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Found 2 results

  1. Had a rather typical case to today. So I am filling in for a primary doc who just went on vacation for the first time (also the day when corporate decides is a good day to switch EMR's) Fellow comes in c/o mild URI issues. and then asks if I can refill his oxy, because he missed his pain specialist appointment, so I tell him that I would only give him for 7 days, and if he wants longer I can call the doc and write it on one of his prescriptions, and I told him that I will always do a check with the state for some good CYA medicine. He says sure go ahead. His results came back with 12+ addresses, 20+ prescribers, 15+ pharmacy's, He had over 300 oxy's given in the last 2 weeks alone. I explained to him that I do not want to add my self to the list. Question to you guys. Should I call the pharmacy's and take them to task, or just let it slide (btw there were many scripts coming from different ER's) First lesson don't give narcotics without checking the state record Second lesson ...........
  2. So I'm not sure how you guys are able to check on patient's filled prescriptions, but at my ED we can look up Rx's filled (within the past year or so) on our EMR. However, this only works if people use insurance to fill the Rx. if people self-pay, it won't show up. So if people get narcotics filled and self pay it will not show up. theres a (sort of new) program called the "Georgia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program" which is suppose to have a website that shows any and all narcotics filled in the state of georgia, for any patient. the website is http://www.hidinc.com/gapdmp/practitioner-pharmacist.html theoritically its a great idea, but the website is confusing and not very user friendly. I havent been able to sign up as a provider. Has anyone else had any luck with this website?
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