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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! I have browsing this forum for awhile and appreciate everyones time and advice. To explain a little about my situation, I have a BA in Kinesiology that i completed in 2016. I became a personal trainer after school and really fell in love with client interactions, but felt as though I could do more for myself and my career. I went back to complete some science pre requisites for Physical Therapy school but realized DPT wasn't for me. I decided to leave my job at the commercial training job to work with partners/friends at a private training gym that we started together. This wa
  2. I am graduating this summer from undergrad at UCONN. I faced some personal issues during my sophomore year that caused me to take the spring semester off, and I probably jumped back into a full course load too soon because I struggled to get passing grades the returning semester and into the next year of school. Ultimately my GPA really suffered and I went from a 3.7 down below a 3. I am working to boost my gpa as much as possible before I graduate, but I know this will be the real cause of issue while applying to PA schools in the future. I have already accumulated over 1000 hours as a CNA in
  3. Hey guys, This year was my second attempt at applying. I was again rejected again without an interview. I applied to CU-Denver, Pacific, OHSU, LSU, and Rocky Mountain College. ( I am only applying to new and private schools next year!) My stats are as follows: Overall GPA: 3.41 Science GPA: 3.06 Graduate GPA: 3.53 GRE: v151, q148, 4.5 HCE: approx. 3,000 hours -CNA (1910hrs): typical CNA duties in a specialized facility for long term Pts. with specific mental and physical disabilities -CNA shift manager (450hrs): Worked with N.P. to ensure medications where available, ac
  4. If some experienced PA's could help me out? I am deciding between PA schools of which one is a masters program and one is a certificate program with optional online masters of medical science. I originally thought the masters program was the obvious choice for me, but after speaking with some other health professionals the question was proposed. Do I need it? I am a certified athletic trainer and have a masters of kinesiology in sports medicine. Gaining the PA-C from a certificate program, would my previous masters degree hold any weight when applying for jobs, or if the standard moves to
  5. I am beginning to work on my pre-reqs, but I'm not sure they'll be enough to make me competitive for PA School as I had a poor undergraduate sGPA almost 13 years ago. I'm thinking of working on a 1-2 year(s) master's degree after I'm done with all of my pre-reqs… which master's program would make me most competitive AND raise my sGPA after all is averaged into CASPA? I just don't know if only completing my pre-reqs (even with an A) will be good enough (example: I took Org Chem TWICE and got D's in both iterations. Even if I got an A this time around it would come out to a (1.0 +1.0 + 4.0)/3
  6. Since my PA program did not offer a Masters, I was thinking of getting an MPAS since I graduated,but that has changed. Now, for the past year I've been part of the core team involved in implementing EHR at the community health center I work for and I am also a current super user. This has really opened my interest in this field. Now I've been looking at Masters in Health Informatics programs. The school that caught my eye is University of Illinois in Chicago that offers an MPH in Public Health Informatics. Is anyone involved in this field? Your opinions? Thoughts? MHI vs MPH-PHI?
  7. Hello I am currently midway through pharmacy school and am considering switching career tracks to PA school. I have a few questions if anybody has the time to answer. THANK YOU. 1) What is the timeline for admissions to PA school? I would definitely like to start the next academic year. 2) My only patient care experience is as a pharm tech. Is there a place where I can find what schools I can apply to with this experience? 3) I will hold a BA in chemistry and in pharm sciences. Can I use these to get a Master in physician assistant? 4) How long are the shorter PA programs? Is
  8. I had questions regarding how schools look at applicants having a masters degree.......I will be graduating in the fall with my masters degree in public administration with an emphasis in public health and I wanted to work a couple of years on the administrative side of the medical field before applying to pa school. I currently have a 4.0 GPA, but my undergrad GPA is what worries me. I will be taking my the required anatomy classes in the fall at a community college and with the addition of these classes, my undergrad GPA will barely meet the 3.0 min cutoff. Any suggestions on what I should d
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