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Found 3 results

  1. would it look bad if I do medical lab tech and lpn at the same time? even though I already have a BS degree with a gpa lower than 3.0? I still would like to have some experience working in the laboratory, for my own personal pleasure( I was pursuing path a for a while but I dropped that) but mlt is 2 years and im struggling financially that's why I thought of LPN. im a CNA so I work closely with LPNs so I get to see most of what they do everyday. basically both can help with my GPA, according to CASPA mlt and nursing counts as science GPA. mlt looks very interesting and fun but is 2 years and lpn im familiar with the field and is quicker. I guess in my head is when im done with lpn I can start working as im finishing up mlt and then work part time as a lpn and full time as a mlt. im not interested in an accelerated bsn because I don't want to take that spot away from someone that really wants it plus being a nurse is not my end goal. I want to be able to be financially stable and enjoying myself while im continuing to move forward with my pa application. I would be attending a community college in which will be cheaper.
  2. Hello, I graduated last year with a 2.6 GPA and my science GPA is 2.4. I have two D's, I am retaking one of those two D at a community college ( organic chemistry) the other D is in ecology in which I may not retake tbh because I didn't enjoyed the class. I registered for organic chemistry 2 to help my Sgpa but my dilemma is this.... my financial situation is starting to stress me out. I cant afford to take hard core science classes ( like I originally planned) in a degree that doesn't lead to a guaranteed career (biotechnology). so I thought of either medical laboratory technician or lpn. I thought of these because #1 cheaper and faster option, #2 mlt has always sparked my interest and #3 I'm a cna ( almost 4 years) and I work closely with a lpn. the lpn option I'm looking at is a certificate option because is only one year. my whole goal in this is to help my GPA and also have a career. I don't mind continuing to build my PA application after this but I wanna make sure if doing any of these route will help me and not become a waste of time. if you guys have any other suggestions please let me know. the biotechnology degree I can finish it in a year but what if after that I'm still not a strong applicant? then I'm stuck with another degree... no career I don't care how long it takes to become a PA! I'm 24 years old and I already have a lot of financial baggage. I want to make a smart decision
  3. I decided to become a P.A a few years ago. I made the decision to become an LPN first, before going back to school and pursuing a dual B.S/MS PA program. I am 27 years old, I went to a four year CUNY college immediately out of High School majoring in Anthropology and World Religions. I was about 60 credits in and 20 years old when I left college to work full time to help my family out (dad left and was the primary financial provider, younger siblings in high school, my older stay at home mommy with no workforce experience court fees and second mortgage). My older sister was in her senior year and ready to graduate with her Bachelors in Science during this difficult time. It was a year later, after she had done some teaching for a year that she decided to become a P.A and pursued the difficult path. While admiring her dedication to the path and her graduating top of her class (Mercy College), I made my decision to eventually pursue the same path. It was when my older sister graduated and began her PA career (financially helping my mom and younger siblings) that I decided I was going to make the initial steps in the journey. I decided I was going to take it step by step up the ladder. My decision was to become an LPN first to gain direct health care experience and work while I am gaining my pre-reqs. I graduated from a 16 month LPN program here in NYC (Mildred Elley) last November. I am currently working as an LPN and want to enroll into Touro's dual BS/MS PA program after completing all required pre-req Science courses. The school in which I attended for my LPN made sure we took the College's courses of Biology, Psychology, A&P 1&2 and Pharmacology as pre-reqs to their LPN program. We also had to receive B's or above to continue as an LPN. Since I am, and will continue to work as an LPN while finishing my pre-reqs, I will have enough direct patient contact hours. I am able to shadow P.A's since my sister is one, and so are many of her colleagues. I am not sure, as of yet, if all or any of my credits will transfer from Mildred Elley to Touro. I hope to be in touch with an adviser this week. My questions to the good folk on the forum are: What is the process of being admitted to Touro as an Undergrad student? If any of you are current Dual BS/MS PA students at Touro, did you take your pre-reqs at Touro? If so, how was it applying to the Dual PA program? If for any reason I am rejected from the Dual BS/MS PA program, would I be able to apply again after a year? If I am rejected, could I just finish my Bachelors in Science at Touro, take the GRE, and just apply to another PA program? How bad would that look to prospective schools if another school had rejected an application to their PA program ( any personal stories relating to this would be awesome)? If I am for some reason absolutely rejected from all PA programs nationwide, what are some other options for someone with a Bachelors in Science from Touro (teaching...etc.)? Thank You
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