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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of advice regarding how to plan out the next 6 years. In an ideal world, I would attend PA school and get pregnant during the clinical year, take the PANCE, have my first kid, and start looking for my first job when he/she is a couple months old. However, that would put me at having him/her in about 4 years (I would be applying 10 months from now for a June 2019-June 2021 academic cycle), and my fiancé is not willing to wait that long (he is much older than I am), especially because we would like to have 3 kids. The other options include having one or two kids before PA school. I've done the math out (as much as can be estimated about things like this), and going to PA school after the first is born would mean he/she would be about 12 months old when I started. Having two kids before starting the program would mean that they would be about 2 years old and 6-9 months old when I started. These are the only options I feel I have before my prerequisites pass the 10-year expiration point. Any advice on what path you would recommend taking would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. Hello! Well, I've been in search of advice and experience and am finding a little here and there on this subject but was hoping to get a little bit deeper and hopefully provide an easy search for someone in the future. A little bit of quick information from me; I am starting PA school in June of 2013 and have a young family (my wife and I have 3 kids - 5, almost 3, and about 8 months old). This was my second application cycle and I was accepted to several schools after not even getting an interview my first go around. What my hope for this thread is that people would post their experiences and advice with regards to what it is like to be in PA school when you have a family. Share what helped and encourage the rest of us that are embarking on the journey. Thanks so much.
  3. Has anyone used a scribe in their practice? If so, what was your experience like. IMHO I should allow a practitioner to see 1-2 more patients per hour more than any lose. Thanks.
  4. Hi all! So I have been accepted for a program and start this Fall. I am engaged and we had always planned on having the wedding after I graduate, so we aren't trying to plan a wedding between school. My question is regarding how easy it is to change the name on my license after I take the PANCE. Would it be easier to go ahead and sign a marriage license and just have the ceremony in a couple of years? Anyone have any experience with this?
  5. I wanted to find out from other PA's who work in SICU or MICU, what are your responsiblities/patient load? I have been working in a MICU for 6 months. I have at this point worked my way up to being responsible for 4-5 patients and am doing most of everything they require; labs/studies/meds/consults/notes/transfers/etc..this includes all of us doing interdisciplinary rounding....I work an 8 hour shift. Even though it doesn't sound like a large patient load...I'm very busy the whole day. I would like to know from others how you are utilized in your role in the ICU...if the same as me or responsible for more patients, or help out with everyone but not assigned fully to one patient...etc. I am wanting to figure out a goal to work up to that is reasonable. I don't want to compromise patient quality of care to get my numbers up, just want to know on average what is the norm. I am the only midlevel in the ICU. Thank you.
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