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Found 12 results

  1. Looking for advice. I am from the east coast and I am admitted to a school in the west coast. I am also admitted to a newer program closer to home with a much lower first time pass rate, cost $20,000 more, and limited/expensive housing option. My choice is to move out west since it makes financial sense. However, my wife doesn't like the idea of leaving her family and moving across the country. She states: "You'll be in school 24/7, all I am asking is to at least have my family around." Has anyone dealt with a situation like mine? BTW, I would be moving from Boston MA to Portlan
  2. I am graduating 8/11/2017 and moving to North Carolina from Texas. Unfortunately my PA Program only has information in regards to licensing in Texas, so I was hoping I could get some info here. 1. I have already filled out the NCMB app and printed my checklist, and I am currently working on completing that checklist but I noticed it doesn't provide info about: Jurisprudence exam (do you guys have to take that?) NPI registration DEA registration -Any info on those items? 2. What's the expected timeline for processing the application/getting licensed ? - Will it be necessary to
  3. Hello- I will be moving to Boston, MA with my SO who will be a fellow at Brigham & Womens Hospital next June. I am currently practicing in Urgent Care in Pennsylvania. I have a little over 1 year experience with a company I love, this was my first job out after graduation. At the time of the official move in June 2017 I will have 2 year of UC experience. This being my first PA job, I have no experience with relocation (new state license, when to start searching for a job, headhunters, etc). I had planned to start looking in October - is this too soon? When should I get my MA state lic
  4. Hello Everyone, I am applying to PA school this cycle and needed some guidance. I have done some research and heard about this service called www.gettingintopaschool.com. They guarantee admission into pa school or you get youre money back. I have contacted them and I am convinced they will help me get in - my only concern is that they are not cheap and was wondering if anyone had heard of this service - but then again you do get youre money back. Considering Ill make over 100k once I graduate, i figured it would be a good investment. The pa coaches actually graduated from top sch
  5. Hello, I'm planning on applying to PA schools June 2016 and have realized it is time to start saving money for the costs associated with applying. I realize it can add up to a few thousand dollars when you consider the fees for applying to around 10 schools, the *hopeful* cost of interviews (including possible airfare and hotel stays), and the acceptance deposit. Just curious, how do most young people in their mid twenties semi-fresh out of undergrad pay for this? Is it common to get a loan just to cover the costs of applying? I don't see how I can save that much money in one year living o
  6. To any PA that has gone through a residency program - did you get a loan deferment/forbearance?
  7. My family is looking into options of a warmer climate than Maine and have become attracted to the Wilmington, NC area. Does any have any input on how this area is for family, working as a PA in regards to EM job options and salary? I've noticed some advertisements from ApolloMD, an organization we don't have in Maine, anyone have thoughts on this group? Overall take of being a PA in NC? Lastly, anyone have experience in NC as a PA in the National Guard--wondering how slotting looks for interstate transfers. Thanks!
  8. No monospot test either at one of the FP/UC places I work at (per MD's preference). I am just wondering I should be pushing to get the rapid strep test (and monospot) at the clinic, cause I find myself Rx'ing more antibiotics for pharyngitis. I know that rheumatic fever is pretty rare in the US, but I don't know know if it's because we are over-Rxing antibiotics or another reason. What does this mean in terms of liability? Does this mean I can rely on the CENTOR criteria without any need for any sort of assay?
  9. Hello out there I need advice and expertise from the community!! I am a PA in Maryland who is looking to move to the Sacramento area around may-june and I have some questions about switching from inpatient cardiology medicine into family or internal medicine outpatient as well as help with ideas regarding NHSC jobs. I am on the NHSC website frequently and currently it is listing only 10 jobs for california- most outdated with starting dates in the beginning of 2011. I have been on indeed.com and advance practice but dont see much for office medicine or jobs that are NHSC qualified...
  10. For any students past or present from MDC, who were eligible to recieve financial aid...how much (total) could one expect to recieve if they qualified for full aid? It would definately help some of us aspiring PA's to get a ballpark on how much to save in addition to hopefully securing some government funds :) like I recieved aid for my medic in the amount of about 6500 since my program lasted 11 months which more than covered the cost. Call me worrisome but, I wanna make sure I have enough money to cover myself before I move from jax fl, to miami. thanks Johnson
  11. hi everyone i just wanted to get some advice. I am a re-applicant. For the Personal statement, do you guys recommend writing an entire new essay or just adding/cutting out couple paragraphs. Also, do you think in the i should address that i am a re-applicant? i'm thinking If i'm applying to schools, i didn't apply last year then they wouldn't know, but what about schools i previously applied? hmm what are you thoughts?
  12. I'm planning on going to the Las Vegas conference. However since my Bankroll is dwindling and I'm going to be just about to start an awesome rotation I didn't want to spend the whole week in vegas. Does anyone know when the best time to be at the conference is? As someone who is graduating in August do you think it is beneficial for finding a job?
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