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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I am a high school senior that is interested in becoming a PA. I‘m currently in the process of applying to colleges and would like to know what major would be the best for me to pursue. For a little bit of background, I had originally planned on majoring in Biology because I read that it was the most common route taken for PA school( I’m also quite fascinated with biology itself). However, after researching again, I now plan on getting a BSN so that I'll have a backup job in the medical field just in case everything doesn't go as planned. I've read that majoring in Nursing unfortunately
  2. Sums it up far better then I could ever hope to..... well done Dave And BTW - he is running for AAPA Board (If you really want to make SURE he gets it vote for ONLY him!) https://www.doximity.com/doc_news/v2/entries/6948772 The PA Doctorate: Is It Needed or Not? Clinician Today · March 17, 2017 Original Article 2 2 21 It is ten years from now. You are a patient. Or, better yet, your two-year-old daughter is a patient. You know just a little about medical people, including that the pharmacist you see, the physical therapist you see, and the NP you see all practice at
  3. Hi all! I need some help. I'm in my last year of undergrad finishing my bachelors with a psychology with applied behavior analysis major, human sexuality minor, and women and gender studies minor. I have a heavy social science background as you can see. I recently realized that I would like to change my career option and become a PA. I'm very limited though, it's my last semester and I only have 16 credits left which is just what I could use to complete pre-req's at the University of Detroit Mercy for their program which are: Nutrition Medical Ethics Microbiology Physiology Devel
  4. Hello need advice currently a junior in college recently transferred to a different school and changing majors. My main focus is my GPA in order to get into PA school my first try. My GPA isn't too great right now thats the reason why I'm mainly focused not that. Currently my GPA is a 3.0. My major was biology and i stuck in between changing my major to B.S in public health or either BSN. Currently I would have to wait to get accepted into the entry level BSN program at UTA which is only 15 months online which is why I'm considering this option and that I can have a job once i graduate if i do
  5. Hello, I am currently finishing up my associate in science and am wondering which undergrad route to take. I was originally planning on working towards a bs in psychology but have recently discovered that my school offers a bachelor's in radiologic technology. This program appeals a bit more, as I feel it will be applicable knowledge for PA school and something to fall back on If I do not get in. I guess my questions are which route would you take and why? Which degree do you think will appeal more to PA programs? Has anyone gone either route and are satisfied? (Cost of both is about the sa
  6. Im strongly considering majoring in psychology, what was your experience like as a psychology major?
  7. HI guys. FIrst, a little about myself. Single full time dad of 2 little ones. FT respiratory therapist with 5 years experience. Now, before my kids were born and before respriratory school had even begun, I knew my goal was to become a PA. My plan was to graduate as an RT, as I did, and gain experience and reapply for shcool for my bacheors. Being an RT is great, but being an RT and supporting 2 kids gets a bit difficult when your constantly streatching yourself between working night shifts and raising children. I had an understanding a long time ago that being a PA fulfilled some so
  8. Hello everyone, I am Daniel. I am a community college student who really wants to be a PA. I have applied to transfer next fall under a kinesiology major. I have two questions: 1. Can one apply to PA school under a kinesiology major? I chose kinesiology because to me it is more practical. 2. I know prerequisites expire for some schools. I am just concerned that my prerequisites will expire by the time I graduate. I have sent 4 years at community college, and I'm applying to transfer. I guess my question is if there any schools that don't have prerequisite expiration dates? Or that has an
  9. Looking for a bit of feedback on major choices. What did people do for their bachelors prior to applying for PA school? Bio, Chem, Nursing, etc? Am on a transfer system going to night classes at a Cali community college; currently working full time @ VA hospital (3+ years of trauma psych/clinical research work with veterans and AD, and ongoing). Planning to get EMT certified next spring and get some clinical experience on weekends as am hoping to focus on trauma/CC as a PA. Current major is nursing (bachelor program, not associates) but since my end goal is PA and Navy service am
  10. Hello, I'm soon going to graduate from high school and i got accepted into a university that offers pre-physician assistant program and i'm not sure whether i should go ahead and go or save some money and go to a local community college and later transfer?? So i guess in shorter terms is a pre-physician program necessary to be accepted into a PA school? I should mention i plan to major in bio-health sciences.
  11. Hi there, I am starting college this fall and am having some questions about my major. As of right now I am majoring in Human Development and Family Studies and minoring in Biology. The minor in Biology will fulfill my pre req cources for PA school. My question is how will my major affect (positively or negatively) getting into PA school? Thanks!
  12. Could really use some assistance from you guys! My girlfriend was studying communication sciences and disorders, with the intention of then going on to audiology school for the next four years. She is a rising senior in the program and will graduate next April. Just recently, she has been thinking she'd rather go to PA school. How complicated would you guys think this transition would be? Her plan would be to take a year off after graduation to work at a hospital and accrue the 500 hours most schools require. However, she has only taken one semester of biology, one semester of che
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