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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Yanka, I am a rising junior, and I recently decided to pursue a career as a PA-C. I chose this career path because I can study for an additional two years and get out into the real world to practice, I also prefer to study the Medical Model, and the work/life balance is very ideal because I love spending time with my family. I was just wondering if there are any opportunities for online shadowing, or any PA-C’s in Massachusetts or Rhode Island offering opportunities to shadow. Please let me know. Stay safe! Yanka.
  2. My Name is Stephanie, I am 28 years old and a recent graduate with my BS in Psychology and pre-med studies. I am currently applying for my Masters in Physician Assistant studies. I have shadowed abroad in the past for the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children in the Dominican Republic and Peru this past year and I would welcome an opportunity to observe you work. I would be grateful for any amount of time that you could spare, whether that’s one day or a few and I am very flexible at your convenience. If you are amenable to letting me shadow you, please let me know of some days that might work for you and I will arrange my schedule to make those dates work. I am happy to forward you my resume so that you may see my lifelong dedication and experience to the medical field aside from my studies. I realize that you are busy and that your time is valuable. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me by email sdelima1991@gmail.com or phone 603-318-5640. Thank you so much for your consideration—I look forward to hearing back from you. Kind Regards, Stephanie De Lima
  3. Since there is no post about BU... Newer program, but I am insanely anxious to know if I'm going be offered an interview.. awesome program director, 2/3 of didactic is with med students, amazing A&P professors, etc.. Some interviews are going to be emailed out tomorrow! Super hopeful for an invite, tomorrow or in the next few weeks. Who else applied and is checking their email 10+ times a day like me? :P
  4. Hey everyone, new grad here, and of course, since it's my first time going through this, I'm looking for advice from those who know much more than I! I was offered a job in the Boston, MA metro area. Here are the details... just looking for general suggestions and/or thoughts in terms of whether this is a fair offer... Job: Inpatient cardiology consults Schedule: 4 ten hour shifts/week, no nights/weekends/holidays, no call Salary: $85,000/yr CME: $1500/year, no additional days off PTO: 20 days/year (earned time accrual, so with my 4 ten hour shifts it would probably be more like 16 days off... and that includes sick days, CME, vacation) Health Insurance, Dental and Vision: Start immediately, good plans & rates 403(b): employer match up to 5% of salary after 2 years of employment Licensure & AAPA membership fees: not innately covered, i can use CME to cover them if i'd prefer that. When I add them up (DEA, State License, AAPA, State society membership) it totals about $700/yr. Malpractice Insurance: Covered 100%, waiting to find out if they offer tail coverage Of note: I have worked in the cardiology department at this hospital, with these same exact physicians, for 2 years prior to PA school running stress tests. I also did my cardiology rotation during PA school with them. Clearly their interest in hiring me back is a nice thing. So even thought I'm a new grad, I am a new grad they are very familiar with, and a new grad who is pretty comfortable with certain aspects of cardiology (i.e. EKG's, common meds, etc.). Also of note: The 85k was their first offer, I tried to negotiate citing my experience there & in that specialty, and they still came back to me without changing the offer at all. I also asked for the 403(b) match to start immediately, since I have already put 2 years in, and only left to go to school and come right back at work at the same hospital. They told me that would not be possible.
  5. Dave asked me to post this here: Impossible For Some, Possible For Others I am fascinated by the different socialization process between many NPs and PAs. Not all of us, but many of us. I was at a PA conference speaking to a PA leader in a high position. This gentleman was a very nice fellow and clearly and honestly wanted to move the PA profession ahead but as we spoke I felt we were speaking different languages. As I would say something he would say, “That will never happen in my state”. Now let me tell you I have been a PA political being for almost 40 years. I was Vice-President of my PA class in 1973 and our program told us not to organize a student society. We took that threat on as a challenge. So here I am in this conversation and almost everything I say......partnership, working with NPs, increased autonomy, the word collaboration....all is met with the phrase “That will never happen in my state”. Now let me again make clear that this is not all PAs, nor all PA leaders. But it is too many. When I asked him why what I got was an answer that sounded something like “If we do these things, the medical society will destroy us”. I won’t say more about this discussion except to say I would like to think we parted as friends. I recognize fear is still a huge part of the PA landscape. No doubt some fear is needed by not just PA leaders but all leaders. We should not be the Thelma and Louise of PA leadership running through the AMA House of Delegates knocking down tables. Some amount of fear or worry is healthy but if not put in it’s proper perspective, it will eventually neuter the PA profession. If we worry about any other profession, TO THE DETRIMENT OF OUR OWN, we will destroy ourselves. It’s time we see that. I know I will be disagreed with, but we can take a lesson from many other healthcare professions. Pharmacy. Physical Therapy. Psychology. Audiology. I will choose our NP colleagues as they are closest to us. NPs almost never stifle or minimize their profession to the detriment of any other. That’s not to say they don’t compromise or settle, they do. And not to say they don’t make mistakes, they do. But they have a clear sense of what they bring to the picture and will not budge from saying it. I have had PA leaders say to me, “well that’s because they are under the nursing board”. True, no argument there, but the vast majority of NPs still need a physician to be able to work and even in the states where NPs are gaining full practice authority (independence) many will need to practice with a physician for a number of years before gaining full practice. At any time, physicians can stop hiring NPs........ but somehow NPs know they won’t. Some PA don’t. That’s the disconnect between us. We PAs still believe that “the man” can crush us. NPs have given that one up. Hospital systems won’t stop hiring NPs or PAs unless one is clearly better than the other. In the almost 50 years of existence of both professions they hire both interchangeably. So does the VA, so do 50% of private physicians. It tells me something. Neither of us is going away. And “they” won’t make us disappear because we want to be able to have less barriers and less regulation on our practice. Most of these regulations may have made sense 50 years ago, but no longer work for either profession. The NPs get that also. Where fear should come in for PAs is that it will soon be easier to just hire NPs as physicians will not want to be bothered with the burden of the rules and regs the PAs bring. The administrators will say why even worry our physicians? Hire NPs and make life simple. The physicians will say, I don’t want the hassles. If I was a PA leader that would be my major worry-not the medical society. Clearly us “non-physicians” have much to offer the citizens of America. The idea of full practice authority rings clearer for all of us in family practice, peeds and women’s health. PAs and NPs in those fields can do most of what physicians do and do it well. Let’s work together to be able to go to the areas of need and provide care, with the least amount of barriers we can. Let’s work together to fund residencies that give us the training hours in certain specialties that America needs. Let’s work together to make sure insurance companies recognize the value of our work. It is time for us to all say out loud that our professions are great and provide excellent care to our citizens and not look over our shoulder to see who is listening or reading our words. It’s time for us PAs to not live in a world where “That will never happen in my state” changes to “It’s only a matter of time”. Time to say “Anything is possible” and mean it. Dave
  6. Based on the locked thread I made a bunch of phonecalls. This is what I came up with: Tufts University will be starting to accept applications in the summer of 2012 for a class begining in 2013. This program will grant an MS. The curriculum is very early on in development. The gentleman I spoke with was actually very surprised I had even heard of it. No word yet on prereqs or CASPA as far as he knows. Tufts has a medical school and a DDM school as well, and have their own hospital (Tufts Medical Center, formerly New England Medical Center). Tufts is well known for their transplant and pediatric medicine (i take my son there). Not so much for Emed, though there are plenty of great ER's in the area. They make great utilization of PA's in the hospital. One of my friends (also pre-pa) has several friends who work there in CardioThoracic Surgery and they love it. I'm sure the rotations would be great. Tufts is a busy hospital located right in Bostons Chinatown. I hope this helps. Lewitt
  7. To Whom it May Concern, I am a pre-PA student living in Boston with a BA cum laude from Boston University and am looking to shadow any PA who would be gracious enough to let me follow him/her around. I am willing to travel to the Greater Boston area as long as the area is accessible by some form of public transportation since I do not have a car. I have cold called every hospital and clinic in the area and because of privacy issues have not had any luck with finding shadowing opportunities. Please message me with any opportunities! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Maria V.
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