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Found 5 results

  1. Sorry if this has already been answered here. I practice in Texas for a private group. The practice owner hired me as an APP and registered with Texas medical board as my supervising physician. Over time he hired additional physicians to the group. They act as my supervising physician from time to time but I do not believe they are registered with Texas medical board as my supervising physicians. Do the newly hired physicians need to register as my supervisors? Would anyone know the rules regarding this or be able to refer me to them. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone! Would those of you who have completed MMI style interviews please share your experience? Any advice or preparation recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I have been watching YouTube videos of scenarios and have, of course, printed off a long list of MMI examples and have been practicing with those! Thank you!!
  3. Hi all- I have a question about listing one of my shadowing experiences on CASPA. I shadowed the same PA in two different specialties, and I don't know if I should list that separately or together on the application. I started shadowing this particular PA when she was working in a small, private orthopedics office, and have since followed her to a new job in otolaryngology/head+neck surgery at a large hospital. I have a significant amount of hours in both locations with this PA. I feel like I should list them separately because the amount of hours, locations, and types of patients we saw
  4. Hello, newbie here seeking some advice. I did a search on this forum and didn't find anything that related to my concern, so forgive me if this has already been posted. I live in NYC and I am currently taking post-bacc science classes at local city colleges to boost my low undergrad GPA from 3 years ago. (BA Psychology GPA 2.8) Often, the classes that I wish to take at one college such as Chem I is already filled with no available seats since as a non-degree student I get to register later than everyone else. However, I was able to find other available courses at other colleges. For
  5. Hi, I wasn't able to find a thread about this so here it goes. I just applied for the 2014 cycle and some of the school I have applied to have rolling admissions. So some will make their decisions now and others later this year. If I were to get an offer for acceptance nowadays, would it be okay to accept it until I hear back from other schools? I know you have to make a decision within two weeks and I'm okay putting down a deposit. It's just that I know a lot of the school I applied to won't even make interview decisions until later this year and I would like to give myself opti
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