, having studied a bunch. 2. Please walk me through a samp
  13. http://www.paboardreview.org PANCE/PANRE My Names is Wesley Norwood, a certified Physician Assistant practicing Allergy and immunology in Utah. I had to re-certify this past year and was faced with the challenge of having to do so with a very busy schedule. I purchased an on-line course. I purchased practice questions. I bought a review book. I was putting in persistent time in studying for the PANRE but felt like I was retaining much of the information I had reviewed. I ended up calling Joe Gilboy an instructor who I met in 2008 when he was hired by Touro University Nevada to p
  14. I am posting this under the PA General Discussion but it should be of great interest to Pre PAs and PA-S also. I just came across this link to the NCCPA publication with the Topic Title. http://www.nccpa.net/Upload/PDFs/2013StatisticalProfileofCertifiedPhysicianAssistants-AnAnnualReportoftheNCCPA.pdf The report is full of fascinating information such as: Density of PAs by State (Lowest in Arkansas with 8.2/100,000 population, highest in Alaska with 65.6/100,000 population. Interesting because Alaska is mostly rural and has insufficient MDs. Great place to go for younger or more adventurous
  15. I was wondering if I can get some feedback from you guys regarding if I should apply this cycle or not. I've completed my GRE, I received a 156 math, 150 verbal, and 4.5 essay I have three rec letters: one from the head of a lab where I did my phlebotomy internship, another doctor who's now a teacher and a PA that i've shadowed. What's making me doubt my chances is HCE. I've volunteered at an ER for 130 hrs and I completed my phlebotomy internship for 120 hrs. This is all I have when it comes to working with patient or being in a hospital. I've tutored kids/adults for years in di
  16. I just realized that NCCPA serves and protects the public from PA's ....all this time I thought they served and protected the pa....I didnt know. Well it is stated in their mission /purpose statement as such. So who serves and protects the PA, APPA????? I looked for AAPA mission statement , they do not have a mission statement. So now it makes sense why PA's have tougher times ahead to maintain their certification with more and stricter requirements and are lurking in the remote past while NP have zoomed by having so much more because of having mega support. So why not PA's? Anothe
  17. Hello, I just found out I lost my NCCPA certification because I didn't log all of CME in time. I had 2hrs of Cat I CME to log, but forgot before the new year. I logged onto NCCPA and found out I lost my certification. I am beyond embarrassed and devastated I had to tell my employment and now they're not sure they will even let me work without it. I know in MI it's not required for my license, but it may be required for the hospital I work at. I filed an "exemption to policy" with the NCCPA, but they have 30 days to get back with me. If they decide not to overturn their decision I
  18. I looked a lot for things like this when studying/stressing about pance..so figured I would post to help others. I studied using the green/black AAPA book- mostly just scanning topics I was unsure of. My school also offers a 4 day review. AAPA pretest 65% Post-test 75% Packrat 68-79% NCCPA Practice- overall: right in the middle of the high BUT borderline in all subjects (just different ones on each of the two test) except cardiology and plum (always High) PANCE 600 Hope this can ease some fears, happy studying :)
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