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Found 14 results

  1. IMHO there is a great deal of potential in this specialty. This article is a few months old but the numbers are solid... https://www.managedcaremag.com/archives/2018/1/shrinking-psychiatrist-shortage According to this article ' Nationally about 1,800 PAs, or roughly 2% of the total number practicing, specialize in psychiatry'. Looking at Psychiatrist shortage ' From 2003 to 2013, the number of practicing psychiatrists declined by 0.2%, to 37,889 nationally by 2013. During the same decade, the number of adult primary care doctors increased by 9.5%, to 211,121 total, and by 14.2% to 862,444 among physicians overall'. ' By 2015, 60% were 55 years or older'. I know.... You are thinking that new grads need experience for this type of work. This is not true. The right personality and an opportunity are all you need.... That and a desire to work in mental health, I should say... Of course you can apply for a clerkship. I found 7 programs here: https://medicine.yale.edu/psychiatry/education/medstudents/pa.aspx https://medicine.uiowa.edu/psychiatry/education/fellowship-programs/physician-assistant-pa-psychiatry-fellowship https://www.houston.va.gov/Education/Physician_Assistant_Residency_Mental_Health/Physician_Assistant_Residency_Mental_Health.asp https://www.novanthealth.org/careers/psychiatric-fellowship.aspx https://www.carolinashealthcare.org/education/Center-for-Advanced-Practice/Fellowships/Behavioral-Health https://medicine.missouri.edu/departments/psychiatry/fellowship-program/physician-assistant-fellowship http://www.brookdalehospital.org/psychiatry-residency.html
  2. Hello! I am looking for a preceptor in PA (prefer), MD or NY for my mental health rotation. It's the last one I need before I can graduate! Dates are 2/22/2020 to 3/24/20. My program offers $500 and tons of CME hours. Please let me know if you can help or know anyone who can. I can precept with anyone who works in mental health and writes scripts for psych needs. Feel free to DM me or email me at mjones73@bethelu.edu. Thank you!
  3. So, my licensure application has been set aside for evaluation. I have several misdemeanors on my record, all of which are over 13 year old, and none of which were violent or sexual or anything else really bad. There are, however, two drug paraphernalia charges. My question is this - what should I expect in the initial interview? Are they going to ask for all my mental health records? Has anyone else gone through anything like this before?
  4. Hi fellow PA's. I practiced as a PA about a decade ago. I had children and began investing other interests such as mental health, spirituality and counseling. I am now ready to go back to work and I've been thinking about my real love. It's sitting down with patients and really helping them with their lives, their emotional lives, their relationship with themselves and others. Helping them get honest with themselves about their troubles and sincerely find a solution. I guess it's bit like coaching and counseling without prescribing meds. I use a method called Non -Violent communication that really helps patients heal emotional discords. I was initially going to start all over and get a degree in counseling or social work. But I have many years of counseling training and am very successful at it in private practice. So going back to school would really just be to satisfy employers. I sincerely feel that I have the skills and much training to be a therapist/counselor. My question is does anyone know of PA's who focus on the mental counseling aspect of health without prescribing meds? I do not want to get into prescribing meds. I have seen countless patients heal through mental healing without the use of drugs. Am I way off track with this job description, is a PA and prescribing always go together? or Can you point me in the direction of others already doing what I would like to do? I want to decide whether to get re-certified as a PA or go back go in an entirely new direction and get a whole new degree as a mental health counselor. Where can I get answers on this? Thanks! Rachel
  5. I've struggled with mental health issues my entire life and like many others, my problems peaked while in college. I would like to briefly address it in my personal statement because I think it could help explain some of the weaknesses in my application but I don't want it to come off as an excuse. Also, I'm concerned that adcoms will then see me as mentally unstable or unable to handle the stresses of PA school and consequently not give me a chance. I am currently taking the steps to improve both my mental health and my application and I would address that as well but I'm wondering if I should even bring it up or if I should scrap that section altogether? (I'll be applying in a few cycles from now but it never hurts to start early)
  6. Fellow Psychiatry PAs; I am rapidly approaching my 1 year mark with an outpatient psychiatry practice. I am looking for any input anyone has to offer WRT salary, bonus, contract terms etc. I graduated approximately 1 year ago and I have only had this one job since. I recently changed my schedule from 5 days a week at 8 Hours per to 4 days at 10 hours per. On average I see XX patients per week. Currently my salary is competitive and we do get some benefits. We get 15 vacation days for year 1 then 20 per year, 5 sick days, 6 federal holidays, 5 CME days and $3,000. There is a bonus structure, it is a % for collections over 200K. I am not certain what this will amount to as I have not seen what my collections are. I plan on asking for access to the billing data. The practice has 4 MDs 3 total PAs and around 15 LCSWs, Psychologists and LPCs. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello. I am a M.S Mental Health counseling student (will qualify to get a LPC/LCADC/SAC) wanting to apply to a PA program. I have some questions: 1.) Has anyone heard of or know of anyone who has had an M.S in Mental Health apply to a program and got in? 2.) I am worried about the contact hours. During my program in the end I will have graduated with 1000hrs of contact hours with patients of all sorts. Does this look equally as good as someone who is an EMT etc.? 3.) My undergrad was not strong (2.7). I am glad my program saw something in me because now I have a graduate GPA of 3.5, would my undergrad hold me back? I am taking the pre-reqs I need for PA programs while finishing up my M.S. Any advise would help thank you.
  8. Wondering if anyone who has taken the PANCE thought the NCCPA practice exams were written like the PANCE questions or if those exams reflected your PANCE experience at all. I'm referencing the two exams you can purchase from the NCCPA. I am a little frustrated because I have been scoring 60's and 70's in my Kaplan QBank, which I am told is pretty good. I feel like I have been learning a lot and the review has been great with the Kaplan questions. I have also been going through the AAPA/PAEA review book and making notes on things I don't remember right away. However, I took the NCCPA practice exams and on the first one I scored in the low/mid "green" high proficiency block. The second exam I took was mostly in the green/high but also had a portion in the yellow borderline proficiency block. So needless to say that scares me. What should I think when comparing Kaplan Qbank questions to the NCCPA practice exams? I have also been listening to the review lectures a lot from UMDNJ review course and most of that is recognizable and makes sense to me. This pre-PANCE anxiety is really starting to get to me. I take the test in two days. **bangs head against wall** P.S. The Packrat I took in May this year scored a 152. This was 3 months before graduation and before I started all of this studying. Taking another Packrat tonight. Wish me luck....I used to have confidence. But after the NCCPA practice exam, I feel like this is me:
  9. Greetings Everyone, I stumbled across this forum a few months back and was looking for some guidance. After recalculating my uGPA I realize it is going to take some serious work to get my GPA back to anywhere remotely close to getting admitted into a PA program. If you can work with me here I would really appreciate it. I went away to school when I was a freshman and ended up failing 5 courses sophomore year due to being young, stupid, going through a bad break up, and attempting to manage my dysfunctional family. I left this school with a 2.1. I took a semester off, transferred to a different school and got a BA degree in media studies (definitely not what I wanted to do). There were sporadic Cs in my communication and media classes in this degree. My GPA was wiped when I got into this school and I started fresh (I know not really according to CASPA). I finished this with a 3.18, but that does not matter. The real overall GPA when these are calculated together is 2.8. I am a pretty intelligent guy. I just lacked structure and motivation during these years. After finishing this degree I did some soul searching and really followed a path I wanted to follow. I took the MAT, wrote a solid essay, got great LORS, and got accepted into graduate school for counseling. I finished this degree last semester with a 3.9. Regardless, my transcripts before graduate school are not pretty at all. My graduate school transcript is A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A..........B. I worked very hard and developed great study habits and time management. I have been working in mental health as a case manager/counselor for the past year. I was a vocational counselor for people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective, depression, anxiety disorders, and various other psychological disorders. I recently accepted a new job which is more clinical. I utilize the DSM, do intakes, provide psychotherapy, case management, and frequently collaborate with PAs, psychiatrists, general practitioners, and nurses at a community based mental health center. I frequently treat people with psychotic disorders. I have not found out if this will count as direct HCE. I do assessments, treatment planning, medication monitoring, and counseling. Three months ago my father passed away of cancer and that has been very tough. It has also given me motivation to follow my aspirations. I don't want to be the guy that says I got into medicine because of X family story, but in reality this event has made me look deeply into myself and pursue my dreams. I only took 2 biology courses in my undergrad and those are all passed the expiration to any of the schools I want to apply. I am starting fresh with all of my sciences. I have also exercised the thought of applying to an OT program seeing that there is a program which counts graduate school GPA into the admission GPA where I am located. I work 45 hours a week so I am limited on time to take these classes but I did find a Saturday Bio 1 class at my local community college. I am looking at making a 3-4 year plan to take classes, gain other types of experience, get involved in volunteering activities, gain PA shadow hours, and network. I frequently talk to the PA at our mental health center and she is very encouraging. I am well aware it is going to take me some time to get this all together but I want it so badly. I do have 2 friends who are PAs and I plan on sitting down with them and getting their feedback too. Courses I am enrolled in for the fall: General Biology 1 Intro to Sociology (if I go OT) Intro to Psychology (required for PA program, retaking to get an A and refresh) Medical Terminology (required for programs I am interested in) 15 credits What I plan on taking in the future: Human Biology General Biology II A&P I+II Basic Chemistry I General Chemistry I General Chemistry II Biochemistry Microbiology Organic Chemistry I Environmental Biology Child Psychology (if I go OT) Statistics Total it will be about an extra 70 credits post-bac. If anyone could give me advice on: 1. Any recommendations regarding bringing my GPA up? I know securing As in my courses seems like the only possibility. Should I take other classes I know I can do well on? 2. Is my HCE acceptable? What other kind do you think I could secure given my 9-5 schedule? I have seen people have case management on their HCE experience before. 3. Any particular sequence I should take these courses in? 4. Will my Master's Degree in Counseling be of any benefit to me in the admissions process? 5. What are some other ways I can show admissions committees I can be a successful PA? 6. Any other impressions or guidance, advice, support you can provide? Thank you in advance for your help. I really appreciate it. This is a great community and you all rock!
  10. Wanted to let everyone know about the ENT for the PA-C conference coming up April 24th - 27th in Pittsburgh. For the first time we have geared the conference towards PA's and NPs working in Emergency medicine and primary care, as well as to those working in ENT. We have a full day of procedure work-shops that would be highly beneficial to anyone in the above disciplines or looking to get into ENT. There are two separate tracks of lectures to choose from as well. Some workshop highlights include: Draining of peritonsillar abscess Management of anterior and posterior epistaxis foreign body removal cricothyroidotomy and tracheostomy management I&D of auricular hematoma Lecture highlights include: Head and Neck trauma Common ENT emergencies Dental Emergencies Bells Palsy guidelines Evaluating stridor in infants airway foreign body management Otologic emergencies Common ear complaints and many more Here is the link for the conference web-site and the pdf form is attached. www.entpa.org/ent_for_the_pac This would be a very worth-while conference regardless of your area of expertise.
  11. I am in the process of getting CAQ in psychiatry (exam results pending). Currently I am only responsible for seeing established patients, however my employer is under the impression that I will be able to do new psych evaluations once CAQ is received. Any thoughts or experience with change in responsibility when achieving CAQ??
  12. Does anyone know if hours spent working in mental health count towards your HCE? I have worked as both a mental health counselor and a social worker in the ER. Thanks
  13. I would enjoy hearing from practicing psych PAs about any road bumps they have encountered with being paid as a PA vs Psych Advanced Nurse Practioner. I've recently looked for another position and find that 80-90 % of psych jobs want the psych ANP because "it's easier to bill for their services in mental health". Also, in Illinois, last year I was restricted from seeing Medicaid patients. I was told PAs are not eligable to bill in mental health...this was from the investigative arm of Illinois Medicaid, whereas the billing/payment arm had no problem with PA reimbursements. (this info was from my SP) Fortunately I have found another psych position in another state. I did call AAPA about this, and they seem to be 'somewhat' aware of this problem, but have no direct information about cause nor correction. There are a fair number of psych jobs listed with the various recruiters that read " psych PA/NP", but upon closer examination the employer only accepts psych NPs. hope someone out there has some information. to me, it feels like PAs are effectively being shut out of mental health care.
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