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Found 22 results

  1. I have a new job offer and had some questions with regards to negotiating the malpractice coverage The offer states that I would be covered under the group's malpractice policy using the group's standard policy and limits. I need to clarify the type of insurance policy but I am assuming it is a claim's made policy. The contract states that upon termination the employee "shall secure at their own expense malpractice insurance tail coverage if required." This would be a dream job for me and I absolutely intend on staying with this position for the foreseeable future, but I am not comfo
  2. Communication and Dangerous Medical Errors Robert M. Blumm, MA, PA, DFAAPA, PA-C Emeritus Communication is as old as the human race and has always played a part in our lives: from early writing on the walls of caves in pictures, to smoke signals, the printing press, Morse Code, the welcoming of Alexander Bell's telephone and, of course, all of the enhancements that we have today, including that annoying cell phone with its robocalls. The purpose of communication is to share a message and to get a response. The key to communication is not mere hearing, but the focused act of li
  3. Hi all, I'm a new grad PA with a recent job offer in my desired specialty and location but offers only to pay for claims based malpractice without tail. I would be practicing in a tier 3 location and specialty (meaning I need the most expensive form of malpractice). I looked into purchasing my own occurrence based malpractice and it is wildly expensive (it would be almost 10% of my salary) and the physician I would be working for refused to help me pay for it. I am practicing in a state that only allows someone to sue practitioners within 3 years after the supposed incident or 1 year afte
  4. A Perplexing Presentation of Influenza Robert M. Blumm, MA, PA, PA-C Emeritus, DFAAPA Last month, I was teaching a six-hour suturing workshop for FHEA and had an insightful conversation with one of my associates, Dr Theresa Campo, DNP. Theresa is a well-trained NP and author of two textbooks; she serves as an educator and an emergency department nurse practitioner. While performing her duties in the ER, she encountered a strange presentation on a pediatric patient that required further testing and transfer to a pediatric facility. When working for a hospital emergency room, we
  5. 2018, The Unwritten Chapter Robert M. Blumm, MA, PA, PA-C Emeritus, DFAAPA The year 2017 was an amazing chapter in our lives with many changes in leadership, politics, healthcare, the advancement of both the NP and PA professions, tremendously increased knowledge in medical education, the loss of at least twenty-five international personalities and, for a number of us, a year of unprecedented medical litigations due to medical errors, the traps of an EMR, informed consents and failure to diagnose. We have gained much in the ability to enter new f
  6. I've been using CM&F for some years. As a part-time PA, occurrence $500,000/ $1, 000, 000 policy they want $3,060 for the year. Cinch, a Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, sent me an offer of $500, 000/ $1,000,000, part time worker for $2196 -- $864 (30%) difference! It covers reputation insurance, licensing board and HIPAA claims. Has anyone used the Cinch malpractice? Any comments? I am leaning towards making the switch to Cinch.
  7. Hello all, I'm in a bit of a pickle. New grad here. I just left a small clinic after four months because it wasn't a great environment in general (I won't get into details, but they were incredibly disorganized and the clinic was poorly run. Had I not had financial obligations, I would have left after about a month). While I was there, I was covered under the clinic's malpractice policy and didn't have a policy of my own. The clinic claimed I would be fine without the individual policy, but I'm trusting what the clinic said less and less. I believe their policy is claims made. Here are
  8. Hi everyone, I am a new graduate, and I just received an Ortho PA job offer in coastal California. I will start training (same salary) as soon as I finish my boards, while I am waiting for my licenses to process. The job is M-F from 8-5. OR 1-2 days/week, but not when I initially start. Call time was not mentioned in the contract, but it's about once/month (no additional pay) What's offered: - Base Salary: 100k - At-will contract; If I stay less than a year, then I have to repay the licenses, relocation bonus, CME. etc. back to the employer. - Health insurance, vision, and
  9. Hey has anyone seen this site? http://shifttales.com/ Seems interesting. They have a system for documenting issues that come up with ED visits that aren't directly related to patient care, or might be a malpractice concern in the future. Is anyone on it? Using the interface?
  10. I just heard from my new employer - a large hospital corporation - that HR thinks that it will take up to 90 days for me to be added to insurance payors after my credentialing paperwork is sent to them. I figured that as a new PA there would be fewer issues as far as the insurance was concerned because there are no disputes or claims, etc, against me. Also, the workplace does not accept Medicaid patients. How long does it take? Or how long did it take for you? I am concerned about being without a job over the holidays. I expected to start in November, but the doctor went on vacati
  11. Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some advice in an area with which I am not familiar. I am starting physician assistant school in a few weeks and I'm very interested in emergency medicine. Some of the ER docs who I was previously working with as a scribe have offered to allow me to return to the ER on weekends as my schedule allows to get some practice doing histories, physicals and learning basic procedures on real patients --- sort of like a clinical rotation, I suppose, with the MD in the exam room, watching and listening the entire time. I am planning to take them up on this generous offer
  12. Yet another malpractice coverage question, but I haven't seen this one anywhere else on the forum. Kindly redirect me if I've missed it. I'm starting a new job and looking into doing the smart thing this time and getting my own policy. They would not offer tail coverage if/when I move on. No surprises there. For whatever reason they have started on my application with their group anyways and provided me the application to finish filling out. The statement below may have me reconsidering... "COPIC does not provide “tail” coverage to allied health professionals. As long as your empl
  13. To all considering applying to PA school through CASPA in the 2015-2016 application cycle: the CASPA application for the starting class of 2016 (or January 2017) will open on April 22, 2015. The CASPA application platform will be updated with this new cycle, which will offer many exciting features for both applicants and programs, including a new and improved user interface, design, and customizable options. The change to this new platform will NOT allow for any re-applicants regardless if you have applied in the current CASPA cycle. ALL applicants will be required to begin a completely new
  14. Dear Dr. __________, I am a student majoring in ____ at _____ University who is very interested in careers in medicine. One of the executive members of a student-run organization known as ______ suggested that I contact you for a potential shadowing opportunity. I am writing in hopes of requesting for such an opportunity to gain a deeper insight on what practice of medicine truly entails. I would be extremely grateful if you allowed me to quietly observe you as you go about your usual schedule. If possible, it would also be helpful if I could ask you questions I might have after observ
  15. Anybody out there doing rapid strep tests from your home (obviously during off hours) I live in a small community and there is a demand for someone to provide rapid strep tests, and if positive to prescribe ABX. approximately 10 per week. Assuming I can get my supervising physician to agree, I imagine malpractice would still be an issue. anyone with experience with this?
  16. First, I'll start by saying that I have learned so much these last couple weeks, will never make this mistake again, and should ALWAYS get everything in writing.... The situation is this... I work per-diem in two different hospitals (where my malpractice is covered by them) and I work part-time for all of this; 9/2011 I started working for an MD doing Sleep medicine, and he got me a claims made part-time (<24hrs/wk) policy. He paid it for two years, though I only worked for him for one. 12/2012 I started working for MD seeing patients in Nursing homes and rehabs until 4/2014 In May of t
  17. Hey Folks, Recent graduate received job offer with Ortho/Trauma. I will perform hospital round, first assist & clinic. Training Period Base Pay: 46,000 Base Pay: 92,000 [based on 50 hr work week], range of 50-55hrs CME: $2000, 5days PTO: 15 vacation Days, 4 Personal 7 Holidays off Call: 1/7 Days. Weekend Call 1/8 weekends. No add'l pay Bonus consideration: after 1 year Thoughts?
  18. After browsing through the forum and doing some google searching, I still feel like I am a little confused regarding malpractice coverage and tail coverage. Please fill in gaps or educate me where my knowledge is incorrect. Occurence coverage = You are covered for any filed suit on you between the dates of your coverage. E.g. I was covered from 2009-2010 by occurence coverage, a suit was filed in 2012 for an issue that arose in 2009, I am covered with occurence insurance. Claims made = You are covered for any filed suit if you currently are carrying the policy. E.g. I worked with cla
  19. Hi all. In my current position (my first job out of school - been there almost 3 years), my employer has stated I am covered by the hospital's malpractice policy, which has limits of 8M/24M. Admittedly, I had a very poor understanding of my insurance when I accepted the position. Over my time in this position, I became increasing curious of the details of the policy and after nearly 6 months of asking was supplied with only a letter stating I was covered by the policy and a form stating the above limits and that the policy is a claims-made policy. I am now in the process of transitioning t
  20. Negotiating a family practice job in the Mountain West as a new grad, trying to get a feel for a) How much liability insurance I need if I'm not covered under my employer and b) How much reimbursement per RVU I should expect. MedEdge offers a 100k/300k claims-made for pretty cheap but I've been told by some to purchase no less than 1M/3M... Any thoughts? I've also been offered a productivity bonus at $30/RVU. No info on thresholds or other specifics yet. Is $30 fair for family practice? I've heard pediatricans making $40 and orthopedic surgeons making $60/RVU to put it into perspectiv
  21. So I am looking for a little input on a huge problem... I have been working a FM job for 2 month now. I signed a 3 year contract that I had reviewed by an attorney that said it looked good, nothing out of the norm. There is a bi-weekly salary and a monthly stipend for signing a three year deal..... After the first week I realized that there was a huge problem... The bussiness manager whom I was told was in charge of "credentialing" had filled out nothing... no SP paperwork... no prescriptive authority.. no malpractice.... no healthcare... etc.. I had submitted all of my license info
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