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Found 4 results

  1. Does any of you regret completing PA school rather than med school? I am on the PA route for the general reasons people choose it over med school: length of education, intensity, less liability..etc. However, I feel that when taking into consideration the period of an entire lifetime, the extra two years of med school and three years residency is less daunting. PA appears to be a wonderful profession, but after a while does it get to you to not be ultimately in charge? I just wanted to hear some thoughts. I know this will vary greatly between people and it is clearly an individual decision. I
  2. Hello, everyone. I know it may seem like this would be a bit of a biased place to ask for an opinion on this, but this forum seems really open-minded and overall really respectful with people asking these sort of questions compared to *cough* SDN *cough* other websites. I'm in a bit of a dilemma and I know ultimately this is only a choice I can make myself, but I'd like to get some opinions from others who are ahead of me on their medical journies as a little guidance. I'm 29 years old and a graduate of Arizona State University, where I majored in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psych
  3. This was my first time applying and it has been tough to receive seven rejections already. I enrolled in a Biology course for the Spring semester to prepare for the worst case scenario and was planning on taking other science courses in the Fall. However, I just received an interview this month and have been put on the waiting list for another interview. Taking the class would really stress me out more because of my full time job that requires a commute. I was wondering if I should just wait to see how this cycle goes with this interview and other potential interviews or would taking this clas
  4. Here's my situation..my sophomore year of college I was immature and unmotivated and ended up with a C+ in Biology II. Since then I've taken microbio, anatomy, physio, cell bio, parasitology and biochem with all As and Bs. I'm trying to boost my sGPA as I'm sitting at a 3.22 right now and I'm trying to decide if it really makes sense for me to retake Biology II considering that I've done well in a significant number of upper-level bio classes? Does anyone have any suggestions? I know my best bet is to ask admissions directors at the schools I'm interested in, but I thought I'd get ya'lls feedb
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