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Found 4 results

  1. I am a new grad PA practicing for about 4 months. I work in occ med/urgent care. Without getting into specifics. A patient had and intraarticular finger fracture. I treated/ splinted conservatively and referred the patient stat to a hand specialist on the date of injury, who did not get seen until 2 months after her date of injury, due to WC insurance. The patient was unable to have surgery due to the timing of being seen by the surgeon. The patient will have permanent and stationary deficits and need future medical care for possible joint fusion. The patient is currently undergoing PT. Not on
  2. Hello, I'm having a little panic session right now. I submitted one application and realized I did not add the last name for a PA that I shadowed in my experience section. Is this gonna be a major issue for my application? I thought CASPA meant that I couldn't edit the submitted application but that I could still edit the ones I had not yet submitted and now I realize I can't. Are schools going to fault me for this?
  3. I made a really rookie mistake! In my CASPA application under the experience section I accidentally saved "jfhshsj" under the description. This is also the experience where I have the MOST patient care hours!!! Has anyone made a mistake before? What can I do to save my CASPA application? I'm really embarrassed as this is a very tacky thing to do! I don't want the schools to think that I am careless. ?
  4. So upon review on my personal statement after submission I found a random question mark in the middle of a sentence that doesn't belong! This is despite proofreading several times before submission. Also the word document I wrote it on that I copied onto CASPA does not have the question mark. It almost looks like a formatting issue.. But it's so obvious! And it's in the beginning of the 2nd paragraph. I'm assuming I have lost all my chances in getting in this year because of this, which is extremely upsetting. I am going to mail revised versions to all the schools I applied to.. But
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