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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I’m a Navy spouse planning to use 2 years of my husband’s GI Bill for PA school. Unfortunately there are no public PA schools where my husband is stationed, so the GI Bill is only going to cover about half of my tuition. All schools I’m applying to participate in the Yellow Ribbon program, but I’ve read that the Yellow Ribbon program isn’t available to active duty service members or their spouses, which seems kind of backwards to me. Does anyone have experience with this?
  2. Hi All! I am a first year PA student currently and my SO is an AF pilot. Does anyone have any experience with how the job search will go for me as a civilian PA? I understand that I can work on base with my state license but are the jobs available? I have heard varying stories about the availability of civilian PA jobs on base. I appreciate any help, thanks!
  3. Hey guys! My husband is in the Navy and he JUST got orders to Mississippi for March 2020. I also JUST got a new job where we are located at right now. I’m also a new grad PA, so I plan on doing the long distance thing for several months (ugh) so that I can say that I’ve got a year of experience on my resume. Can anyone tell me what the job market is like in Mississippi (specifically Gulfport/Biloxi)? Is the job market better in Alabama? Should I focus on getting my license there instead, or Mississippi? It’s an hour drive to Mobile. What’s the licensing process like for Mississippi? I heard the medical board has to interview you. What is that like? thank you!
  4. Hi Everyone! I am a military spouse currently residing in the DC area and moving to New Orleans this week. I have been accepted to UNO's Post-Bacc program to complete science pre-reqs necessary to apply to LSU's Physician Assistant Program. As a military family, we move every 2-4 years and I am wondering how difficult it can be to gain licenses in multiple states. Also, can you hold licenses in multiple states at one time or must you suspend one state's license before obtaining another. I appreciate all of your feedback.
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